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Can you believe it? It’s already been a year since your first lesson on mahavastu! Not only that, but you’re at the last level. That’s right, you’ve reached the very top of the mahavastu tree. I wish I could be there with you to tell you all about it, but that wouldn’t really work out too well. So, here’s what I’m going to do: let me write about it for you!

Starting our new course: mahavastu. The mahavastu is a collection of texts that covers much of the same territory as the collections known as the Pali Canon and the Chinese Agamas. These texts are old, coming from 100 BCE, and they contain much wisdom. I’ll be translating these into English over the next few years, but in order to translate them quickly, I’ll need money to pay helpers to proofread, re-read and correct mistakes. Of course I’ll be posting these online on my website, but I’d also like to have proper study materials available to students who have paid for this course.

Online MahaVastu Foundation Course

Learn MahaVastu to Live with More Money, Love, Happiness and Health.

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Online Course Fee (Non Refundable)

New: ₹25,016/- (21,200/- + 3,816/- (GST))  •  Repeaters: ₹12,508/- (10,600/- + 1,908/- (GST))
(Incl. 1 Year Online Access to Course Videos, Reference Reading Material and Assignments.)

Date & Time: To be Announced..

Language: KB’s Online Course Videos are in Hindi. MahaVastu Certified Trainers support in Hindi and English.

You will be able to:

  • Select and apply appropriate MahaVastu Remedies for money, relationships, studies, career and holistic growth.
  • Utilize Digital Shakti Chakra and balance 5 element based Activities, Utilities and decor Objects (AUO) in 16 MahaVastu zones of your own home.
  • Advise simple yet effective MahaVastu Solutions to cure Vastu faults due to wrong placement of kitchen, toilet, bedroom and other essential home activities using 16 MahaVastu Techniques and attributes of 5 Elements.
  • Place important documents, safe, children’s study table, your working table and other important assets for the best results of your efforts. Maintain a positive environment at your home.

+Plus: You will learn:

  • How to do MahaVastu for Home?
  • How to do MahaVastu for Peace, Success, to get Job and also MahaVastu Remedies for delay in marriage?
  • How to do MahaVastu for Bedrooms, Kitchen, Toilet and Home Temple?
  • How to give quick MahaVastu Tips for Money, Relationship and Health?
  • To select Success giving directions based upon Disha Shool, MahaVastu Based Colors, Paintings and Vastu Symbols.

Watch Clips from Course Videos


  • During the Online course, Intuitive MahaVastu Acharyas will be advising you MahaVastu Remedies for your home.
  • Acharya Trainers will also help you relate and correct the negative effects of Activities, Utilities and decor Objects (AUOs) in 16 Directions of Your Home

Important Notes:

  • Laptop or Smart Phone is Required to do this Online Course.
  • Participants under 21 Years of Age are not recommended to do the Course, and may be rejected.

MahaVastu Courses

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Advanced Course

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Factory MahaVastu Course

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Factory MahaVastu Course 2021

(FMC ’21)

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Fees (Non-Refundable)*: ₹ 5,01,500/- (₹ 4,25,000/- + ₹ 76,500/- (GST))
(Includes 3 Nights & 4 Days stay and meals, To & From travel arrangements to Factory Site visits from Course Venue during Offline part of FMC ’21 and Online Course part Videos availability for 1 Year.)

Trainer: Dr. Khushdeep Bansal
Venue: Online and Offline (Delhi NCR)

Dates: To be Announced..

(Factory visits during the Offline part of the course are mandatory for all the FMC ’21 participants.)

FMC ‘21 Batch: 100 Participants Only (First come First Enrolled Basis)
(Presently, this course is available for Resident Indian Participants only, considering ongoing travel restrictions for NRI’s.)

Eligibility: OME, Advanced ’20 and ’21 Participants only

Discover more:

  • What will You be able to do after the course?
  • What exactly will you be learning?
  • And, other interesting Highlights will be posted in Factory MahaVastu Channel on Telegram.

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