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As the educational institutes have been closed the only way left for the learners across the world is the online platform- Learn the German language through the websites shared below to utilize the lockdown

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Amid the lockdown, the Universities and Boards have introduced many courses that can be accessed online. As the educational institutes, workplaces and other social gathering locations have been closed the only way left for the learners across the world is the online platform. This is also a great time to indulge in some new language earning and add something more to your CV.

German is quite popular among the youth of today as it opens many avenues for jobs and courses abroad. It is a very prevalent language and can be easily learnt. There are many websites that provide different kinds of courses on all levels- beginners, intermediate and senior levels.

Here are a few websites you can access-

IGNOU German Language Course

Indira Gandhi National Open University also offers the online certification course in the German Language. The students can register themselves for the course. There is no age bar on either level. The duration of the course is from 6 months to 2 years and the fee is a minimum of INR 2500. Register yourself through the link here


This is a wonderful platform for those who wish to learn German through videos. This website has a video for almost every topic. The website is a good platform for beginner, intermediate and advanced learner. These videos improve one’s listening skills, comprehension and spellings. They also aid in enhancing the vocabulary skills of the person learning the language. Follow the link here


The website offers basic german language learning to anyone who desires. This is a certification course and the duration is of 2 hours. The course is followed by an assessment after which the candidate receives a certificate. The course is easy to access for anyone who applies. Click on the link here to go to the website. Also Read: Harvard, Yale, Princeton and other Ivy league Universities offer about 450 free online courses- Details here

GermanPod 101

The online german language course contains a huge number of podcasts. This platform is for those who cannot devote full time in learning the language. This course will teach one from basic expressions to the depth of grammar. This course also helped the students learn about the culture of the place the language belongs to. Go to the link here to access the website. 

Goethe Institute

This is another german learning platform offering online courses. The online course offers the proficiency levels A1, A2 and B1. The students have to achieve maximum learning within the shortest time themselves. They are supported by tutors all day long, at any hour. The students can visit the official website by clicking on the link here.

Free Online Courses In Germany With Certificates

Are you in Germany and want to improve your skill and personal lives? Or you wish to study in Germany? Do you want to grow your career beyond the entry-level? There are several free online courses available for you in Germany today.

The great thing is that these free online courses issues your certificate at the end of your training.

These online courses, also known as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), helps many international students that are denied the opportunity to get a degree in Germany. So, Germany provides free online courses for undergraduate and graduates international students.

Hence, in this article, you are going to find out all you need to know about Germany’s free online courses and a review of the best 20 free online courses available in Germany this 2022.

What Are Free Online Degree Courses?

Free online courses are online courses that you pay little (for a certificate) or no cost. There are several types of free online degree courses such as MOOCs, free market place online courses, and so on.

As discussed earlier, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free online courses available for anyone to enroll. Basically, MOOCs provide an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills, advance your career, and deliver quality educational experiences at scale.

So, with the help of these free courses online, you can earn a degree in Germany from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world.

Like every other distance learning platform, these free online courses learning materials come in various formats. These include educational videos, audio files, images, worksheets, or other documents.

Most online courses in Germany also have discussion forums, community groups, or messaging options, enabling some way for students to communicate with each other and or the teacher.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing To Study A Course Online?

As you explore for various free online courses, it’s essential to know what you’re looking for, and what to look out for.

So, here are some parameters to help you determine the best online school for you.


Accreditation is the primary and most crucial aspect of any online course. This will guarantee that it is meeting academic qualifications and that other institutions will accept the credits you gain from that degree course.

Taking a free online course without proper accreditation will not only cause you headaches but will ultimately make your future employers question your capabilities as well.

You also need to check that the accrediting agency is legit.

Degree Programs

Just like on-campus degree programs, you need to study the academic programs on your online certification course and ensure they line up with your purposes for higher education.

Do they really offer professional certification? If so, do other institutions of higher education acknowledge them? This is important, especially if you plan on continuing on to a four-year university.

Understand the Requirements and Schedule

It is also wise to understand the academic qualifications and the class schedule before you commit to an online degree program.

Generally, while studying online, these factors can vary from one degree-program to another.

