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Learn the japanese language online with our free japanese course. You’ll have full access to over hours of content and useful tips on how to learn japanese. It’s ideal for anyone who has a passion for the culture but wants to learn more about the unique language it comes with.

This online japanese course with certificate is designed to be a fun introduction to the Japanese language for beginners. The vocabulary and grammar has been carefully selected so that students can begin to speak, read, write and understand basic Japanese from their very first lesson.

This best free japanese online course is designed to be a fun introduction to the Japanese language for beginners. The vocabulary and grammar has been carefully selected so that students can begin to speak, read, write and understand basic Japanese from their very first lesson.

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Why Online Courses in Japan?

With the first Corona virus case confirmation in Japan and across the globe, educationists are now considering better learning options. Online classes are gradually becoming an alternative to traditional classes.

As a means to curb the spread of the virus, medical experts are insisting that citizens observe social distancing. While this may affect other sectors of the economy and life at large, education may not suffer greatly.

Currently, other institutions in other continents are exploring their online learning options. So, online courses in Japan will be quite beneficial to both working class students and everyone. By this, even with a second phase of the virus, online courses will ensure that you learn while staying safe.

How Long Does Online Courses in Japan Take?

How long you spend on an online course in Japan is determined by the curriculum. So, researchers and educationist develop courses on particular areas. Depending on the sub topics, the course is designed to cover, the duration of the program is stipulated.

For emphasis, online courses can last anywhere from 2 days to 15 weeks or even more. The goal is to cover the curriculum and equip students with the best knowledge. So, online courses are designed to last as long as possible to allow students to get value for their time.

best free japanese online course

The subsequent paragraphs will now itemize courses offered online for Free by Japanese universities. All courses listed here come with a printable certificate.

This certificates indicates that students have completed the coursework and reached the pass mark stipulated by the organizers. These japan free courses online may be short course, diplomas offered by Japan Universities through any online school or agency.

1. Studying at Japanese Universities

The University of Tokyo offers a free online course for international students who intend to study at a Japanese university. The course is designed to help students discover great programs they can apply to in Japan and is taught by Yujin Yaguchi and Yuko Itatsu.

It collates different programs by different Japanese universities and prepares a study plan through project-based learning. The course offered in English through Coursera introduces a number of options to match a variety of goals, from full degree to non-degree programs, programs taught in English, as well as short-term programs in Japan.

During the course, international students at UTokyo will provide you with useful information and advice to start you on the path to studying in Japan. The course is available for undergraduate students, however, most of the materials are also applicable to graduate programs.Application Link

2. An Introduction to Japanese Subcultures

This Japanese online course is offered by Keio university through Future Learn online schools. The course explores Japanese subcultures and allows students to learn about their history from the 1970s to today.

Taught by Professor Niijima, Professor Takahashi and Professor Ohwada, the course explores girls comics, boys comics, the Hatsune Miku vocaloid, cosplay, and J-pop idols, focusing on the themes such as Love, Battle, Technology and Fan culture.

Students will understand the different cultural creations that underpin Japanese subcultures. If you enroll for this course, you will get a basic knowledge of key Japanese subcultures, learning the recognizable traits of each with materials for cultural analysis.

The course can be completed in four weeks and awards a certificate to students who complete and pass their coursework.Application Link

3. The Art of Washi Paper in Japanese Rare Books

Also offered by the Keio university through Future Learn, the online course in Japan explores the history, production and design of papers used inside Japanese rare books. Deepen your understanding of rare books and Japanese culture.

At the end of the course, students will have indepth knowledge of the materials and technologies used to produce Japanese papers, particularly the use of traditional washi paper.

In addition, the course allows students explore the crafting process used to create Japanese rare books, including the use of design and decoration techniques alongside the different types and varieties of papers used in Japanese rare books.

