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An Online Course on Document Controller is highly valuable for everyone. If you have just started as a document controller or have basic knowledge of the post you can learn a lot of new things in this course. With the help of this course your efficiency will improve, your job will become easier and your outcomes will be improved. If you want to know more about Document controllers online course then visit us at

We are proud to offer Skill Development Training Program in greater depth of all phases of Document and Records Management (from generation to Destruction) using industry best practices with the interactive practical approach.

This course is an overview of Document and Records Management. This course is meant for those who would like to understand what is the difference between Document Management and Record Management. It gives you a glance at overall Document Management. Also best practices of both Document and Records Management.

Organizations having staff deployed for new activities like the implementation of documentation and EDMS shall attend this course before starting their work.

Additionally, to this course, there are other courses launched in 4 parts, which give a complete knowledge of how documentation and record management is done in the industry today.

Courses can be done by any staff of the organization whether he or she is secretary or manager, the course is just to clear the concept of people and explain to them what is Documentation and Record Management about and how it is managed and who plays the important role in managing the documentation.

Enterprise Document Management System is explained in brief which will give an idea to the learner what are the steps involved in and during the implementation of the project EDMS.

Who this course is for:

  • Document Controllers/Secretary/Administrators /EDMS planner in office

What you’ll learn

  • How to become a Document controller ?The study will also help him in a life-long learning journey.
  • Document and Record management courses will support your learning and achievement in your job because you will develop skills for managing information.
  • The topics of the courses focus on the use of best practices by the student so that it gives the best effect while attending the interviews.
  • The knowledge and skills what Document Controller learns will help him to get the best out of our courses.


  • Student to be from higher school or Any graduate


E-Learning modules on Document Control subjects:

  • 3-hour web-based modules on selected subjects
  • Self-paced: study when you can and where you can
  • Fully flexible: each module can be booked individually
  • You can buy 1 module only, combine them (mix and match), or buy all the modules: it’s up to you!
  • You have a lifetime access to your course

Different syllabus are available

Online modules on Document Control Skills

Online modules on Excel for Document Controllers

Online modules on Document Control topics for Interfaces & other job functions

Modules on Document Control Skills

 Module 1: Introduction to Document Control 

  • Document Control Definition
  • The Role of the Document Controller
  • Types of Documents
  • Document Control Process
  • Document Control Tasks

Duration: 3 Hours 

Fee: £ 105| $ 150 | € 125| Other

Level: Basic / Fundamental

Course Code: EDC1More on Module 1

 Module 2: Project Document Control

  • Flow of Documentation on a Project
  • Project Specifics
  • Client & Contractor
  • Lifecycle of Project Document
  • Document Delivery & Approval

Duration: 3 Hours

Fee: £ 105| $ 150 | € 125| Other

Level: Fundamental / Intermediate

Course Code: EDC2More on Module 2

Module 3: Document Control Risks & Benefits

  • How to manage the risks related to poor documentation management
  • What are these risks?
  • Examples of Incidents related to poor document management
  • Main measures to mitigate these risks: lessons learnt & best practices
  • Benefits of a controlled Documentation system

Duration: 3 Hours 

Fee: £ 105| $ 150 | € 125| Other

Level: Fundamental / Intermediate

       Course Code: EDC3More on Module 3

Module 4: EDMS Implementation

  • EDMS* Project Definition
  • Selecting the appropriate EDMS*
  • Development, Design & Set-up
  • Document & Data Migration
  • Deployment plan

(*) EDMS = Electronic Document Management Software Package

Duration: 3 Hours 

Fee: £ 105| $ 150 | € 125| Other

Level: Advanced

Course Code: EDC4More on Module 4

Module 5: Document Control Audits

  • Audit Criteria
  • Audit Preparation
  • On-site Activities
  • Audit Report
  • Follow-up

Duration: 3 Hours 

Fee: £ 105| $ 150 | € 125| Other

Level: Advanced

Course Code: EDC5More on Module 5Register Now

Modules on Excel for Document Controllers

All Excel modules are based on a case study: how to build powerful Document Control tools with Excel (Document register, reports & statistics, distribution matrix / RACI charts, transmittal sheets, registers of transmittals, etc)

The syllabus is designed so that you can learn step by step, starting with fundamentals and progressing to advanced and very advanced skills, module after module.

