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Are you looking for a fun hobby that can also bring home a new skill? If so, then you might want to consider taking an online flower arranging course. There are many reasons why flower arranging is very popular as a hobby, from being able to beautify your home or workspace, to being able to enjoy fresh flowers all year long. Flower arranging can also be very therapeutic and relaxing too.

The Flower Arranging Course is so simple. No cluttered emails, no confusing emails. Just short emails that gives you the easy steps of flower arranging in a timeline. By the end of the course, you will have flowers beautiful enough to be in magazine covers. Plus, you’ll know how to arrange more than just flowers such as wheat grains and other materials used to make arrangements.

Flower Arrangement
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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Penn Foster Career School

“The program includes seven courses, such as Design Tools and Basics and The Business of Floral Design.”

Best Budget: Skillshare

“A low-cost monthly membership of around $14 per month will give you access to all the floral design courses available.”

Best for Career: Ashworth College

“Ashworth College is a great fit for students who want to end the program with a diploma in-hand and participate in a live commencement ceremony.”

Best for Beginners: American School of Flower Design

“Once you purchase a class, your flowers will be sent via FedEx overnight shipping, and the course will be immediately available to view.”

Best for Continuing Education: Floral Design Institute

“To register, you must have finished their Basic Floral Design course or have completed 500 hours of on-the-job training.”

Best for Hobbyists: Udemy

“These stylish arrangements are popular among hobbyists, but don’t replace the foundational knowledge available in some of the aforementioned programs.”

Most Creative: Team Flower

“If you want to learn how to make floral arrangements that look like they could be on an influencer’s Instagram page, Team Flower is for you.”

Best Overall: Penn Foster Career School

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If you decide to enroll at the Penn Foster Career School, you can become a skilled floral designer in roughly five months.

This well-rounded floral design course is for people who are considering a career in floral design. And, of all the course offerings geared toward career florists, this site had the best balance of features. The learning experience is well-formatted and consists of a mobile-friendly design and progress tracking.

Once enrolled, you’ll be assigned a dedicated success coach. The program includes seven courses, such as Design Tools and Basics and The Business of Floral Design.

The tuition is in the middle of the road, costing $899 if you pay automatically monthly or $769 if you pay in full. In addition to the program’s cost, students will be required to purchase some additional supplies to complete hands-on floral exercises at home. Also, it’s important to mention that the Penn Foster Career School is both regionally and nationally accredited.https://7b6481acb88fbddfec96d2f86b9a776b.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Best Budget: Skillshare

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With several useful features, like reviews and course previews, Skillshare is a standout for online learning.

The floral design coursework available on Skillshare is going to be more appropriate for someone who is a hobbyist or for someone who already has the basic knowledge and wants to try out some new techniques.

If you are looking to start a career in floral design, consider one of the courses above. However, if you are on the fence and want to see if you’ll like it, try a class on Skillshare first.

There are around 17 classes in the floral design section including Design A Hand Tied Bouquet, Flower Arrangements for Container Gardens, Design a Dried Floral Bouquet, and more. Nearly 4,000 students have taken the most popular one on Bouquet Making.

This site earned the Best Budget title because you can get the most value for your money. A low-cost monthly membership of $14 per month will give you access to all the floral design courses available. If you have a free trial, you can even take one or several floral lessons for free.https://7b6481acb88fbddfec96d2f86b9a776b.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Best for Career: Ashworth College

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Both Penn Foster Career School and Ashworth College are excellent choices for starting a career in floral design. However, there are some differences between the two options. Ashworth College could be a better fit for students who want to end the program with a diploma in-hand and participate in a live commencement ceremony.

The class is broken up into 16 lessons, covering topics like Basic Design Techniques and Wedding Design. This floral design program runs four months, but you have up to a year to complete your course work after registering. Tuition is either $699 or $899, depending on how you pay, which is a great value when you consider some of the more expensive options.

