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Our website is the simplest way to learn informatica online without any cost. We provide a lot of tutorials which are interactive and simple that you can easily understand and to prepare you for your informatica online certification. When you will complete the informatica online course our experienced staffs can guide you to grow your career in this field.

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best Informatica training, online courses and classes for 2021.

Informatica is one of the most widely used data integration platforms in the world. It combines advanced hybrid integration capabilities and centralized governance with self-service business access for a variety of analytic functions. Informatica PowerCenter is a metadata-driven integration tool that accelerates projects in order to deliver data to the business more quickly than manual hand-coding. It also allows developers and analysts to collaborate, prototype, analyze, and deploy projects. Informatica is used by more than 7,000 organizations and features strong interoperability between its growing list of data products.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the best Informatica online training and certifications to consider if you’re looking to grow your data warehouse and integration skills for work or career advancement. This is not an exhaustive list, but one that features the best Informatica online training from trusted online platforms. We made sure to mention and link to related courses on each platform that may be worth exploring as well.

The Best Informatica Online Training

TITLE: Informatica Training & Certification

OUR TAKE: This six-week Edureka Informatica training provides hands-on training to install the product on Windows using Oracle as a database, as well as creating the services and connecting clients to a server.

Platform: Edureka

Description: Edureka’s Informatica Training will help you master data integration concepts such as ETL and data mining using Informatica PowerCenter. It will also make you proficient in advanced transformations, Informatica Architecture, data migration, performance tuning, installation and configuration of Informatica PowerCenter. Throughout the Informatica training course, you will be working on real-life industry-based use cases.GO TO TRAINING

TITLE: Informatica IT Certification

OUR TAKE: Informatica Exams deliver a consistent measurement and validation of the skills needed to ensure a successful implementation and maximum return on your Informatica technology investment.

Platform: Informatica

Description: Informatica Certifications focus on not only your Informatica skills and capabilities but also on your performance and the outcomes of your Informatica product implementations. They have been developed by recognized subject matter experts to measure competencies in tasks by role and to provide clear expectations of requirements and key factors for success.GO TO TRAINING

TITLE: Informatica Certification Training

OUR TAKE: Intellipaat’s Informatica course features 42 hours of instructor-led training, 42 hours of self-paced video, 60 hours of project work and exercises, and can be completed via a flexible schedule.

Platform: Intellipaat

Description: Intellipaat Informatica training is an industry-designed course for mastering the Informatica tool for ETL. You will learn how to configure, install and administer the PowerCenter. As part of the training, you will also do testing and monitoring of data processing using automated, scalable and auditable approach. You will get trained in Workflow Informatica, data warehousing, Repository Management and other processes.

More “Top-Rated” Intellipaat paths: Informatica Big Data Edition TrainingInformatica MDM TrainingGO TO TRAINING

TITLE: Informatica Tutorial: Beginner to Expert Level

Platform: Udemy

Description: The course covers all topics starting from data warehouse concepts, roles and responsibilities of an ETL developer, installation and configuration of Informatica Power Center 10x/9.X, in detailed explanation of transformations with practical examples, performance tuning tips for each transformation (clearly shown and explained), usually asked interview questions, quizzes for each section and assignments for your hands on and in-depth explanation of the Repository Service, Integration Service and other basic administration activities.

More “Top-Rated” Udemy paths: LEARNING PATH: Complete Roadway to Informatica Powercenter 9Informatica Cloud – Data Integration

Informatica Tutorial – Informatica Online Training

Learn Informatica PC ETL Development tool online with examples.Rating: 4.0 out of 54.0 (799 ratings)4,068 studentsCreated by Kish SatVrunda BakshiLast updated 3/2017EnglishEnglish [Auto]