How To Take An Online Course In Germany

If you are considering taking college or university courses online in Germany, these tips outlined below will help you meet your unique challenges to get the most value from your online program.

#1 Set your learning goals

First, set goals at the beginning of the semester and register weekly. In a traditional classroom, you will often receive verbal or visual reminders of a task’s next due date.

So, it’s up to you to make sure you’ve allotted enough time to complete the task. By being organized, proactive, and self-aware, you can make the most of these free online degree courses.

#2 Manage your time well

The flexibility to create your own schedule is often one of the biggest attractions of taking courses online. But that freedom can also be detrimental if you don’t have strong time management skills.

Without them, you may be overcrowded before class or turn in poor assignments.

#3 Create a fixed study space

Establish a dedicated learning environment for studying. By repeatedly completing your work there, you will establish a routine. It’s important to determine what type of environment will work best for you.

Setting up a regular office or workspace will also help you stay organized. When setting up your study space, be sure to:

  • Have a high-speed internet connection
  • Must have the books, materials, and software for the course.
  • Have headphones for listening to lectures or discussions (especially important in shared spaces)

#4 Treat an online course with the right attitude

With online classes, you must have the discipline to sit down and work on it, and the determined to continue until you are done with it. Although you can be flexible about when you choose to complete your work during the week, you cannot postpone it indefinitely.

Even if it’s a free online certification course that doesn’t cost you a dime, treat your online classes the same way you would a physical class.

#5 Get rid of distractions

You will face many distractions that can easily derail your studies, especially from social media. However, the best online students know how to lessen these distractions and set aside time to focus.

Free Online Degree Courses in Germany with Certificates

Now you understand what you should look out for when taking an online certification course.

So, it’s time to reveal the top 20 free online degree courses with certificates in Germany available for you.

#1 Intercultural Management (Coursera)

This free online course explores different aspects of intercultural management, including teams, leadership, Human Resource Management, marketing, and negotiations.

When you complete this MOOC, you will have a richer understanding of the concept of culture, and how culture influences the way that individuals behave. In this free certification course, you will also get a deeper knowledge of how culture shapes management practices in international organizations. 

#2 Research kitchen (Coursera)

Research Kitchen is a free certification course online and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany created this course. It is a unique format that developed extra curious learners interested in competitive strategy and organization design yearning for a first glimpse into the world of research.

It is also voluntary and comprises brief paper sessions rather than modules. For a change, you will experience the instructor Tobias Kretschmer at the whiteboard of his very own institute at LMU Munich.

Here, he summarizes key findings of recent research papers on topics relating to the three courses Competitive Strategy, Advanced Competitive Strategy, and Strategic Organization Design. 

#3 Strategic Organization Design (Coursera)

Strategic Organization Design introduces new topics and modules with even more real-world examples and opportunities for student interaction than its predecessors’ Competitive Strategy. This free online course is also produced by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany.

And, this certification course covers other elements that govern the interaction between units and individuals, such as formalization and centralization, the reward system and task division.

This is also serves as a practical guide to combine all the aspects above in the actual planning process from foundation to maturity of a firm.

#4 Computers, Waves, Simulations: A Practical Introduction to Numerical Methods using Python (Coursera)

This free certification course provides you with a basic introduction how to apply methods like the finite-difference method, the pseudospectral method, the linear and spectral element method to the 1D (or 2D) scalar wave equation.

The course targets anyone who aims at developing or using numerical methods applied to partial differential equations and is seeking a practical introduction at a basic level.

The methodologies discussed in the free online course are widely used in natural sciences, engineering, and economics, and other fields.

#5 Customer-Centric Innovation (edX)

In this course, you learn to take on competition by creating successful and innovative ideas for your business through a thorough understanding of your customers’ needs.

Addressing the needs of your customers is the core factor of managing innovation successfully. Exactly this is the first stages of an innovation project.

So, in this online course, you will learn about key concepts and methods of generating customer-centric business ideas and innovative concepts.

After you complete this course, you will improve your career qualifications as Product Manager, Engineer, Process Manager and Marketing Manager. Learners from the industries of Product Management, Engineering, Innovation Management and Customer Relationship Management already completed the course and Consultants and Entrepreneurs.