Ashworth College is a highly accredited school and an excellent choice for anyone looking to advance their career. However, we chose Penn Foster for the best overall because it offered more upfront information about courses and the learning process.https://7b6481acb88fbddfec96d2f86b9a776b.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Best for Beginners: American School of Flower Design

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Want to learn from a legendary floral designer? At the American School of Flower Design, you can. There, courses are taught by Michael Gaffney and are ideal for beginners looking to dip their toes into the floral design world.

Each session will teach you how to master one popular flower arrangement. In addition, each course comes with the flowers and supplies needed to complete the arrangement, Each session will teach you how to master one popular flower arrangement. In addition, each course comes with the flowers and supplies needed to complete the arrangement, making the cost of roughly $150 per lesson seem even more reasonable.

Once you purchase a class, your flowers will be sent via FedEx overnight shipping, and the lesson will be immediately available to view. Before you decide on one, check out a preview of the course video to see how Gaffney approaches floral design.

If you love his teaching style and want to learn more, he also has some botanical design books for purchase. There are several in-person workshops at various locations across the country as well.https://7b6481acb88fbddfec96d2f86b9a776b.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Best for Continuing Education: Floral Design Institute

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Your education doesn’t stop once you earn a diploma in floral design from an accredited university. The most skilled floral designers are those who continually add to their knowledge base and earn more certifications.

One popular floral program, the Advanced Floral Design Certification, is offered through the Floral Design Institute. Recently, this organization began offering an online option, which makes the certification even more appealing to people who are unable to travel.

To register, you must have finished their Basic Floral Design course or have completed 500 hours of on-the-job training. This training is intended to help florists enhance their skills in Wedding Design, Contemporary, European and Asian Design, Tropical Flowers, and Floral Marketing.

The cost is $950, but you’ll also need to purchase fresh flowers and supplies to complete specific assignments. If you already work at a floral shop, consider asking your employer if they would help cover the training cost.

Best for Hobbyists: Udemy

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Like Skillshare, Udemy offers a ton of classes on a wide variety of topics. This site also provides users with reviews and course previews, as well as robust instructor profiles.

The main difference between Udemy and Skillshare is how you pay. For Udemy, each course is purchased a la carte, which means it costs more if you decide to take more than one class.

However, there are many more floral design courses—upward of 50—and they tend to be more thorough. Offerings include Floral Design—Not Just Flower Arranging, Floral Design 101, The Complete Guide to Flower Box Arrangement, and more. Classes take between 45 minutes and three hours to complete, and they focus more on trendy floral design techniques.

These stylish arrangements are popular among hobbyists, but don’t replace the foundational knowledge available in some of the aforementioned programs. The classes range from around $25 to $100, which doesn’t include any flowers or supplies needed.https://7b6481acb88fbddfec96d2f86b9a776b.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Most Creative: Team Flower

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Team Flower offers students an inviting online learning platform for all things floral. One of the main draws to the site is the online community the company has created for its students. Their website has over 2,000 members, while its Instagram account has more than 50,000 followers.12

Team Flower’s online classes are broken down into three sections: design, business, and growing. While the site is a little glitchy, the course content is creative and exciting. If you want to learn how to make floral arrangements that look like they could be on an influencer’s Instagram page, these are the instructors you want teaching you.

Each course description details exactly what to expect and pricing. For instance, the Bouquets and Personals class includes six hours of instruction and costs around $499 if you make a full payment (there’s also an eight-month payment plan option where you can pay $74 per month). If you’re unsure about your purchase, each lesson comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Get an idea for the company’s teaching style and floral aesthetic by checking out Team Flower’s YouTube channel for free.https://7b6481acb88fbddfec96d2f86b9a776b.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

How We Chose the Best Online Floral Design Classes

After scanning hundreds of companies, we compiled a list of 15 websites that offered legitimate online floral design classes. Of those sites, we ranked each one on domain authority, user reviews, cost, course content, and the type of certification offered.

From there, we analyzed which of the top contenders were the best fit for each category. For example, the Penn Foster Career School earned the title of Best Overall because it offered career-appropriate floral design courses with modest pricing and a lot of extra perks, such as mobile-friendly learning and career support.