Taught by Makiko Shiroto and Takahiro Sasaki, the online course will last for 2 weeks and comes with a printable certificate.Application Link

4. Sino-Japanese Interactions Through Rare Books

Also offered by Keio University,  Sino-Japanese Interactions Through Rare Books is a course that explores the role of books in the relationship between the cultures of Japan and China.

Students through this online course discover more about the different types of Chinese books, their characteristics, and their history. In fact, the course allows students to study books with strong Chinese influences and examine the culture of the area of the world that use the Chinese writing system.

Taught by Takashi Horikawa of the Humanities and Literature department at Keio university, the course will further explore the connections between publishing and religion – examining the influence of Zen Buddhism on Japanese culture in 3 weeks.Application Link

5. Japanese Culture Through Rare Books

The Keio university offers this online free course with certificates through Future Learn. Just like Sino-Japanese, the course explores the important roles that books have played in the cultural history of Japan.

This introductory course is open to anyone with an interest in the history of Japanese books. However, students who have a basic knowledge of the history of Japan and Japanese literature may have an edge over others during learning.

The course makes use of a number of visual resources which may unfortunately make some of the activities not accessible to learners with visual impairment.

Taught by Takahiro Sasaki, students will at the end of this 3 weeks course be inspired to further explore the field of rare books and have a good understanding of the various types of traditional Japanese books and their history.

In addition, students will also develope a unique perspective on the origins and development of Japanese culture through book history.Application Link

6. From the Big Bang to Dark Energy

This free online course is offered through Coursera by the University of Tokyo. This 4 weeks course explores daily Life to the Big Bang and the Birth of Elements and Higgs Boson. Also, students will get indeth knowledge on  dark matter and anti-matter alongside some of the more mysterious sides of the Universe.

Taught by Hitoshi Murayama, students will get a better understanding of inflation, ‘mysterious’ dark energy, and the possible fates of our Universe.

Basically, more than 80% of matter in the Universe is mysterious Dark Matter, which made stars and galaxies to form. The newly discovered Higgs-boson became frozen into the Universe a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang and brought order to the Universe. Yet we still do not know how ordinary matter (atoms) survived against total annihilation by Anti-Matter.

To get clear understanding of this and more, click the button below:Application Link

7. Visualizing Japan (1850s-1930s): Westernization, Protest, Modernity.

Offered by Harvardx through edx, the free online course examines Japanese history and uncovers the skills and questions involved in reading history through digital imagery.

As an introductory module, the course will enlighten students about methodologies historians use to visualize the past. The course is taken in three modules as themes of Westernization, social protest, in Tokyo’s 1905 Hibiya Riot; and modernity, as seen in the archives of the major Japanese cosmetics company, Shiseido.

8. Quantum Mechanics of Molecular Structures

This free online course is offered by the University of Tokyo and delivered by edX. This course introduces the two primary methods used to determine the geometrical structure of molecules: molecular spectroscopy and gas electron diffraction.

Students who enroll for this course, are able to understand molecular vibration and how it plays an important role in determining the geometrical structure of molecules.

This 6 weeks course is taught by Kaoru Yamanouchi, a Professor of Chemistry at The University of Tokyo for intermediate students in English language.Application Link

9. Basic Analytical Chemistry

Delivered by edX, this free oline course in Japan is packaged by the University of Tokyo. The course is 6 weeks long and its taught by Takeaki Ozawa and Liang-da Chiu.

The course introduces the principles of analytical chemistry and provides how these principles are applied in chemistry and related disciplines – especially in life sciences, environmental sciences, and geochemistry.

Basically, the course curriculum is designed to accommodate all and sundry background. At the end of the course, students will understand the fundamental analytical concepts and their practical applications.Application Link

10. Four Facets of Contemporary Japanese Architecture: Theory

Architects in Japan can take this online free course that explores the four facets of contemporary Japanese architecture, theory, technology, city and humans.

The course is packaged by the University of Tokyo and delivered by edX. The course is delivered in English, and last for 5 weeks. At the end of the course, students who complete their coursework can print their certificates.

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