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Have you ever felt like you need a better way of detailing your car? I know I have in the past. I am someone who loves to detail their own car and I want to show anyone how to do it too. That’s why I created an online course that teaches people step by step how to detail their own car. This blog post will tell you more about my online course if you’re interested in learning more.

Our Auto Detailing Certification course covers everything you need to know to fully detail cars, boats, and caravans. The comprehensive auto detailer training course has specific training modules on running your own automotive detailing business.

This uniquely structured course provides students with an opportunity to not only learn car detailing and mobile detailing, but to gain valuable insights into setting up their own business. So, they can decide whether to go on and train to become International Detailing Association or IDA certified detailers.

The Courses For Success auto detailing course information is presented by professional auto detailers in video format through our online platform. This format makes it easy for learners to follow step by step. Training videos give you the added advantage of being able to stop, rewind and replay whenever you need to.

What you will learn with our Auto Detailing Online Certification Course

The auto detailing course is divided into three sections. Once the modules have been completed you will have had access to all the information required to be employed as a car detailer or to run your own car detailing business.

  • Detailing the interiors
  • Engine bay & wheels
  • Body Wash
  • Polish & Wax Professionally
  • Specialty products & problem solving
  • Business management & marketing
  • 10 Steps to Start a New Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Branding
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Organizational Skills

Who is the Auto Detailing Online Certification Course designed for?

The car detailing certification course provides participants with a fantastic opportunity to invest in building skills that will provide a gateway to a future in car detailing, either as an employee or as a business owner.

Auto Detailing Online Certification Course – Requirements

  • The Auto Detailing Online Certification Course is delivered 100 percent online 24/7.
  • To successfully complete this course, a student must:
  • Have access to the internet and the necessary technical skills to navigate the online learning resources
  • Have access to any mobile device with internet connectivity (laptop, desktop, tablet)
  • Be a self-directed learner
  • Possess sound language and literacy skills

Quick Course Facts

  1. Course content is structured for easy comprehension
  2. Registered students gain unrestricted access to the Auto Detailing Online Certification Course
  3. All course material is available online 24/7 and can be accessed using any device
  4. Study online from anywhere in your own time at your own pace
  5. All students who complete the course will be awarded with a certificate of completion
  6. Video Course designed for a visual learning experience

Car Detailing Online Course – Outline

Unit 1: Detailing the Interior

In this module, detailing professional Jim Papallo from Pacer Auto Products will discuss how to make light work of an interior detail job.

How to vacuum the interior

Wrappings, food spores, dust particles, pet fur, and other allergens all collect inside a vehicle. As a result, it needs frequent vacuuming to remove debris so that owners can enjoy their journey in a clean vehicle. A clean car also has less pollen and dust particles, making it easier to be in, particularly for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

What vacuum tools to use

A powerful vacuum cleaner, accessories, and various types of brushes are needed to vacuum a vehicle. Soft, narrow, and broad brushes are among the attachments that aid in touching all areas of the car’s interior.

How to get into hard-to-reach crevices

It is advised that an interior car clean is carried out on a daily basis is important to keep it in decent shape. However, some drivers and car owners neglect to clean their vehicle’s hard-to-reach places. Leaving these places dirty increases the likelihood of rust, which can spread to other parts of the vehicle.

How to do extraction cleaning of upholstery

When washing some kind of upholstery, a common myth is that the more water used, the better the result. This is far from the case, since more water does not always equate to more successful stain removal. Moisture is also really harmful for the leather, and it can kill it as well as giving the inside of the vehicle a musty or stale odor. So, both leather care and odor removal are key skills that will be covered in the Courses For Success training and certificate program.

How to apply upholstery protection

Simply placed surface protectors and sealants produce a hydrophobic coating on garments, allowing liquids to bead and roll off instead of soaking in and staining. Water highlighting and other liquids can be prevented by using a cloth protectant like scotchgard or 303, in principle. This is a job that is always best handled by certified detailers.

What products to use for cleaning interior windows

If grease and grime are obstructing your vision, it’s time for a windshield scrub. Cleaning the interior of the windshield to minimize debris, smudges, and film every few weeks can offer a better picture of what’s ahead and reduce the chance of a car crash. It also increases the performance of the defroster.