The American School of Flower and Design won the title of Best for Beginners because its course selection is available on an a la carte basis and the flowers are included in your purchase. Each site included here contains original content run by experts in the field, which is why we feel these courses are among the best on the internet.

If I Don’t Know Anything About Floral Design, Can I Take an Online Floral Design Class?

Of course. Some of the classes we selected are designed for those who would like to dip their toe into floral design as a hobby (such as the Udemy courses) or for beginner floral designers (start with the American School of Floral Design). Don’t be intimidated to get started. Additionally, if you are viewing floral design as an exciting new career path, you can become a skilled floral designer in roughly five months with the nationally accredited Penn Foster Career School. 

What Will I Learn in an Online Floral Design Class?

The classes we selected address a variety of floral design skills for the floral hobbyist and career florist alike. Courses on Skillshare will cover subjects such as Design A Hand Tied Bouquet, Flower Arrangements for Container Gardens, and Design a Dried Floral Bouquet. The Penn Foster Career School includes dedicated courses on Design Tools and Basics and The Business of Floral Design. If you choose to sign up for the Advanced Floral Design Certification from the Floral Design Institute, a continuing education course, you will learn how to refine your skills in Wedding Design; Contemporary, European and Asian Design; Tropical Flowers; and Floral Marketing.

How Much Do Online Floral Design Classes Cost?

Depending on the accreditation of the institution and its expertise in the field, the cost of the courses vary from budget-friendly options to heftier investments. We called Skillshare the Best Budget pick because a monthly membership of $15 will give you access to all the floral design courses available on the site. However, if you sign up for the free trial, you can test its courses at no cost to you. The courses on Udemy, including Floral Design—Not Just Flower Arranging, Floral Design 101, The Complete Guide to Flower Box Arrangement, and more, range from $25 to $100, not counting the cost of supplies. If you are interested in signing up for a more career-oriented class, such as at the Penn Foster Career School or Floral Design Institute, you’ll pay upward of $700 for your course. 

What Materials Will I Need for an Online Floral Design Class?

Each class will give you the details on what materials you’ll need. If you choose to take a class on Skillshare or Udemy, you will have to purchase and source the flowers, tools, and any additional materials yourself. If you opt for a course at the American School of Flower Design, the price of each class includes the flowers and supplies needed to complete the arrangement. They’ll be sent via FedEx overnight shipping directly to you.


Online Floral Design Course

Learn the theory and techniques that allow floral designers to create colourful and aesthetic works of art while using flowers as their medium of expression in this online floral arrangement course. Gain confidence in floristry from selecting the right flowers all the way to improving the longevity of your display.

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8,702GraduatesAll Levels



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Start your course now to guarantee your place.


Floral Design Class Overview

  • How to think like a designer
  • Identify various flowers and expand your plant library
  • Maintain and increase longevity of floral arrangements
  • Get familiar with tools of the trade
  • Dissect client briefs and communicate your ideas

Floral Design Course Content


Diploma in Floral Design


  1. Types and Styles of Floral Displays: An IntroductionIn this floristry class, you will get familiar with different styles of floral arrangements in order to pique your interest and provide you with ideas as precedent (e.g. pedestals, corsage, headpieces, crowns, centerpieces, arches, hanging pieces and letter tributes etc.).
  2. Identifying Plant SpeciesIn this lesson, you will cover the basics of botany. You will learn to identify flowers by their Latin/botanical names and their common names; characteristics and variations of popular types of cut flowers; common flower forms and their uses in arrangements.
  3. Common Pests and DiseasesThis floristry class will cover the things to notice in order to prevent browning of leaves and petals, and how to prevent this.
  4. Tools of the Trade and Their UsesIn this lesson, you will be exposed to the tools and equipment used in floristry as well as how to maintain them.
  5. Vessels and Base MaterialsIn this lesson, you will learn how to select and prepare suitable vessels and base materials.
  6. Drawing SkillsIn this online class, you will learn how to interpret floristry client briefs as well as how to develop your drawing and communication skills.
  7. When to Make the CutIn this lesson, you will learn to differentiate between perennial, annual and biennial flowering plants in order to familiarise yourself with the seasons in which certain flower species are available and in stock for use.
  8. Flower PreppingIn this floral arrangement class, you will learn how to cut, condition and care for fresh-cut florals in order to extend their “shelf-life”. You will also learn how to store flowers for transportation.