#6 The Economics of Agro-Food Value Chains (Coursera)

In this online course in Germany, you learn how the Agro-food value chain approaches the challenge of constantly improving its competitiveness by producing high-quality food and products and also aiming to attain greater sustainability.

This certification course is taught by a group of international experts from Universities in Italy, Germany, Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands.

And, each of them will give you insights into a specific topic related to food quality and the organization of the Agro-food value chains.

#7 Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy (Coursera)

Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy summarize the latest research findings and international recommendations on a variety of nutrition-related aspects and outcomes of pregnancy.

Ensuring a healthy nutritional status and lifestyle prior to and during pregnancy is one of the best ways to help support the healthy growth and development of the unborn child.

We will look at how a healthy diet and lifestyle should ideally be achieved prior to conception and provide recommendations for pre-conception counselling of women.

#8 Competitive Strategy (Coursera)

In this six-module course in Germany, you will learn how businesses and organizations behave in situations in which strategic decisions are interdependent, i.e. where my actions affect my competitors’ profits and vice versa.

Using the basic tools of game theory, we will analyze how businesses choose strategies to attain a competitive advantage.

This free online certification course one of Europe’s leading research universities, LMU Munich. LMU covers a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from the humanities and cultural studies through law, economics, and social studies to medicine and the sciences.

#9 Advanced Competitive Strategy (Coursera)

In Advanced Competitive Strategy, we will look at how companies can build up and maintain their customer base by increasing switching costs and facilitating strategic customer lock-ins.

We will find out how firms can increase their profits by pursuing suitable price discrimination and product differentiation strategies.

#10 Strategic Management: From Intuition to Insight (edX)

Learn how to design effective strategy processes and to spot fundamental market and technology changes in your industry. You can help your organization prosper in times of transition by engaging in rigorous strategic analysis to complement your intuition with the deep insights needed.

This foundational certification course enables you to analyze shifting industry structures and develop new capabilities in times of industry transition by covering different parts of strategy.

#11 Organising an Empire: The Assyrian Way (Coursera)

Discover the mighty kingdom of Assyria, which came to be the world’s first great empire three thousand years ago. From the 9th to the 7th centuries BC, during the imperial phase of Assyria’s long history, modern-day northern Iraq was the central region of a state reaching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf and incorporating what is now Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, and half of Israel, and wide parts of south-eastern Turkey, and Western Iran.

This online course explores the methods the Assyrian government employed to ensure unity and maintain loyalty across vast distances, using traditional and innovative strategies.

And, some of these imperials techniques have marked parallels in the ways modern multi-national corporations are operating, others will strike you as profoundly alien.

Taking this course will summarize the political, social, religious, and military history of the world’s first superpower. It will give you insight into the geography and climatic conditions of the Middle East and contribute to your understanding of the opportunities and challenges of that region.

#12 Learn Basic German

Make learning basic German vocabulary and grammar fun and easy with this Basic German Language Skills online course.

This free online German language course from Alison will introduce you to basic German vocabulary and grammar which will take you one step closer to your first perfect German conversation.

Germany is internationally recognized as the industrial and economic powerhouse of Europe, so a working knowledge of German is essential for professionals in areas such as business, finance, economics, and politics.

This certification course will make learning the German language a little easier and more rewarding.

#13 Conversational German

This free online German language course focuses on teaching you the vocabulary and grammar required to discuss using the phone to pastimes and holidays in German It will teach you the phrases and vocabulary needed so you can hold conversations in German over the phone, and take or leave messages.

It will also teach you how to make weekend plans, book hotels or hostels, and much more. This certification course online lasts for a duration of 2-3 hours.

#14 Thinking & Acting like an Entrepreneur

 This course helps you to turn your idea into a real-life business and make it a commercial success.

For this reason, you take through real-life examples of the entrepreneurial process to help you understand how it differs from that of established companies and how you can apply it for your own purposes.

A series of homework exercise, tutorials, and case studies will enable you to develop a perspective that goes beyond the theoretical scope to prepare you for actual situations.

#15 Communication Acoustics

In this free engineering course, we will cover all aspects of communication acoustics, which is the way sounds travel from a source, through a channel, and finally to a receiver.