What you’ll learn

  • Understand Basic Concepts of Data Warehouse
  • Understand Various ETL Tools in Market and Why to Choose Informatica
  • Idea of Real World ETL Projects
  • Clear Understanding of Informatica Powercenter Architecture and Componenets
  • Use of Informatica Powercenter ETL tool in real time project scenarios
  • Perform Installation of Informatica Powercenter
  • Understand Real Time Client-Server Architecture
  • Understand Informatica ETL Developer Roles and Responsibilities
  • Understand Informatica ETL Admin Roles and Responsibilities
  • Use of various Transformation techniques like • Expression • Lookup –Different types of lookup Caches • Sequence Generator • Filter • Joiner • Sorter • Rank • Router • Aggregator • Source Qualifer • Update Strategy • Normalizer • Union
  • Understand and Implement Slowly Changing Dimensions – • SCD Type1 • SCD Type2 — Date, Flag and Version • SCD Type3
  • Use Workflow Manger in Real time projects for • Creating Reusable tasks • Workflows, Worklets& Sessions • Tasks • Session • Decision task • Control Task • Event wait task • Timer task • Monitoring workflows and debugging errors
  • Able to perform – 1. Indirect Loading 2.Constraint based load ordering 3.Target Load plan 4.Worklet ,Mapplet ,Resuable transformation 5.Migration –XML migration and Folder Copy. 6.Scheduling Workflow 7.Parameter and variables 8.XML Source, Target and Transformations
  • Implement Performance Tunning using Informatica
  • Perform Project – Case Study
  • Interview Questions & Answers

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  • Basic SQL
  • Keen to learn most popular ETL tool in IT market


Informatica Tutorial – Informatica PowerCenter Online Training

If you want to become expert in world’s most commonly used ETL tool, you have come to right place. With this tutorial you will know everything you need to know and able to work as Informatica Developer. Start earning minimum $80,000 per year by learning Informatica.

All topics are covered with real time project examples which will give you full confidence to stand as ETL developer.

Course summary –

  • Real World DW Project Example
  • What is ETL?
  • Various ETL Tools In market
  • Informatica Components List
  • Informatica Client-Server Architecture
  • Role of Informatica Admin & Developers
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Mapping, Session and Workflow Creation
  • Session Properties
  • Link Condition Between Sessions
  • Multiple Target and Target Load Plan


  • Expression transformation
  • Filter transformation
  • Router transformation
  • Lookup transformation
  • Union transformation
  • Sorter transformation
  • Aggregator transformation
  • Rank transformation
  • Sequence generator transformation
  • Stored procedure transformation
  • & many more…

Advance topics –

  • Task, Session & Workflow properties
  • Reusability – Worklet & Maplet
  • Scheduling Workflow
  • Import – Export of Objects
  • Indirect File Load
  • Integrity Constraint Load Ordering
  • Session Parameters and Variables
  • Target Load Order Plan

Post Learning Guidance-

  • Important Interview Questions for Informatica ETL
  • Informatica Developer Resumes

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  • Informatica tutorial
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Who this course is for:

  • Job seekers looking for exciting and well paid IT career
  • Professionals looking for salary raise by adding new skill in their profile
  • Fresher Graduates wanted to enter in IT market
  • Anyone wants to do career change and want to switch to IT industry market

Course content

43 sections • 184 lectures • 23h 25m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction to Informatica7 lectures • 28min

  • Introduction to CoursePreview02:44
  • Where Informatica PowerCenter (IPC) is used?Preview04:58
  • Note on – Data Warehousing Concepts – Quick Overview00:31
  • Data Warehouse projects and Why use InformaticaPreview06:40
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Informatica Developer04:18
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Informatica Administrator03:13
  • What is Informatica PowerCenter (IPC)?05:22

ETL and Various ETL Tools2 lectures • 11min

  • What is ETL?09:10
  • Various ETL Tools in Market02:10

Data Transformation3 lectures • 12min

  • What is Data Transformation03:41
  • Types of Data Transformation05:29
  • Example of Data Transformation03:02

Informatica PowerCenter Components6 lectures • 17min

  • Informatica Power Center Components01:27
  • PowerCenter Designer03:08
  • Workflow Manager02:38
  • Workflow Monitor03:12
  • Repository Manager03:00
  • Admin Console03:10

Informatica PowerCenter Architecture4 lectures • 16min

  • Informatica Client-Server Architecture06:54
  • Repository Services03:03
  • Integration Service02:42
  • What is domain02:51