Intermediate in Floral Design



Advanced in Floral Design



Proficient in Floral Design

Best floral design classes: Create impressive flower arrangements 

written by Stephanie Bento

Feature image floral design classes

A sublimely crafted floral design has a somewhat magical way of creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. 

Flower arrangements are incredibly versatile decorative elements that add a touch of beauty to any spot, transforming spaces of all shapes and sizes into aesthetically pleasant places to be. 

Although the floral design industry has blossomed during these past years (yes, pun intended), there is still a lot of ground to cover regarding applying creative, sustainable techniques and rule-breaking of the more classic approaches to this craft. 

Check out our list of online floral design classes and discover a variety of top courses for all levels so you can start exploring right away. 

Affiliate disclosure: Articles on Tiny Workshops may contain affiliate links.

Best online floral design classes

How to choose the best online floral design class for you

Our guide comprises a lineup of floral design classes you can find on some of the most sought-after online learning platforms today: DomestikaUdemySkillshare, CreativeLive, and Creativebug

While these platforms boast carefully curated content and experienced mentors, each works with different pricing models and may provide unlocked courses and/or free trials. To fully understand the conditions of a specific platform, we recommend checking each of the floral design classes on our guide for more details.

Before enrolling, brainstorm what each of the floral design classes included demand and offer to make the best out of your experience: 

  • Do I want to sign up for a subscription plan or purchase individual courses? 
  • Do I have access to the supplies required? 
  • Can I easily find locally sourced flowers in my area? 
  • Am I looking for a business-oriented class or want to learn floral design as a hobby?
  • What resources are available per course? 
  • Do I have an appropriate workspace to take on class projects?
  • Does course duration meet realistic expectations? 
  • Do instructors tackle specific aspects I want to learn/improve? 

Asking yourself these questions is crucial before signing up for any of our suggested floral design classes. However, once you figure out what direction you want to explore, you can start your learning right away! 

Best floral design and flower arrangement classes online

Dive into our selection of floral design classes to start creating head-turning flower arrangements for all purposes and occasions!

Flower Arranging: Learn How to Arrange Like a Pro!

Flower arranging_floral design classes_how to arrange like a pro

Teacher: Denise Porcaro
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 6 Lessons (26m)
Level: Beginner

The first class on our list of floral design classes is featured on Skillshare and guided by flower genius Denise Porcaro! 

Although possessing a background in production design for film, Denise has spent the last ten years focused on her New York-based business, Flower Girl NYC, where she has devoted time to her true passion: flowers. 

Familiarized with floral designs for all capacities and event types, Denise will teach you how to put together impressive flower arrangements from the perspective of a professional within six short lessons. 

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Being a beginners course, this is an excellent starting point to pick up on basic skills, spark inspiration, and gain confidence to take new strides in the industry. During this class, you’ll observe how to select the best blooms, work with specific materials, choose vessels, and cut flowers and branches accordingly. 

Your instructor recommends you have a well-lit workspace and surface to practice your flower arrangements on: flowers are beautiful but can make a mess! 

You can take this class through Skillshare’s free one-month trial by clicking below. Once your trial is up, you can choose to continue your membership on a monthly or yearly plan and enjoy access to unlocked content.LEARN MORE

Design and Creation of Floral Compositions 

Design and creation of floral compositions_floral design classes

Teacher: Juliana Bustillo
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 16 Lessons (3h 7m)
Level: Beginner

This best-seller Domestika course is ideal for creative beginners looking for inspiration and guidance to take on the world of floral compositions. 

Specializing in merging flower height, aromas, and textures, the founder of Ora the Flora Agency, Juliana Bustillo, will be your instructor for this flower arrangement class. With experience working with iconic brands such as H&M, Cartier, and Carolina Herrera, Juliana is the perfect mentor to guide you through developing memorably lavish floral displays.

