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In this article you’ll find the best free online courses to become a better lawyer. What I usually tell my students is: “Think of an iceberg.” When you have completed a course, they are one big frozen block of learning sitting in your brain (except, perhaps, in the deep waters). Continue reading — law online course free

40 Legal Online Courses You Can Take For Free Now

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After posting about my completion of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) General Course on Intellectual Property, I had quite a few people reach out to me for details on the course. That showed me that many lawyers who would like to take online courses that could enhance their knowledge and skills during this period.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best legal (with a couple on basic corporate finance for those who practice in that area) online courses you can take now. All can be accessed for free but you might need to pay a fee (or apply for a scholarship) to access the certificate, in some cases:

1.      A Law Student’s Toolkit (Yale University) – Coursera

2.      American Contract Law I – Yale University – Coursera

3.      Chemerinsky on Constitutional Law – Individual Rights and Liberties (Coursera)

4.      Chemerinsky on Constitutional Law – Individual Rights and Liberties – University of California, Irvine – Coursera

5.      Children’s Human Rights – An Interdisciplinary Introduction (Universite de Geneve) – Coursera

6.      Comparative Judicial Systems – Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II – EdX

7.      Computer Science for Lawyers – Harvard – EdX

8.      Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract – Harvard University – EdX

9.      Data Ethics: Managing Your Private Customer Data – LinkedIn Learning

10.  FinTech: Finance Industry Transformation and Regulation (4-Course series) – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Coursera

11.  GDPR Compliance: Essential Training – LinkedIn Learning

12.  Healthcare Law (Series of 4 courses) – University of Pennsylvania – Coursera

13.  Intellectual Property (Series of 4 courses) – University of Pennsylvania – Coursera

14.  Intellectual Property Law and Policy: Part 1 – University of Pennsylvania – EdX

15.  Intellectual Property Rights: A Management Perspective – Indian Institute of Management Bangalore – EdX

16.  International Climate Change Law and Policy – University of Newcastle, Australia – EdX

17.  International Franchise Law: the World is Yours – The University of New South Wales – Futurelearn

18.  International Human Rights Law – Université catholique de Louvain – EdX

19.  International Humanitarian Law – Université catholique de Louvain – EdX

20.  International Humanitarian Law in Theory and Practice – Universiteit Leiden – Coursera

21.  International Investment Law – Université catholique de Louvain – EdX

22.  International Law – Université catholique de Louvain – EdX

23.  International Law in Action: A Guide to the International Courts and Tribunals in The Hague – Universiteit Leiden – Coursera

24.  International Law In Action: Investigating and Prosecuting International Crimes

25.  International Law In Action: Investigating and Prosecuting International Crimes – Universiteit Leiden – Coursera

26.  International Law in Action: the Arbitration of International Disputes – Universiteit Leiden – Coursera

27.  Internet Giants: The Law and Economics of Media Platforms – The University of Chicago – Coursera

28.  Introduction to English Common Law – University of London

29.  Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy – The University of North Carolina – Coursera

30.  Introduction to GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation – University College, London – FutureLearn

31.  Introduction to International Criminal Law (Cape Western Reserve University) – Coursera

32.  Mergers and Acquisitions: Structuring the Deal – New York Institute of Finance – FutureLearn

33.  Music Law: Recording, Management, Rights, and Performance Contracts – LinkedIn Learning

34.  Principles of Health Law and Regulatory Issues – Doane University – EdX

35.  Privacy Law and Data Protection – University of Pennsylvania – Coursera

36.  Project Finance: Funding Projects Successfully – Delft University of Technology – EdX

37.  Rethinking International Tax Law – Universiteit Leiden

38.  The Sharia and Islamic Law: An Introduction – The University of Edinburgh – Futurelearn

39.  DL-101 General Course on Intellectual Property – World Intellectual Property Organization

40.  Introduction to Corporate Finance – Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania – Coursera

6 Ways to Study Law Online

Students may prep online for the LSAT or state bar exams, or earn online certificates on topics like business law.

You may not be able to earn an American Bar Association-accredited J.D. completely online, but there are many ways to accelerate a legal career through online courses and programs. Here are six options that include everything from LSAT prep to virtual career training.

1. Free and low-cost online courses: Websites such as edX, Coursera, and Udemy offer free courses covering various legal fields, such as tax and employment law, or specific legal issues, such as bioethics and freedom of expression. Students may enroll in these online classes to gauge or fulfill their interest in different law specialties or develop a basic understanding of a topic for their current job.