How to professionally dress the interior

A vehicle’s look and shine can be preserved through washing, brushing, paint correction, and safety. The final dressing and detail, though, is where the importance of a technical detail is exposed. The icing on the cake is correctly applied tire dressing, and conditioned leather is the cornerstone for a fantastic looking interior. Interior and exterior dressings, when applied properly, are essential to the consistency of the final product.

For old or damaged interiors, professional training will give detailers the skills they need to carry out interior repair and auto reconditioning. You are unlikely to achieve a professional finish if the car is in a state of disrepair, so good auto detailing businesses should know how to carry out common fixes.

Unit 2: Engine Bay

This section of the detailing training and certificate program will teach you how to clean and outfit the engine bay and wheels to the level expected by the IDA certification board.

What mistakes to avoid

Because of the precision work that is expected in the detailing industry, engine construction leaves very little space for error. In most cases, there are no second opportunities, no calling for mercy, and no hoping that the error will go unnoticed. Making errors always results in more labor or disastrous loss, with the worst case being that everything ends up as a pile of debris in the detailer garage at the end of the job.

What products will work best

The engine bay is an important part of a vehicle because it contains the engine as well as a few electrical components, including the Engine Control Module in some cases. Dirt and dust collect in and around the bay over time if it is not swept. Grime will also thicken as a result of prolonged exposure to heat and moisture. This can be combated by using the proper detailing chemicals, which are covered in all good detailing training programs. These include degreasing, cleaning, and shining materials.

How to dress the engine bay to make the motor look brand new

When it comes to maintaining a sustainable car engine, many people feel overwhelmed by the idea of doing so themselves. The thought of detailing a car engine makes most of us sprint in the opposite direction due to the various electrical connections and other moving parts that make it up. But, car engine washing is actually one of the simplest activities in the world of auto detailing.

How to use tools correctly

When cleaning the engine bay, it is crucial to take some time to use the right things in the right order. Engine bays come in a range of forms, sizes, and layouts, so learning the bay and where to mask up is key.

Unit 3: Body Wash

This lesson will show you how to wash the car’s exterior. The customer sees the body wash first when they pick up their vehicle and, as such, it is the most important aspect of the detailing process.

What products to use

It is important to buy a quality car wash and wax soaps. Avoid using dish detergent or other soaps that are made to combat grease, as they can strip wax or other protective coatings from the vehicle. Car shampoos are made to be used on paint surfaces and transparent paints, with added lubrication to allow dust and grime to slip right off while washing.

Tips on the best equipment to use

Cleaning a car is one of those jobs that cannot be avoided but is surprisingly challenging to master. It will take a lot more than a bucket of lukewarm water and a sponge if the owner wants to achieve something similar to a showroom finish. The ideal products include:

  • Foam gun.
  • Detailing brushes.
  • Clay bar.
  • Glass cleaners.
  • Grit guard.

Those who want to offer a more professional detailing service can acquire specialty detailing equipment that will allow them to offer services that will correct issues such as paint overspray or a dirty convertible top.

With a training certification and the right equipment, mobile auto detailers can offer:

  • Paint overspray removal and overspray removal of other substances, including varnish or stain.
  • Paintless dent repair.
  • Glass repair.
  • Headlight restoration.
  • Waterless wash.
  • Random orbital polishing.
  • Ceramic coating, if they have received ceramic coating training.

The areas that people forget

It’s one thing to have a clean exterior, but if the interior is filthy, the car is unlikely to be enjoyable to drive. As a result, cleaning both the exterior and the interior of a car is essential to the overall cleaning process.

Unit 4: Polish

The exterior paintwork is cleaned and waxed in this lesson. How to buff oxidized paint and apply a cutting polish and wax by hand to restore a dark, deep shine to the paintwork are all discussed. It will show you how a polished look can be achieved with ease when the right items are paired with the right methodology, making it easier to keep consumers happy.

How to put the finishing touches on

Moldings and emblems used to be attached to cars with pins or screws embedded in the molding or symbol and placed through holes in the body panels. Nowadays, such pins and screws are virtually non-existent, and sticky tapes have taken their place.

