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There are many courses that you can study after finishing with your law degree. Some have short courses, others have several available to choose from. This list of courses was put together by looking at the different ones available on the internet – which included doing a search for them and deciding what i’d like to study!

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10 Best Career Options to Progress with after LLB Degree

What do Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, and Barack Obama have in common? Interestingly, they are world leaders who studied law. Law is one of the oldest and reputed academic fields in the world. A law degree is considered as a highly regarded qualification and opens up gateways to amazing careers. In this article we will explore the best career options after LLB degree.
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10 Best Career Options to Progress with after LLB Degree

What is the importance of a law degree?

LLB after 12th is gradually becoming a very popular option. Before, students having a strong inclination towards LLB courses were met with a string of questions: Why take law? What are the career options after completing LLB courses? Would it pay good compensation? Is the field just about being a lawyer or judge ? The litany of questions go on.

The answer is that law opens up a plethora of pathways. You can become a lawyer specialising in a particular field. And these specialisations as well as other careers do need to exist in the typical courtroom scenario that usually everyone associates the law with! Law opens a wide spectrum of knowledge that will benefit you in all aspects of your life. You could become a lawyer in specific fields.

Considering the current situation and the outcomes coming from all the different fields, lawyers are more needed than ever in a post-COVID-19 world. With the economic downturn, crises of illness, police reforms, health care disparities to the fragility of small businesses everything will need professional legal assistance in the coming times. The coming decade is going to keep the lawyers busy. However, in India, the country still doesn’t have enough lawyers, and to align all the post-pandemic requirements, the country will require more law professionals than ever. Hence there are plenty of best career options after LLB degree for you

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The Future of Law in India

The law field in India has undergone various changes over time. Nowadays law professionals are not just the part of courts where they are defending their clients. Law graduates now play an active role in corporate companies, IT firms, administrative services, law agencies, and in various corporate houses.

In India, Lawyers are not limited to the three organs Legislature, Executive, and the judiciary. With dynamic changes in laws, it becomes important for companies to opt for legal assistance that can take care of the emerging requirements in different business sectors. So let us take a look at some of the best LLB career options.

Best Career Options after llb degree

Once you have completed your graduation in law, that can either be a plain LLB course or a five-year program of BBA LLB or BA LLB course, a range of wide career options will open for you. Here is the list of top 10 career options that you can opt for after completing your Bachelor of Law.

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Best Career Options after LLB degree

1. Litigation Attorney

This is one of the most common fields that law professionals can choose after completing their LLB course. If you wish to become a practicing advocate in courts, you must have graduated with either a 3-year LLB course or a 5-year BBA LLB or BA LLB course. This will make you eligible for becoming an Advocate in India.

Every law graduate needs to do an internship under a law firm or a senior advocate. Generally, the internship duration is one month. Once you are done with the internship, it is important to enrol yourself with the State Bar Council. Clear the examination conducted by the Bar Council of India and get your certificate of practice that will make you eligible to start your practice in court. You can expect anywhere between 5lakh to 10 lakh per annum depending on your qualification, knowledge, and internship experience.

2. Corporate Counsellor

Corporate firms offer amazing opportunities for law graduates. This is one of the most attractive fields for law professionals and is considered as the most popular branch of law in India. Such professionals can counsel corporate companies either by being a part of the organization, working as a full-time counsellor or they can open a law firm and counsel different corporate companies as and how required.

This is one of the best LLB career options you can take in terms of the wide array of options within it. Every industry requires professionals who come from the management field. If you have completed your law degree you can do masters in business administration course. MBA after LLB (BA LLB/ B.Com LLB)will create huge career opportunities for you. If you will pursue an MBA in Business Law, you will understand the commercial laws in a better way.

Take integrated BCom/BBA/BA LLB and then take LLM course with specialisation in corporate/Commercial/Business Law. You can also go for a PG Diploma in Corporate/Commercial/Business Law to pursue your career in the field of corporate law.

The salary of any Corporate Lawyer depends solely on the company they are working for. For freshers, it can be anywhere between 3 Lakh-6 Lakh. Large firms usually pay higher than the mid-sized and small firms.