EdX, for example, develops massive open online courses, or MOOCs, with higher education institutions that students can audit for free; these range from International Human Rights Law with the University Catholique of Louvain in Belgium to Intellectual Property Law and Policy with the University of Pennsylvania. On edX and Coursera, students may also pay around $30 to $150 for certificates of completion, with courses having either specific start dates or being completely self-paced.[ 

2. LSAT prep online: Those prepping for the LSAT can also do so online. The website 7Sage, for instance, offers a program costing $179 for three months of access that includes more than 50 hours of lesson videos, printable practice exams and analytics to help law students determine where to focus their efforts.

Other options with varying costs are available from the Princeton Review, Kaplan Test Prep, Velocity Test Prep and Magoosh Online.

3. Online certificate programs and career training: A certificate – either for credit or not – may provide opportunities to learn about a specific field of law, but it won’t allow a student to become a practicing attorney. USC Online at the University of Southern California offers a for-credit graduate certificate in business law, consisting of five courses in as few as two semesters and costing more than $29,000, including fees.

Other online certificates are geared toward those who want a specific job like legal secretary or paralegal. The Center for Legal Studies partners with nearly 200 accredited U.S. colleges and universities to offer virtual career training for those positions and others, along with classes on topics including intellectual property law for engineers and alternative dispute resolutions. It also offers online LSAT and other exam preparation courses.[ 

Most of the center’s online courses cost between $645 and $729, not including textbooks, though the 14-week-long online paralegal certificate is $1,289. Duke University and the for-profit Ashworth College offer similar paralegal certificates online.

“A degree, in a general sense, shows [employers] that you’ve completed your general education; yes, you took some classes in this and that. But a certificate specifically says you’re trained,” says Stephanie Elio, director of business development at the Center for Legal Studies.

4. Online law degrees: Currently, the American Bar Association doesn’t accredit any fully online J.D. programs. But there are a few options to earn a J.D. in the blended, or partially online, format. One example: the Mitchell Hamline School of Law, where students complete self-paced and live online courses for 11 to 12 weeks each semester. Students visit campus 10 times throughout the program to attend skills-based classes and meet professors and classmates.

Like Mitchell Hamline, the Syracuse University College of Law was recently approved for an ABA variance allowing its J.D. program to combine live and self-paced online classes with in-person sessions on the school’s campus or satellite locations, says Nina Kohn, associate dean for research and online education at the school. It is expected to launch in January 2019.

Online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in legal studies – typically designed to provide an overview of law for those working in other career fields – as well as Master of Laws, or LL.M., degrees, exist online. An LL.M. can be a good choice for foreign lawyers who want insight into the U.S. legal system, experts say.

Tiffany Ahern, an online student in the law school at Washington University at St. Louis who is pursuing a Master of Legal Studies, says the program offers insight into a field that’s applicable to her career largely in government and politics. “This is a great way to learn about the law and get a master’s in something I’m already passionate about without having to actually be on campus,” says the Dublin, Ireland-based consultant.[ 

5. Bar exam prep: Law school graduates may also sign up for online courses to prepare for the bar exam, which tests whether they qualify to practice law in a given state or jurisdiction.

Ali Nininger-Finch, a 2017 law school graduate from CUNY, enrolled in Kaplan Test Prep’s live, online program, which costs about $2,500. She viewed live-streamed lectures and completed practice exam and essay questions online.

“I was in New York, and I was studying for the North Carolina bar. So there wasn’t really an option for me to go to an in-person class,” she says.

6. Continuing legal education credit courses: In many states, attorneys must complete coursework to maintain their licenses to practice law in the U.S. This may take the form of face-to-face events and conferences, self-study activities, webinars or online classes.

Specific state requirements vary; Texas requires at least 15 credit hours per year, three of which must focus on legal ethics and professional responsibility. Students have many options to complete CLE requirements online, including through state bar websites and others such as, the National Law Foundation, the National Academy of Continuing Legal Education, Lawline and Lexvid.

Laura Waller, president of, which offers online classes that typically cost $25 an hour, says students should check with their respective state bar association about whether online coursework is accepted.

 Free Online Law Courses With Certificates In 2021

The world has gone really digital and that it makes our most desired wants accessible. You can do virtually everything online now. You can take free courses online including free online law courses.

Truth is, you can find free online law courses that you can run within a short period of time to boost your resume.

I bet you didn’t know that these online courses have certifications that are widely recognised.

Do not be agitated at this point because you do not know how to find your way around that. I am here to help you. However, you may need to go through the table of contents for an insight into this article.

Why Choose A Free Online Law Course?

