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Stress no more as you can easily learn the dementia training online free and all the skills and knowledge you need in psychology. This dementia courses distance learning for healthcare professionals is very useful in all ramification of psychology as it cover all topics in a precise and concise manner.

About the dementia courses online free

Understand the needs of people with dementia, and how to better support them and enhance their wellbeing towards the end of life.

Find out how to better support people with dementia at the end of life
A range of research has shown that the end-of-life care needs of people with dementia, and their families, are poorly understood and inconsistently addressed.

An awareness of the psychosocial, physical and spiritual needs of the whole person is key to tackling this issue – something that this online dementia course for nurses will give you.

You’ll develop the knowledge and understanding that will help you provide better quality support to – and enhance the wellbeing and dignity of – people with dementia towards the end of life. You’ll also learn to better communicate and co-ordinate care with their families.

What topics will you cover in dementia courses online free?

Connecting with others
Advance care planning
Expressing self
Wellbeing at the end of life
Nutrition and hydration
Symptom management
Finding meaning
Specialist support
Supporting families through grief

What will you achieve in online dementia courses for nurses?

By the end of the dementia care courses distance learning, you’ll be able to…

Discuss individualised care, taking into account psycho-social, physical and spiritual needs
Reflect on how social relationships and communication may be affected in advanced dementia
Identify symptoms associated with end of life, including recognising and managing pain in people with dementia
Explain the need to find meaning in the life and death of the person with dementia

Who is the online dementia courses for nurses for?

This dementia courses online free is aimed at health and social care professionals. You’ll need a basic level of dementia awareness, which you may have gained in a health or social care setting, working with people with dementia, or through caring for a relative, friend or neighbour.

During the dementia training online free, you’ll be able to discuss your experiences with other learners and learn from theirs. It may also be useful to you to have a friend or colleague with whom you can discuss and reflect on issues that might arise during the course.

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