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3. Cyber Law

This is again one of those law fields that starts to boom in recent years. As the world of cyberspace is growing, so does the requirement for Cyber Lawyers. A cyber law expert needs to deal with Intellectual Property, Data protection and privacy, Cyber Crimes, and Electronic and digital signatures.

The cyber domains expand to mainly three categories: computers, networks, and mobiles. You can opt for any certification course, diploma, or the degree to master yourself in the field of cyber law. Individuals holding a degree in cyber law course can work as a Legal Advisor, Cyber Assistant, or as a Cyber Lawyer.

Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Corporate Business, Government Firms or Public Departments, Law Firms, and Law Enforcement Agencies can hire cyber law experts. The salary of a cyber lawyer varies according to the job profile, location, and academic records. The basic starting salary can be anywhere between 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh.

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4. Business Law

This is one of the best LLB career options you can take in terms of the wide array of options within it. Every industry requires professionals who come from the management field. If you have completed your law degree you can do masters in business administration. MBA after LLB will create huge career opportunities for you. If you will pursue an MBA in Business Law, you will understand the commercial laws in a better way.

The salary bracket of individuals doing an MBA after LLB is much higher in comparison with people holding plain LLB degrees. The normal package can be anywhere between 5Lakh-8Lakh depending on the type of firm you applied for and your expertise level.

Multinational Companies, Legal Consultancies, Newspapers, International Organizations, Sales Tax & Excise Departments, and Regulatory Bodies have requirements for professionals holding LLB and MBA in Business Law degree.
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5. Company Secretary

Once you have completed your LLB course , you can enrol yourself for the Company Secretaries course. In recent times this combination of LLB+CS has become very popular and many of the organizations want individuals having both the qualifications. You need to enrol yourself for the certification program offered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Once you clear all the examinations you will find numerous job opportunities in the market.

The job profile and the package you will get will be lucrative. However, the combination of LLB and CS will only work in the corporate world and not in the plain law firms. The starting salary package can be between 6 Lakh to 8 Lakh per annum and it will increase rapidly with the amount of experience you gain.
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6. Civil Services

Many law graduates want to pursue a career in Indian civil services. There are competitive exams such as UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), SPSC (State Public Service Commision), etc. Once you clear these examinations, you can take administrative roles in various segments of the executive body of India. You can also provide legal services in the department of legal affairs. You can also be a part of the legislative council. After gaining enough experience they can apply to be a part of the Department of Justice of the Indian Government.
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7. Judicial Services

This is one of the best LLB career options that you can take to spearhead your career to a track where you take a prominent role in the administrative affairs of your country. Once you complete your LLB course, you can join the judiciary if you are good in academics and can invest an ample amount of time preparing for competitive examinations. Once you clear the exam you can become a Magistrate, District and Session Judge, or a Public Prosecutor. Salaries for such professionals depend on government norms.

Some of the common careers in Judicial services are

8. Academics and Research

Education has a respectable place when it comes to the best career options after LLB degree. After BA LLB, you can take an LLM Master of Legislative Law course. LLM allows you to choose specialization which will give you the opportunity to become an expert in a particular field. Also, it opens the gateway of pursuing Ph.D. if you wish to, in the coming future. Usually, individuals who want to make their career in teaching choose LLM. A law professor makes about roughly 4 to 5 lakhs p.a. and a Research scholar earns around 3 to 4 lakhs p.a. (entry level salaries)

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9. Legal Publishing and Media

This might not cross your radar in regarding best Career Options after llb degree. But this is a great field. Many lawyers work for print media like newspapers and magazines and electronic media like news channels. Such individuals play an important role in sharing legal knowledge with the public. Things such as government bills that are issued every year, the allotments of funds by government authorities to different sectors, investment of big business tycoons in different sectors and how it will impact the economy cannot be understood by common people. A lawyer working in the media simplifies these critical things and makes them understandable to the common people.

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10. Human Rights

After completing your graduation in law, you can become a human rights activist. People with such interest can work in the human rights field with a broad spectrum. Governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations hire such individuals. Some important careers of law in Human Rights are:
Human Rights Lawyer
Family Lawyer
Immigration Lawyer


Law field offers you a lot of opportunities, but it is important to keep your interest and career aligned to ensure success. So don’t hesitate. If you feel this is your calling, then forge ahead. There are many best career options after LLB degree waiting for you.

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