It is no longer news of how law degrees could be so stressful. Engaging yourself in an online class avails you of the opportunity of studying anytime and anywhere with a greater ability to concentrate. An online law course effectively develops your investigative advancement which is needed to set up a career in the discipline of law.

The high rate of tuition may have discouraged you from undertaking that online degree that really interests you. The good news here is that it is absolutely FREE!

Therefore, there is a wide variety of online law degree where you could select a course to learn more and enrol.

How To Take An Online Law Course

As your first time of towing the path of an online degree, you may be confused on how to actively be a part of the online class. Below are the guides on how you can surmount the challenges associated with being a first-timer.

Do Not Be Indecisive

Indecisiveness may come with a touch of Les affair attitude where you think it is a free online course and therefore, does not deserve you to be serious about when to complete a task and how to participate in the class.

Regrettably, whether it is free or not and whether you decide to be serious with the class or not, in the long run, the greater loss is yours. This is so because, at a later time when you may want to pursue an online degree, you might not have the luxury of time to do so.

Make Your Schedules Flexible

To actively run an online class, you must be sure to allocate proper timing to everything on your list. This is just so you have time to complete your assignments and read extensively.

Do Not Feel Shy To Interact With Your Mates

Actively participate in platforms where course materials on law are being discussed and ask questions for clarifications.

Which Universities Offer Free Online Law Courses?

You may bag an online degree in law from any of the top universities in the world but I must not fail to provide you with the list of institutions that have earned accreditation. This is to ensure that the education you receive meets national standards.

The Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, and the Case Western Reserve University amongst others.

Harvard University

Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Its history, influence and wealth have made it one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The online learning website edX hosts Harvard’s free courses. These self-paced courses are free on an audit basis, but a certificate can be awarded for a token.

Each course will provide information on how much time is required, the difficultly level, and information on instructors. You can, however, click on the highlighted name of the school where the link is embedded for more information.

Princeton University

Princeton University is a private research university located in Princeton, New Jersey, United States.

It is among the eight universities that make up the Ivy League, and one of the nine Colonial Colleges that were founded before the American Revolution.

Princeton University’s free online law courses are featured by edX. Upon registration, all that is needed to know about the course catalogue and duration will be relayed to you.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania (commonly referred to as Penn) is a private university, located in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

A member of the Ivy League, Penn is the fourth-oldest institution of higher education in the United States and considers itself to be the first university in the United States with both undergraduate and graduate studies.

Coursera hosts most of the university’s online law courses and offers a reasonable number of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) not just related to law but several other disciplines.

Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University is a leading national urban research university committed to foreseeing and influencing the future.

It hosts about 12 courses using the popular online website known as Coursera

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List of Free Online Law Courses with Certficates

Alison offers free online law courses that will make you much more aware of the existing rules within your organisation, community, and country.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spare for study, we recommend some of our best short certificate law courses such as;

  • Fundamentals of Business law
  • Employer-Employee Law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution

Get started with these courses today, and you’ll become a much better informed professional and citizen in no time.

List Of The Free Online Law Courses

There is a luxury of free online law degrees from which you can choose and increase your knowledge of civil and criminal law but we have brought you a list of the best 15 that comes with certificates.

  • Fundamentals Of Business Law (Revised)
  • Introduction to Contracts in Law (Revised)
  • Employer-Employee Law (Revised)
  • Introduction to International Criminal Law
  • Corporate & Commercial Law I: Contracts & Employment Law
  • Contract Law
  • International Law
  • Legal Studies -The Adversary Trial System (Revised)
  • Direct Tax- Laws and Practice
  • Intellectual Property Law and Policy
  • Civil Liberties
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • High Conflict in Law
  • Media Law
  • Patent Law

Fundamentals Of Business Law (Revised)

This online course provides you with an insight into the principles of setting up a business with a guide to every step you may encounter. This course will be most beneficial to business moguls who wish to widen their horizons. Also, it runs for a duration of 1-2 hours daily.

It is absolutely free to enroll, study and complete! Below is a link through which you can achieve that dream course of yours with a click.

Start Now

Introduction to Contracts in Law (Revised)

This free online introductory course on contracts in law will teach you about the most important elements that a contract consists of. The course also reviews structures in which agreements entered into by parties with the intention of creating a legal obligation can be split if one or more of the parties involved do not fulfil their part.

You will also learn what you have to do to ensure the best contract solutions. This also runs for 1-2 hours. The online certification will be awarded you by the time you’re through with this course.

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This will teach you about the pros and cons of the court and trial system, avails you the time to take a survey around the different civil procedures with application to real-life cases.