This course also looks at the different system components involved in acoustic communication, including those between humans, between humans and machines, and between machines.

After completion of the course, you will have gained a broad understanding of the involved sub-domains and will be ready to pick a specialization for future in-depth study.

#16 Flood Risk Management

This flood risk management course aims to prevent the loss of properties, assets and life caused by floods. The MOOCs focus is on aspects of flood risk management, forecasting and protection measures. You will learn which concepts exist to protect people from floods having a look at the catchment, the rivers and the settlements at risk.

Following the so-called flood risk cycle, prevention, protection, and preparation it shows measures. So, this course is for anyone interested in flood risk management. It offers basic chapters and possibilities for a deeper view.

#17 Understanding Venture Capitalists: How to Get Money for Your Start-Up

Introduction to Venture Capital will teach you how to get the money needed to run your startup. You will learn who venture capitalists are, how they think, and gain an understanding of their motives, investment strategies, and what they’ll expect from you.

Besides lectures, you will get firsthand inside knowledge from experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists on what it takes to successfully acquire money for your startup!

#18 Der Start-up CFO

In this German introductory course on entrepreneurial finance, you will get to know exactly that: you will learn which financing strategies and sources of funding exist and which investors are relevant for start-ups. You will also learn more about the role and importance of a CFO in young companies.

The tips in this course help you with the first steps of financing your company and give you practical advice on what to look out for.

#19 Introduction to marketing

In this course, you will learn the basics of the strategic and operational design of a company’s marketing. You will also get an overview of the methods required for effective marketing decisions. 

This is how you learn to critically examine the use of these methods. The course also includes critical reflection on the social and ethical responsibility of companies when planning and implementing their marketing measures.

#20 Innovation Strategies for Electric Mobility: The StreetScooter Case

In this German course, you learn Learn about the tools and methods that can understand and identify customer needs and the processes that companies can set in place to foster and launch successful technological innovations.

We will place a special emphasis on analyzing how companies can benefit from entrepreneurial thinking to innovate more successfully and on understanding how they can build entire ecosystems around their products and services.

The theoretical knowledge will be transferred and applied to a recent, highly successful technological innovation from Germany: The Street scooter, an electric delivery vehicle of Deutsche Post DHL.


Are online courses Good or bad?

Online courses are good because one of the major benefits of an online course is its much affordability. Students earn while the school.

What are the benefits of online classes?

Some benefits of online classes include;
Career advancement.
Flexibility in learning
Reduced debts and fees to pay, etc

Can online courses get you a job in Germany?

Of course, it is possible to get a job using online courses. Online courses are sometimes better than a traditional course. In the sense that you gain ample practical experience while schooling.


There is no excuse for not achieving your dream. Being a nation that advances learning system is well equipped to handle many online certificate programs that can help you climb the ladder of career success.

You just need to get on your computer and start exploring the available Free Online Courses with Certificates in Australia to advance your career.

Best Online German Classes

Find the best course for your needs

Our editors independently research and recommend the best products and services. You can learn more about our independent review process and partners in our advertiser disclosure. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Decided to learn German and struggling with your der, die, or das? Learning a new language is a challenge, but ultimately it is incredibly rewarding, opening up opportunities to communicate with family, make friends from other countries, and explore new cultures. If you attain a high-enough level in your chosen language, exciting new career prospects also open up, including work as a translator or as a language teacher yourself.

While the best way to learn German would probably be to live in a German-speaking country, not everyone can drop everything and move to Berlin or Vienna; often, the most accessible way to start is online. But it can be hard to find a course on the web to get started—or to continue—learning German.

We’ve found the best online German classes and considered how individuals learn best, whether it be through listening, repetition, or memorizing. So, take a look with your learning preferences in mind.

The 7 Best Online German Classes of 2022

Best Online German Classes



Lingoda is a well-respected, online language-learning service that combines flexibility, quality instruction, and an affordable price tag. Its system is flexible, allowing you to choose between individual classes—with lessons scheduled at your convenience—and group classes that meet at a predetermined time.