 Excel for Document Controllers – Fundamentals – Module 1A

  • Case study: Build a Document Register from scratch
  • The Document Register is a critical tool for all Document Controllers. It is used as an example to develop your Excel skills in this module
  • Read the learning objectives and list of functions covered in Module 1A here
  • Level of Excel skills taught in this module: Basic / Fundamental

Duration: 3 Hours 

Fee: £ 105| $ 150 | € 125| Other

Level: Fundamentals

Course Code: EXL 1A

Availability: This module is available now!More on Module Excel 1A

 Excel for Document Controllers – Intermediate – Module 2B

Duration: 3 Hours 

Fee: £ 105| $ 150 | € 125| Other

Level: Fundamentals

Course Code: EXL 2B

Availability: This module is available now!More on Module Excel 2B

 Excel for Document Controllers – Intermediate – Module 2C

Duration: 3 Hours 

Fee: £ 105| $ 150 | € 125| Other

Level: Fundamentals

Course Code: EXL 2C

Availability: This module is available now!More on Module Excel 2CRegister Now

Modules on Document Control topics for Interfaces & Other Job Functions

Module NDC01 – The importance of Document Control – for Management & Supervisory Roles

  • Module 1 – Purpose of the course and the role of Managers & Supervisors
  • Module 2 – The mission of Document Control
  • Module 3 – Importance of Document Control for Managers and Supervisors
  • Module 4 – Common pitfalls
  • Module 5 – Document Control – an ally for success

More on Module NDC01


  • certificate of completion is sent by email immediately upon completion of the module
  • Assessment is done through online tests and checks  


  • No formal qualification or experience required
  • Courses are delivered in English: a functional level in English language is recommended

What does Fundamental, Intermediate or Advanced mean?

  • There are 3 levels of courses:
    • Basic or Fundamental: Basic theory and fundamental concepts for individuals who are new to the Document Control profession.
    • Intermediate: Topics and concepts targeted at experienced Document Control professionals seeking more in-depth knowledge.
    • Advanced: Material aimed at very experienced professionals or team leaders who need to undertake advanced and very challenging activities, with a strategic approach.
  • Each module has an indication of its level:
    • EDC1: Fundamental
    • EDC2: Fundamental / Intermediate
    • EDC3: Intermediate / Advanced
    • EDC4: Advanced
    • EDC5: Advanced

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • It’s up to you!
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Start whenever you are ready
  • Self-paced: start, pause, skip back, skip ahead at your own pace
  • You have a lifetime access to your course


  • Wherever you are! The course is online!

How long?

  • The course is designed so that it takes participants about 3 hours to complete both theory and practice.

Course Fee

Cost per module:

$150£ 105€ 125

Other currencies:

All CurrenciesPrice
Singapore DollarsSGD  195
Australian DollarsAUD  195
EurosEUR  125
US DollarsUSD  150
Canadian DollarsCAD  180
Any other currencyConvert to other currencies

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Read the 4-step guidelinesRegister Now


  1. Register here
  2. Upon payment receipt, we send your account details within 2 working days
  3. You access your course on our online e-learning platform


  • Course material is online only
  • You have a lifetime access to your course

How do I pay?

You have several options:

  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal

On completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Energy & Petroleum industry (processes and terminology) and the Information Management context for Document Control
  2. Identify and evaluate technical document types and their relationships in the document hierarchy
  3. Identify the stages in a project lifecycle and the role and impact of document control at each stage
  4. Describe and evaluate the organisational policy, strategies and procedures which govern document control processes

There are 8 study topics:

  • E&P Overview
  • Introduction to Information Management
  • Basic Processes
  • Technical Document Types
  • The Project Lifecycle
  • Ownership
  • From Policy to Procedures and Processes
  • The Impact of Document Control

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