This free online course runs for a period of 2-3 hours. I wonder why you shouldn’t give this a try.

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Direct Tax- Laws and Practice

In studying this free online course, you will be armed with the knowledge of computation of income tax, you will be proficient in the various tax planning avenues and management. You will also be aware on the compliance of tax laws.

This too takes a longer period to complete but, I bet you that the knowledge is a wholesome package. Trust me!

You may wish to join now as the class is in progress.

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Employer-Employee Law (Revised)

This free online employee law course focuses on the law of agency. The law of agency is a very important idea in commercial law as it deals with contractual, quasi-contractual, and non-contractual relationships.

With this course, you will learn that the law of agency involves a person, called the agent, who can act on behalf of another person, called the principal, to form a legal relationship with third parties.

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Intellectual Property Law and Policy

Here in this online law course, you will explore the modern realities and discourse of copyright and trademark laws, and then consider options to intellectual property and the future of this interesting area of the law.

The center of this set is to learn some of the fundamental legal cases in each area, while also considering the policy implications of the law as it stands.

It needs you to devote about 2-3 hours of your time weekly and runs for about 7 weeks.

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Introduction to International Criminal Law

This free online course will educate you on the fundamentals of international criminal law and policy. With the in-depth exploration of the forms of international crimes such as genocide, war crimes, terrorism, and piracy.

Here, you will examine the unique modes of international criminal liability and specialized defences and search into the challenges of obtaining custody of the accused and maintaining control of the courtroom.

However, this course needs you to invest an effort of 3-4 hours a week and runs for 8 weeks. Interestingly, it will start on the 13th of April 2021. So, do well to secure your space by clicking on the link below.

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Civil Liberties

In this course, you will search this tradition from its beginning with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Federalist Papers, through a number of notable historical and modern cases in which claims to rights and freedoms have been at stake.

Also, you will learn deeply about issues of servitude, segregation, campaign finance, free speech, religion, affirmative action, and marriage.

Dedication of your weekly 2-5 is needed and runs for about 7 weeks.

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Corporate & Commercial Law I: Contracts & Employment Law

This free online law class imbibes you with the knowledge on business law topics such as Agency, Contracts, Debtor-Creditor Relationships, Government Regulation of Business, and Business Organizations.

You will also gain an understanding of how these areas of the law affect businesses and their operations at the end of your class.

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International Humanitarian Law

If you wish to specialize in International Humanitarian Law, this is about the right course for you to undertake.

The duration is 12 weeks and works according to your timing. All the information you need to get started is handy through the link below.

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Contract Law

Knowing that we are exposed to contract in virtually all areas of our lives, the big question here is, what happens when one party does not hold to their part of the deal?

This free online law course that is not just restricted to lawyers have all the answers that you seek in answering that question. Follow the link below to enrol, study and complete this very spectacular course.

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High Conflict in Law

This course seeks to hone your skills on how to resolve conflicts. You will be led in on some high-conflict behaviours and provided some of the strategies to handle them. This could either be in a legal or business setting.

Do you want to know how you can devote your time to acquiring this very expensive knowledge for so much less? Click on the link below. Fortunately for you, this class will be starting on the 27th of May 2021.

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International Law

This aspect of law can be considered as the law of the international community, the law that dictates relationships between States. Nonetheless, it also relates to what international organizations practice and, increasingly, it concerns individuals, corporations, and NGO’s.

This has since become an interesting field to venture in ever since the complexity of the world called for more laws. This online course can be fine-tuned to your schedule.

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Media Law

This free online law course deeply explores the theoretical and practical aspects of media-communications guides and control. It is expedient that professionals acquire the knowledge of media law.  

You to can be a professional in this field.

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Patent Law

Patent law is the branch of intellectual property law that deals with new inventions.

So, the rate at which business thrives is solely dependent on the creation and enforcement of patent rights. With record numbers of patents being issued every year, the stakes for inventors (and, indeed, their lawyers) continue to rise, even as the patent law and its administration face growing criticism.

Follow the link for more information on how to start the class.

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What Is The Benefit Of An Online Law Certificate?

One notable fact about the online law certificate is that it helps you reach your professional goal and better your chances of working within a chosen field.

Also, it grants you access to higher levels of legal education like an LLM.

FAQ’s On Free Online Law Courses

How can I study law online for free?

How can I study law at home?

You can study law from the comfort of your home using your gadgets with less distraction too.


I sincerely hope that this piece of information is helpful as you devote a greater percentage of your time to something well-meaning and deserving of your data.