The group class is quite affordable at $9.50 per session, and classes generally have three to five students. (A typical class at a school is usually as large as 15 students.) Private lessons are $22 to $37 per lesson (depending on frequency—the more often you meet, the less you’ll pay), but they may be worth the extra cost for those who learn best one-to-one.

Lingoda also offers a Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) certificate, which can be useful for students studying abroad or professionals hoping to get a job in a German-speaking country with a required level of proficiency. Your certificate is available to you once you’ve completed 90% of your chosen proficiency level.

On its website, Lingoda claims that 92% of users are satisfied customers. In fact, it has a rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot with more than 2,800 reviews.1

Lingoda offers a seven-day free trial, which can consist of three group classes or one private class. But you’ll have to enter payment information and agree to cancel before the trial ends if you don’t wish to be a paid subscriber—otherwise, you’ll be billed monthly after the seven days are up.

BEST BUDGETDeutschAkademie


This free app offers roughly 50,000 grammar and vocabulary exercises, 800 hours of interactive online classes, and a free audio course. In comparison to other popular free apps like Duolingo or Babbel—which have quickly become overwhelming and impersonal—DeutschAkademie is tailor-made to learning German specifically and has an online forum where a native German teacher will personally answer your questions.

Structured according to the six double levels of the CEFR framework (A1 to C2), DeutschAkademie allows you to easily jump back into learning German if you’ve already started and guides your continued progress. However, like many budget options, the free course is best used for practice and less for learning the structure of the language. If you like the free app, the company offers the opportunity to advance to one of its paid, online live courses—ranging from $60 to $150. Most of the course options include a free language assessment test and tutor with a small class size.

The cheapest paid option is a conversation club for $60 per session. Other options include private lessons at $62 per hour and corporate classes—language learning with your coworkers—for around $100 per class. You can also take part in summer classes in German-speaking cities through DeutschAkademie.

DeutschAkademie is a great introduction to learning German, with the option to keep it casual and inexpensive or to progress to more serious learning.



Rocket German covers all the bases, no matter how you learn. You start out with a stellar crash course in functional German in a series of podcasts with written transcripts, so you can engage with multiple aspects of the language from the get-go.

This approachable (and useful) beginner course hooks those of us who are less inclined toward nitty-gritty grammar exercises. You can then move on to the “language and culture” course, which addresses the grammar and vocabulary specificities that the functional lessons gloss over.

There are flashcards for memorizing vocabulary, podcasts for listening comprehension, quizzes to test yourself, and even software for speaking that corrects your pronunciation. The only drawback is that there is no personal tutor with whom you can hone your speaking skills.

They also have a mobile app, which allows you to access the 20- to 30-minute lessons on the go. This is helpful for being realistic about how you learn: The activation energy of picking up your phone instead of sitting at a desk and opening your computer makes a big difference in self-directed language learning.

Courses are divided into three levels, each costing $150. The website regularly features discounts that get you all three tiers for as much as 40% off (you pay $260 for all three). With each level, you’ll have instant lifetime access to your purchase. Best of all, it comes with some financial flexibility: You can try the products for 60 days, and if you’re not satisfied, refunds are available with no questions asked.



GermanPod101 is a library of thousands of podcasts and videos in German. All are sourced from native German speakers and revolve around real-life situations, so you will gain a good idea of what to expect from a real conversation with a German speaker. If you are more of an auditory learner or want to improve your listening comprehension for more practical conversations, GermanPod101 is the way to go.

When you create your free account, you’re asked to identify yourself at one of five language levels: Absolute Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, or Advanced. Each level has its own lessons, which will appear on your account dashboard under My Pathways. You can edit your chosen level at any time and, in doing so, change lesson pathways.

As a new member, you can either immediately get a paid subscription or start a seven-day free trial. You’ll have access to the premium content library during your free trial period, however, the three levels of monthly subscriptions—Basic at $4, Premium at $10, and Premium Plus at $23—offer varying features. The strongest part of the service, though, lies mostly in its podcasts and videos, which are included in the affordable Basic subscription.

The Premium edition adds access to voice recording tools, interactive lesson quizzes, and a German audio dictionary, among other platform features. The key feature of the Premium Plus plan is a personalized learning program complete with assignments and assessments from a dedicated teacher.

