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Top Medical Schools in Austria

1. Medical University of Vienna

Originally part of the University of Vienna, the Medical University of Vienna became independent in 2004. Medicine has been taught here since 1365. Today, the Medical University of Vienna is among the top 50 in the world, and it is the 14th highest ranked medical school in Europe and best in Austria.

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During the 6-year Medical Degree program, the aim is to educate you into a physician in all specialties, covering in equal measure, theory and practice. There is a high value attributed to practicing the concepts taught in the classrooms. As such, there is an 18-week clerkship program as part of the 6 years of study, as well as a 48-week clinical internship. The latter is undertaken during the last year at the university, when you can practice in a number of accredited teaching hospitals, with a dedicated mentor.

2. Medical University of Graz

Previously part of the Karl and Franz University of Graz, the Medical University of Graz has been an independent institution since 2004. It prides itself on having instructed Nobel prize winners Fritz Pregl (physics), Julius Wagner (medicine) and Otto Leovi (medicine).

The general medicine program at this Austrian medical school is called Human Medicine and is only offered in German. It is also possible to study dentistry and pharmacy along with a wide range of research-specific studies and undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels.

3. Medical University of Innsbruck

In Innsbruck, the original university was established by the Jesuits in 1562, beginning with a grammar school and ultimately leading to the opening of the university in 1669 under the name Leopold-Franzens University (inaugurated by Emperor Leopold I). One of the top medical schools in Austria, the Faculty of Medicine began operating in 1769 and subsequently separated from the University of Innsbruck by the University Act of 2002. It now teaches 3,000 students and prides itself on being a key medical research and training facility.

Studying in the Tyrol region where Innsbruck is based offers a unique cultural experience as well. The area is in the Alps, so you’ll be in the mountains, not far from attractions such as skiing and hiking. It is also a unique region where Italian and Austrian culture are blended due to a combined history of ownership in the area. The food, customs, and festivals here are very different from the rest of Austria, and will surely make a mark.

4. Paracelsus Private Medical University, Salzburg

The private Paracelsus University has locations in both Salzburg and Nuremberg. They are focused on teaching as well as patient care and have three research centers and six research programs on top of the 22 university institutes.

The medical university has been built alongside Salzburg University Hospital and subsequently extended in collaboration with Nuremberg Hospital. The study of general medicine is called human medicine, and there are also programs available in pharmacy and nursing science, as well as a number of research study programs in areas such as molecular medicine. They also offer a lot of international collaboration programs including with the Mayo Medical School, Harvard University, the University of Milan, the University of Cambridge, etc.

It is worth noting that, as this is a private university, its fees are significantly higher than those encountered at state medical schools in Austria mentioned above. You should expect to pay c. 14,000 euros per academic year in tuition fees.

5. Vienna School of Osteopathy

This school is another private medical school in Austria dedicated exclusively to the study of osteopathy. It is located in Vienna and counts c. 350 students enrolled full time. Whilst you cannot get an MD diploma here, you can pursue studies towards a Master of Science in Osteopathy. This is offered in cooperation with the Danube University Krems as well. There is also an affiliated teaching hospital for practicing the elements covered in academic tuition.

Courses here are exclusively in German and all the preliminary information requires that you are fluent in German in order to consult the website and admissions requirements. Specifically for the field of osteopathy, this medical school is very highly regarded. It is also more costly than the state universities, of course, as it is not regulated by the state.

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