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Calculus. There, I said it. If your heart skipped a beat, you might be one of the roughly 1 million students–or the parent of one of these brave souls–that will take the class this coming school year. Math is already tough, you might have been told, and calculus is supposed to be the “make or break” math class that may determine whether you have a future in STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics); no pressure huh?

But you’ve got a little under two months to go. That’s plenty of time to brush up on your precalculus, learn a bit of calculus, and walk in on day one well prepared–assuming you know where to start.

That’s where this article comes in. As a math professor myself I use several free to low-cost resources that help my students prepare for calculus. I’ve grouped these resources below into two categories: Learning Calculus and Interacting with Calculus.

Learning Calculus.

1. Paul’s online math notes–an interactive website (free).

This online site from Paul Dawkins, math professor at Lamar University, is arguably the best (free) online site for learning calculus. In a nutshell, it’s an interactive textbook. There are tons of examples, each followed by a complete solution, and various links that take you to different parts of the course as needed (i.e., instead of saying, for example, “recall in Section 2.1…” the links take you right back to the relevant section). I consider Prof. Dawkins’ site to be just as good, if not better, at teaching calculus than many actual calculus textbooks (and it’s free!). I should also mention that Prof. Dawkins’ site also includes fairly comprehensive precalculus and algebra sections.

2. Khan Academy–short video lectures (free).

A non-profit run by educator Salman Khan, the Khan academy is a popular online site featuring over 6,000 (according to Wikipedia) video mini-lectures–typically lasting about 15 minutes–on everything from art history to mathematics. The link I’ve included here is to the differential calculus set of videos. You can change subjects to integral calculus, or to trigonometry or algebra once you jump onto the site.

3. MIT online lectures–actual course lectures in video format (free).

One of the earliest institutions to do so, MIT records actual courses and puts up the lecture videos and, in some cases, homeworks, class notes, and exams on its Open Courseware site. The link above is to the math section. There you’ll find several calculus courses, in addition to more advanced math courses. Clicking on the videos may take you to iTunes U, Apple’s online library of video lectures. Once there you can also search for “calculus” and you’ll find other universities that have followed in MIT’s footsteps and put their recorded lectures online.

4. How to Ace Calculus: The Streetwise Guide, by Colin Adams, Abigail Thompson, and Joel Hass ($18.29 from

If you’re looking for something in print, this book is a great resource. The book will teach you calculus, probably have you laughing throughout due to the authors’ good sense of humor, and also includes content not found in other calculus books, like tips for taking calculus exams and interacting with your instructor. You can read the first few pages on the book’s site.

Interacting with Calculus.

1. Calculus java applets–online interactive demonstrations of calculus topics (free).

There are many sites that include java-based demonstrations that will help you visualize math. Two good ones I’ve come across are David Little’s site and the University of Notre Dame’s site. By dragging a point or function, or changing specific parameters, these applets make important concepts in calculus come alive; they also make it far easier to understand certain things. For example, take this statement: “as the number of sides of a regular polygon inscribed in a circle increases, the area of that polygon better approximates the area of the circle.” Even if you followed that, text is no comparison to this interactive animation.

One technological note: Because these are java applets, some of you will likely run into technology issues (especially if you’re on a Mac). For example, your computer may block these applets because it thinks that they are malicious. Here is a workaround from Java themselves that may help you in these cases.

2. Everyday Calculus, by Oscar E. Fernandez ($13.99 to $18.60 from

Self-promotion aside, calculus teachers often sell students (and parents) on the need to study calculus by telling them about how applicable the subject is. The problem is that the vast majority of the applications usually discussed are to things that many of us will likely never experience, like space shuttle launches and the optimization of company profits. The result: math becomes seen as an abstract subject that, although has applications, only become “real” if you become a scientist or engineer.

In Everyday Calculus I flip this script and start with ordinary experiences, like taking a shower and driving to work, and showcase the hidden calculus behind these everyday events and things. For example, there’s some neat trigonometry that helps explain why we sometimes wake up feeling groggy, and thinking more carefully about how coffee cools reveals derivatives at work. This sort of approach makes it possible to use the book as an experiential learning tool to discover the calculus hidden all around you.

With so many good resources it’s hard to know where to start and how to use them all effectively. Let me suggest one approach that uses the resources above synergistically.

For starters, the link to Paul’s site takes you to the table of contents of his site. The topic ordering there is roughly the same as what you’d find in a calculus textbook. So, you’d probably want to start with his review of functions. From there, the next steps depend on the sort of learning experience you want.