It’s recommended that you look elsewhere for drilling vocabulary, perfecting your writing and reading abilities, and improving pronunciation. Overall though, GermanPod101 is lauded for getting familiar with real-life German and is an excellent choice to include in your self-study.



FluentU is a website and mobile app that gathers real-world German videos—such as news clips, movie trailers, music videos—for use as educational materials.

This technique is important because it allows you to start engaging with the language more naturally from the get-go, rather than memorizing theoretical conversations as many competing apps do. It has a quiz feature and keeps track of your vocabulary words. However, it is less of a traditionally structured course and more of a tool to engage with the language. This aspect makes it excellent for more casual learning.

While the app is useful for more practical German, it does not have any features for speech and only has limited written vocabulary exercises. Learning through immersive listening is useful for most people, but other folks will miss out on speech improvement.

However, if you’re most interested in being able to casually understand the language and watch fun clips, FluentU is a great tool to inspire you to get familiar with German. Otherwise, FluentU could be combined with other services that have a more robust practice feature. And at $20 per month for the yearly subscription and $30 per month for the month-to-month option, it’s on the affordable side.



The Goethe-Institut is a highly respected cultural institution dedicated to sharing and promoting German culture around the world, with offices from New York to Cairo.

With courses offered according to the CEFR (A1 to C2), it is easy to figure out which level you should be taking. For those who are comfortable with taking a class without a teacher, there’s an option you can start shortly after booking. If you’d prefer learning with a teacher, you can choose to do so in an online group course or independently with individual mentoring and support. There is also an option for teenagers between 14 and 17 years old.

The lessons the Goethe-Institut offer are the most traditional of the online German classes—and also probably the most expensive. But while the price tag of $835—for individual lessons with a teacher for a period of approximately six months—might seem hefty, you’ll receive a certificate of attendance from the respected Goethe-Institut, which could be useful for students looking to study abroad or professionals applying to jobs in Germany. Compared to other traditionally modeled online classes like Berlitz (around $2,500), this is actually quite a good deal for the serious learner.



Italki is a language-learning software that connects you with a German tutor for a one-hour video chat. While a lot of programs out there might include a side feature that allows you to connect face-to-face with your tutor or a native speaker, italki’s affordability, flexibility, and ease of use earn it the crown for practicing speaking.

Your tutor will be a freelancer with varying levels of teaching experience. The more expensive teachers—who sometimes charge as much as $80 an hour—will have taught at language schools or have a teaching certificate and will be able to explain grammar to you. The inexpensive educators—for as low as $4 an hour—are for 60 minutes of casual conversation with a native speaker or someone with high proficiency.

The learning experience with italki will vary greatly depending on your tutor, and you could probably spend hours finding the right one. Luckily, many tutors offer a half-price trial lesson for 30 minutes, which we recommend.


What Is Taught in an Online German Class?

German classes are taught in different formats and cater to varying levels of proficiency. If you’re a beginner, you should expect to learn some conversational skills, common words, how to pronounce common words, and then how to put sentences together. Eventually, you will learn how to read and write in German as well. 

Who Should Take an Online German Class?

An online German class can be helpful for many reasons. You may benefit from taking an online German class if you want to travel to or live in Germany. It will also help you have a better understanding of German culture and speak to friends and family who speak the language, and it can help you get a translator job or a job teaching English in Germany. 

What’s The Best Way to Learn German at Home?

Typically, the best way to learn German at home is to set aside a certain amount of time each day to practice and study the language. Try to listen to native speakers and repeat what they say, focusing on your pronunciation. It’s also helpful to write down words and then sentences and practice reading in German as well. 

How Much Does an Online German Class Cost?

There are a variety of different types of online German classes available and they each have different price points. There are some free apps and then others that charge between $4 and $80 per hour for a native speaker to talk with you. Other classes charge anywhere from $10 to $150 per lesson, or $250 or more for an entire level of German basics. 

How We Chose the Best Online German Classes

We researched more than 20 online German classes before narrowing it down to the top seven. We chose these best online German classes based on a number of factors, including their pricing, flexibility, and whether they come with a certification. We also considered the availability of individualized help and user reviews.

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