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Throughout the course, you’ll study the main concepts of floral composition, understand flower classification, color theory, and get pro-level tips on how to preserve your arrangements. You’ll also learn how to brainstorm references and develop personal workflow and style.

For your class project, you’ll create three different compositions: an oasis block centerpiece, an elongated centerpiece, and a ceiling flower installation. Constructing these items will give you the tools you need to create future compositions for all kinds of events and spaces! 

This course is taught in Spanish but includes multiple language subtitle options. You can confirm the required materials and pricing details for this Domestika class by clicking below. LEARN MORE

Flower Arranging 

Flower arranging_floral design classes

Teacher: Alethea + Jill (Studio Choo)
Platform: Creativebug

Duration: 5 Lessons (39m)
Level: Beginner

Creativebug is a platform designated for all kinds of crafters and presents this flower arranging class by Studio Choo founders Alethea and Jill! 

The flower duo shares success in book writing and multiple magazine publications and comes together in this course to teach you how to create floral centerpieces from scratch. 

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Your teachers will teach you how to build up techniques to compose natural-looking arrangements for holiday-inspired centerpieces, how to use seasonal materials, and layer with branches, berries, and flowers for a seemingly effortless outcome. 

Playing with color, creating movement, and shaping are other skills covered in this course. 

Besides this class, Creativebug also offers free floral design classes such as Paper Flowers: Make an Anemone Bouquet and DIY Flower Bouquets

Click below to find out more! LEARN MORE

Floral Design — Not Just Flower Arranging 

Floral design classes not just flower arranging

Teacher: Sandy McVey 
Platform: Udemy

Duration: 30 Lessons (1h 56m)
Level: Beginner

Are you looking for comprehensive floral design classes that go beyond hands-on flower arranging? Read on!

Your instructor, Sandy McVey will give you an in-depth look into all aspects of floral design, along with practice drills, quizzes, and resources to ensure your experience is worthwhile! 

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Sandy will provide a complete list of materials and guidelines, go over color theory, demonstrate how to research for inspiration, and explain design basics such as balance, scale, color, and combination. 

Highlights of this course include tips on how to successfully combine authentic and artificial floral elements, how to make your piece long-lasting, and how to look at floral design from a business perspective.

You can purchase this Udemy course individually as well as other floral design classes on the platform. Click below to start learning today!LEARN MORE

Floral Arrangement Design with Seasonal Blooms

Floral arrangement design with seasonal blooms

Teacher: Graeme Corbett
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 17 Lessons (3h 55m)
Level: Beginner

This Domestika course will give you a breath of fresh air and inspire you to create lush floral arrangements with local materials through sustainable methods. 

After years of working in TV as a casting producer, Graeme discovered his love for flowers and is now a professional florist and founder of the North London-based company Bloom and Burn Studio. 

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As an advocate for sustainability, your teacher will focus on demonstrating how to create striking floral designs while reducing your carbon footprint by working with seasonal blooms and locally grown flowers.

For your class project, you’ll search for local references as inspiration to make three flower compositions: a hand-tied bouquet, a pin frog arrangement, and a more complex Ikebana arrangement. 

Meanwhile, Graeme will go over common mistakes in floral design, exemplify how to prep your vessel according to your flower arrangement, and apply techniques for durability.

To discover more about this course and the materials required, click below and check out the class trailer! LEARN MORE

The Complete Guide to Flower Box Arrangement

The complete guide to flower box arrangement

Teacher: Mei Wang
Platform: Udemy

Duration: 19 Lessons (51m)
Level: Beginner

While thinking outside of the box is usually the way to go, Mei Wang shows you how you can find fantastic potential by considering the opposite!

During this class, your teacher will teach you how to create gorgeous, boxed flower arrangements that are sure to impress the most demanding flower enthusiasts. 

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Through easy-to-follow steps and drills, you’ll observe how to create stunning, long-lasting box vessels, use recycled materials, and incorporate background and filler flowers: all reviewed throughout seven mini-projects.