Installation and Configuration of Informatica PowerCenter6 lectures • 15min

  • Installation Steps Overview03:36
  • Installation Options3 pages
  • Prebuilt VM part 1 – How to02:24
  • Prebuilt VM part 2 – How to04:33
  • Prebuilt VM part 3 -How to03:56
  • Pre Built VM Final00:16

OPTION 2 – Real Installation on your PC5 lectures • 31min

  • Jan-7-2016-Updated-Installation path2 pages
  • Oracle 11g Setup and Configuration08:20
  • PowerCenter Server Setup and Configuration14:52
  • PowerCenter Client Setup and Configuration07:28
  • Steps of Installation42 pages

Understanding Source and Target4 lectures • 12min

  • Types of Sources03:05
  • Type of targets02:22
  • Source Analyzer in Informatica04:04
  • Target Designer in Informatica02:00

Create Mappings, Session and Workflows7 lectures • 1hr 12min

  • Create a Mapping To load Source Table to Target Table10:05
  • Create a Mapping to load Source Table to Flat file Target08:17
  • Create a Mapping to load Flat File Source to Target Table08:25
  • Creating a Session and Workflow13:50
  • Note to students00:20
  • Flat file with header record to Oracle Table31:17
  • Summary Notes for Mapping, Session and Workflow Creation24 pages

Session Properties10 lectures • 48min

  • Session properties Overview02:27
  • Fail Parent if Task Fails07:49
  • Write Backward Compatibility Session Log File05:07
  • Bulk vs Normal Load05:55
  • Save Session Log for These Runs05:01
  • How to use Pre or Post SQL06:14
  • How to Send Email04:11
  • Stop on Error08:45
  • Commit Interval02:15
  • Summary Notes for Session Properties9 pages
  • Link Conditions Concept01:20
  • Link Condition Example15:19

Multiple Target and Target Load Plan5 lectures • 32min

  • Loading Source data to multiple target – File and Relational12:16
  • Target Load Plan Concept04:00
  • Target Load Plan Example13:30
  • Issues with having 2 pipeline loads in 1 mapping01:52
  • Summary Multiple Target and Target Load Plan8 pages

Transformations1 lecture • 9min

  • Active and Passive Transformations08:37

Expression Transformation7 lectures • 1hr 4min

  • Expression Transformation Concepts05:37
  • Expression Transformation Example16:00
  • IIF Expression Example14:04
  • ERROR Function in Expression14:50
  • ABORT Function in Expression09:49
  • Difference between ERROR and ABORT03:16
  • Expression Transformation Strategies16 pages

Filter Transformation5 lectures • 23min

  • Filter Transformation Concept04:24
  • Filter Transformation Example09:07
  • Filter Transformation to Monitor Performance Concept01:38
  • Filter Transformation to Monitor Performance Example07:42
  • Filter Transformation Strategies5 pages

Router Transformation3 lectures • 20min

  • Router Transformation Concept05:41
  • Router Transformation Example14:44
  • Router Transformation Strategies7 pages

Joiner Transformation6 lectures • 1hr 9min

  • Join Concept15:51
  • Joiner Transformation (Inner or Equi Join) Example13:16
  • Joiner Transformation (Right Outer Join) Example13:08
  • Joiner Transformation (Left Outer Join) Example13:22
  • Joiner Transformation (Full Outer Join) Example13:30
  • Joiner Transformation Strategies15 pages

Lookup Transformation12 lectures • 1hr 29min

  • Lookup Transformation Concept07:35
  • Simple Lookup Table example09:13
  • Lookup Transformation Multiple Match Values Concept06:50
  • Lookup Transformation First Value Example12:58
  • Lookup Transformation Last Value Example04:21
  • Lookup Transformation Any Value Example05:04
  • Lookup Transformation Report Error Example04:17
  • Lookup Transformation UseAll Values Example06:31
  • Unconnected and Connected Lookup Concept04:54
  • Unonnected Lookup Example06:51
  • Static Cache Lookup20:14
  • Lookup Transformation Strategies

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