The correct pads to use on the buff

Buffing pads are circular polishing pads that are used to polish paint and other hard surfaces. Wax, sealants, and other coatings may also be applied for them. The majority of pads are made of foam, but they can also be made of microfiber, fur, or a combination of the three. Although some pads may be used by hand, the majority are built to be used with a computer. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes for various applications.

What products and equipment to use

Generally, the most reliable and safest way for a car owner to determine which polisher or wax is best for their vehicle is to get it done by a professional or seek professional help. This is highly recommended in order to reduce the trial-and-error process when introducing it in your store, as well as to help you achieve and fulfil consumer standards.

In this part of the course, a recognized trainer will explain the difference between the following types of polisher and how to use them:

  • Orbital polishers.
  • Random orbital polishers.
  • Buffers and polishers.
  • Rotary polisher.
  • Power buffers.

How to use a power buffer

Car buffers of high quality are designed to remove small defects in the paint’s exterior. This is a microscopic level of detail. It will not degrade the consistency of the paint. The amount of paint that is finished and removed defines the cutting capability of a given buffer.

Unit 5: Specialty Products

In this lesson, we’ll discuss some useful accessories to add to the car’s kit. Tips on when to use these accessories, what applications to use them on, and how to get started and run a company are also offered.

  • What quantity of products to buy
  • What vehicle will suit your business
  • How to get available jobs
  • How to avoid mistakes
  • How to diversify your business
  • How to build repeat business
  • How to work with water restrictions
  • About your work environment
  • How to up sell to your customers
  • How to know your customers
  • How to look for additional business
  • How to stay at the cutting edge of your trade

Unit 6: Business Management & Marketing

This lesson will go over the top ten steps for getting a company set up, running it effectively, and boosting profit potential, so that you can make money as quickly as possible.

  • How to name your business
  • What bank accounts you should open
  • What stationery you need
  • How to prepare invoices
  • How to get testimonials
  • How to research your competitors
  • About effective communication systems
  • What insurance you will need

Recognition & Accreditation

Upon successful completion of this course and achieving a passing score for the assessment, you will become a qualified Auto Detailer. You will also be issued with an international continuing education credit (CEU) certificate, accepted by many Auto Detailing organizations worldwide.

The Certificate is applicable worldwide, which demonstrates your commitment to learning new skills. You can share the certificate with your friends, relatives, co-workers, and potential employers. Also, include it in your resume/CV, professional social media profiles and job applications.

Disclosure: Open Education Online may be compensated by course providers.

Top 5 Car Detailing Courses You Can Take Online

Car Detailing Fundamentals

Car Detailing Fundamentals is an online course offered by the International Open Academy. The course is open to anyone who wants to learn how to perform auto detailing on their vehicles or as a professional. No previous knowledge, work experience, or training is required to succeed in the course. To enroll in the course, students pay a fee of $249. Upon payment, students gain access to six modules: Introduction, Properly Detailing Car Exteriors, The Complete Guide to Decontamination, Perfect Machine Polishing, Properly Detailing Car Interiors, and Last Stage Protection. By the end of the class, students will know how to properly clean every surface inside and outside vehicles.

How to Start a Car Detailing Business?

How to Start a Car Detailing Business? is an online course offered through Udemy. While there are no specific educational or work experience prerequisites for enrollment, those who have some basic knowledge of auto detailing will be in the best position to succeed in the course. The class costs $19.99 and includes lifetime access to one hour of on-demand video viewable on a computer, mobile device, or television. Students also receive four downloadable resources. Among the topics covered are the differences between car wash and car detailing businesses, services provided by auto detailers, selecting the right location for an auto detailing business, and what equipment and supplies are needed to detail cars

How to have a Strategic Advantage in Car Detailing

How to have a Strategic Advantage in Car Detailing is an online social medial marketing course offered through Udemy. To benefit from the class, prospective students will need to have some basic sales skills and be familiar with social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The price of the course is $39.99. In exchange for the fee, students receive a one-hour video that is accessible by computer, mobile device, or television. By the end of the class, students will be prepared to effectively market their auto detailing businesses on social media and understand how networking can grow their client bases.