A fun feature included in this class is an entire section dedicated to creating flower arrangements for special occasions and seasons: great info to start cooking up your next Valentine’s Day gift or inspire your holiday table set up this year!

Your teacher has also included additional downloadable resources to motivate you to keep practicing after course completion. 

Check out this Udemy class by clicking below and start learning today! LEARN MORE

Modern Flowers: Arranging a Stunning Centerpiece

Modern flowers arranging a stunning centerpiece_floral design classes

Teacher: Michael + Darroch Putnam
Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 8 Lessons (48m)
Level: Intermediate

This intermediate Skillshare class features Brooklyn-based duo Putnam & Putnam and will inspire you to make stunning, trendy centerpieces with a modern touch. 

Of all of the floral design classes on our guide, this may be the most tactical as it dives deep into the process of floral arrangements from a very hands-on, real-life scenario point of view. During this time, your mentors will guide you through the process of flower selection, vessel/vase preparation, and color and texture criteria. 

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Your teachers will demonstrate how to build inspiration for an entire centerpiece from one flower and develop jaw-dropping floral design concepts from simple elements. 

Although this course is ideal for intermediate-level creatives, it can also be a beneficial choice for more advanced floral fans who want to delve into more complex techniques. 

Sign up on Skillshare to access this course and additional floral design classes on the platform. You can also enjoy a free one-month trial by clicking below!LEARN MORE

Create Wedding Flower Centerpieces and Bouquets

Create wedding flower centerpieces and bouquets

Teacher: Kiana Underwood
Platform: CreativeLive

Duration: 19 Lessons (7h 52m)
Level: Beginner/intermediate

One of the occasions that come to mind when we think of flower arrangements is — weddings!

This CreativeLive course provides a unique opportunity to experience a fun workshop on making bridal-inspired floral designs throughout seven hours worth of class content!

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Your instructor, Kiana Underwood, will show you how to turn simple flowers into stunning works of art and how to look to nature for inspiration while transmitting romance through your compositions. 

Kiana will demonstrate how to prep flowers to create beautiful, personalized bouquets, flower crowns, and corsages to embellish wedding venues and accessorize brides and attendants. 

This course is an ideal pick if considering the event planning scene as a career or if you’re the one planning your big day and are looking for creative ways to stay on budget!

To learn more about subscription plans and payment options on CreativeLive, click below for more details. LEARN MORE

Floral Decoration: Joyful and Colourful Compositions

Floral decoration joyful and colorful compositions_floral design classes

Teacher: Justine Beaussart
Platform: Domestika

Duration: 21 Lessons (2h 14m)
Level: Beginner

Justine Beaussart will prove how environment-friendly techniques are at the forefront of many mind-blowing floral designs you come across every day! 

Although most of the floral design classes in our guide consider sustainability, this aspect is one of Justine’s greatest passions and missions as an artist. 

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One of the highlights of this class is making a floral design without floral foam: a more environment-friendly approach. Identifying basic flower types and categories (primary, secondary, and fillers), essential tools, and vessels will be explained during this time. 

Justine will conclude this course by guiding you through your class project: creating a floral composition inspired by a theme of your choice. In addition to this, your teacher will demonstrate how to price, market, and photograph your work.

This Domestika course is taught in French but provides English subtitles. You can purchase this course individually — click below to find out more! LEARN MORE

Decorative Floral Garlands 

Decorative floral garlands_floral design classes

Teacher: Jessica Dickson + Rhiannon Smith
Platform: CreativeLive

Duration: 5 Lessons (51m)
Level: Beginner/intermediate

To end our list of floral design classes is this fun garland-making course taught by flower-loving entrepreneurs Jessica Dickson and Rhiannon Smith!

Covering how to create beautiful garlands from scratch, the duo will show you how to make gorgeous pieces with reduced resources and inexpensive materials.

Selecting local flowers and foliage, preparing bundles, assembling your garland, and adding flowers and variations will be taught — great tips to adorn tables and build wreaths!

The experts will also share time-saving techniques and inspiring design ideas for creatives of all walks of life.

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