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The Dressing Your Truth Free Online Course Now Includes Energy Profiling And Makeovers For All Four Types

The Dressing Your Truth free online course was announced by Carol Tuttle in December 2017 and not a lot of people saw this coming, but the fact is that the Energy Profiling & Dressing Your Truth Course for ALL FOUR TYPES has evolved once again and is now all combined into the Free Beginner’s Guide Before & After Journey. 

It’s truly a sign of Carol’s commitment to her mission to help women and girls feel confident about their true selves. She wants every woman to have access to Dressing Your Truth and to be able to support their daughters and close family members more easily with this life-changing program.  Getting free access to the guide is as easy as taking the FREE Quiz now offered.

I was one of the first to take the Energy Profiling course back in the late 2000’s – before it was free and before Carol Tuttle even created the Dressing Your Truth program. Now it’s evolved to the point that you can create a free account online and get INSTANT ACCESS to the Energy Profiling videos explaining all four types so you can confidently evaluate yourself as a Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 or Type 4. 

Then once you choose, you begin right away learning about how to dress your truth for your type of beauty including clothes, hair and makeup so you can feel UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL and get to the heart of what looks best on YOU (and why), to create a style you feel at home in and it’s ALL FREE!

Look at these makeovers of real life women…fascinating!!

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Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth and A Free Beauty Profiling Course

Dressing Your Truth™ is a practical, intuitive beauty makeover system from Carol Tuttle that empowers you to look and feel your best.  Carol is a best-selling author, radio show host, speaker, and successful business woman. As the creator and founder of Energy Profiling, Dressing Your Truth, and The Child Whisperer, Carol helps others discover and live their truth.  Dressing Your Truth teaches women to embrace their natural beauty inside and out while learning to express their true self. 

About Dressing Your Truth

The online course is based on Carol Tuttle’s Energy Profiling system that provides you with the insights and tools for all body types to effortlessly feel more confident and beautiful. I received free access to the Dressing Your Truth course to facilitate review.

Dressing Your Truth

Dressing Your Truth Review- My Experience

The first step of Dressing Your Truth is to discover your unique Type of beauty and you can do this with the free BEAUTY PROFILING℠ Course I mentioned above.
This quick course provides information to assess and advise you about your specific energetic movement, personality characteristics, and facial features.

I identified my beauty type by reading Carol Tuttle’s “Discover Your Type of Beauty” book which comes with the course. I identified myself as a TYPE 3℠ but since I was raised largely by a TYPE 2℠, I have some confused habits and thoughts on beauty. I found that reading Carol’s book and watching her classes helped me to be more in tune with what I actually feel good about beauty wise. I realized it is OK for me to like big bold patterns that my grandmother would have told me were too loud. It is OK that I don’t like black and white as colors on me. A lot of my thoughts on what I considered beautiful were directed from what my grandmother told me. I did feel as though I had been given permission to embrace some styles that my grandmother would have said were flamboyant or detracted from me.

Once I identified my Type of beauty, I got access to the Dressing Your Truth course for my type and all the recorded seminars, lectures, and workshops on clothing, accessories, hair, and makeup. The course is prerecorded to I could watch video clips at my convenience. There is tons of fashion and beauty information to help you create your own unique, personal style.

Dressing Your Truth Review

From hair to makeup to fashion, Carol Tuttle has plenty to teach you. I imagine that each one of us has areas of this that we never learned, could use a refresher on, or just learned wrong. I loved her makeup classes because they were full of information I never learned and she has specialist in each area to demonstrate everything you are learning so you can see just how it is done.

I feel like she gave me the freedom to let go of some of my old limited ways of thinking and embrace my true feelings of what I really like. I was also amazed at how spot on she was about things that it took me a super long time to realize by myself like which colors don’t look that great on me. Dressing Your Truth is designed to help you feel more comfortable, confident, and beautiful in your own skin than you ever have before. You will learn to give yourself a makeover so you will be more beautiful inside and out. Please visit www.dressingyourtruth.com for more information and to see amazing before and after pictures from everyday women.

Free Beauty Profiling Course

Beauty Profiling

If you are interested in beauty and fashion and you feel like you could use a bit of a makeover, you will love Dressing Your Truth from Carol Tuttle.  She is offering my readers a free beauty profiling course delivered as an email video series so that you can learn your beauty type for free (valued at $39).  Get access to your free beauty profiling course here.

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