How to Flip Cars Like a Pro – Learn Car Flipping

How to Flip Cars Like a Pro – Learn Car Flipping is an online entrepreneurship course offered through Udemy. This course is intended for individuals who want to learn how to purchase old cars, repair and improve them, and then sell them for a profit. It is open to everyone and has no educational or work experience prerequisites. For a price of $99.99, the class provides 3.5 hours of video instruction that can be accessed by computer, mobile device, or television as well as two downloadable resources. Some of the topics covered include how to find deals on cars, how to get cars ready for sale, and how to price cars to ensure profit.

How to Establish a Business Tinting Car Windows from Home

How to Establish a Business Tinting Car Windows from Home is an online entrepreneurship course offered through Udemy. The class teaches students how to tint car windows and then discusses how to turn that newfound skill into a profitable business that can run out of a home garage. There are no work experience or educational prerequisites required for enrollment. Anyone who pays the fee of $99.99 can sign up for the class. The course consists of five hours of on-demand video instruction accessible on a mobile device, computer, or television. Students also receive five articles and information about suppliers that sell the supplies necessary for performing window tinting services.

5 Best Online Auto Detailing Training Courses for Beginners

by Carwash Country

5 Best Auto Detailing Training Courses For Beginners

No matter if you are an auto detailer or hobbyist, knowing how to properly detail a vehicle is something you really do need to educate yourself on to see better results.

While there are so many different auto detailing techniques out there, one of the best ways to go about knowing what to do in a certain situation is to have the knowledge.

While in-person training is valuable for many techniques, auto detailing online training is more accessible than ever. Whether if you’re looking for online training to learn new techniques, or sales and marketing tips as a business owner, you do have options.

In this post, I’ll break down 5 online training courses perfect for any beginner or professional to check out.

1. Detail King

detail king detailing training

If you have been in auto detailing for any amount of time, you’re likely to come across Detail King as a resource in this community. They offer an in-person Auto Detailing School which may be a good option down the road, but they also have video content as well.

Throughout the year, they host a series of technician seminars, which is basically two days of hands-on auto detailing school. This in-person course focuses both on business tips and technique building, and they also offer 3-day classes in auto detailing reconditioning services.

If you’re interested in self-guided auto detailing, they also have training videos available to purchase on their website here.

2. Rightlook

rightlook online detailing training

Rightlook offers several online training courses spanning a variety of topics. In addition to a course that focuses on teaching technique, they also offer a couple of different online courses on pricing your services as well as business and marketing you can explore here.

Rightlook also offers live instruction online which is pretty unique compared to some of the other options I have seen. These courses can be quite expensive, but they do offer a certificate program with many of these.

Some of the business-oriented courses are much more affordable, and a great option if you are looking for video content to help grow your business.

3. AutoGeek

autogeek detailing training

AutoGeek is another outlet that mainly offers in-person courses, but they also offer several online tutorials and guides for performing critical auto detailing techniques that may be helpful for beginners to browse through. They also have an extensive community as well.

They offer a few free online videos spanning a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Winterizing your car’s exterior
  • How to use a rinseless wash
  • How to wax your car
  • How to use auto detailing clay
  • and much more!


AMMO NYC auto detailing training

Larry and his team over at AMMO NYC are some of the best in the business for teaching beginner to advanced auto detailing concepts.

For anyone who has intermediate to advanced detailing skills, both his YouTube channel and website training section offer several free training guides, PDFs, and videos for people looking to expand their skillset.

His content is unmatched in my opinion for not being boring, but very educational, fun, and well-produced.

5. Udemy

udemy auto detailing training

Udemy is one of the most affordable training options you have as an amateur detailer. While you have to be careful whenever adopting techniques from anyone that creates a course here, this is a good option if you are looking for basic business tips to help you become a better detailer.

Most of these detailing courses start under $20, and can be a good starting point for hobbyists. In terms of certificates, you won’t find them here, but you will be able to access some pretty affordable and in-depth resources for the price.


As with most of these training courses and videos, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $2,000 depending on the quality of content offered. It’s always good practice to start with a solid foundation of beginner techniques before jumping into advanced detailing techniques that utilize polishers and a variety of tools.

For free auto detailing webinars, eBooks, and other resources, I invite you to check out the Carwash Country Resources Center as well as the Carwash Country blog, where you can find both business tips and detailing tips.

You can also sign up to have auto detailing tips sent straight to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter here.

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