1. If you’re comfortable learning from Paul’s site you can just stay there, using the other resources to complement your learning along the way.

2. If you learn better from lectures, then use Paul’s topics list and jump on the Khan Academy site and/or the MIT and iTunes U sites to find video lectures on the corresponding topics.

3. If you’re more of a print person, then How to Ace Calculus would be a great way to start. That book’s topics ordering is pretty much the same as Paul’s, so there’d be no need to go back and forth.

Whatever method you decided on, I still recommend that you use Paul’s site, the interactive java applets, and Everyday Calculus. These three resources, used together, will allow you to completely interact with the calculus you’ll be learning. From working through examples and checking your answer (on Paul’s site), to interacting directly with functions, derivatives, and integrals (on the java applet sites), to exploring and experiencing the calculus all around you (Everyday Calculus), you’ll gain an appreciation and understanding of calculus that will no doubt put you miles ahead of your classmates come September.

13 Websites To Learn Calculus Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn calculus lessons online

Calculus is a branch of mathematics dealing with the study of continuous change. Math has certain branches and fields of study that range from simple calculations to algorithms, geometry, and calculus. It is a highly advanced field that requires you to have a great practice and strong command over basic math formulas and much more.

Calculus is the study of variables and continuously changing values is of great importance to Artificial Intelligence, weather forecasts, and other important factors of life that rely on Calculus to function.

Calculus is being taught at highly advanced levels of mathematics school and it is considered to be a must learned skill for most major programmers and individuals that are working in many scientific fields. However, to learn calculus properly is not an easy task as it requires you to be smart and have a good IQ to start with but that is not all.

With intelligence, you are required to have the sheer dedication and strong will to keep on practicing calculus to learn it properly. You need to give lots of time from your schedule each day to calculus if you are looking to learn it to an optimal level and being able to use it in the field efficiently.

If you are studying calculus academically, and are unable to understand it properly or want to learn calculus to grow your skills as a programmer or scientist working in the field, these websites might come in handy. You can also take assistance from these websites to learn calculus from scratch and take it to an optimal learning level to master it.

13 Websites To Learn Calculus Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

udemy learn calculus lessons online is one of the most popular websites that are offering online learning. It is probably the only website that has a large collection of thousands of courses on multiple subjects that you can learn online at your own convenience. has gained the fame due to many reasons, including their free registration without any monthly fees and an easy to learn self-paced module that allows you lifetime access to the course that you have paid for so you can enjoy learning at your own comfort.

They also have reasonable prices and you can find courses on every imaginable niche on this website easily ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

There are several courses on calculus listed on the website that can help you learn calculus in no time. These courses range in hundreds and you can choose from these courses according to your own preference to take your online learning journey to new levels.

Most of the courses being offered on the website come with practice questions so you can test your knowledge of calculus yourself and make it count towards your growth.

You can also find some courses with dedicated applications like business, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and more on this website so you can apply your knowledge of calculus in the field efficiently.Visit Website

2) Coursera

coursera learn calculus lessons online is a dedicated online educational platform that allows you to have an authentic education in the comfort of your home. They only feature the top courses and curriculum from their partnered educational institutes to uphold the level of education and quality of the learning process.

The website does not only offer online courses but also is home for Guided projects that can enable you to practice your skills and knowledge towards productive projects under the guidance of top experts of the field. is also offering degrees & certifications from their partnered educational institutes that are accredited across the globe so you can have a proof of learning at your hands as well.

There are many courses on Calculus listed on the website that will enable you to not only learn calculus online but also make you capable enough to apply that knowledge in the practical field.

Each course, degree, and certification on follows a carefully designed curriculum that is focused on the educational growth of students. These courses on calculus range from very basics of calculus to some advanced level tips, tricks and formulas that will ensure you to have complete command over the subject.Visit Website

3) Lynda

lynda learn calculus lessons online is powered by LinkedIn. We are all familiar with LinkedIn and the value it adds to all the professionals by providing them a platform that can help you make a corporate profile to interact with all the right professionals and organizations over a social medial platform.

With you can create your very own profile with all your achievements that can help you make the right connections to grow in your professional career. It allows you access to many resources and tools that can make you land your dream job.

However, just contacts are not enough and you need the right knowledge, expertise, and skillset to take on your next job and grow with your career. is offering you a great opportunity to learn those employable skills online.

They offer you a monthly subscription so you never cease to learn and keep growing in your career. Calculus is in high demand these days in most major factors of the corporate world as its applications range from Business to science, programming, artificial intelligence, and much more.

You can find some exciting courses on that will enable you to have all the right skillset that you might require to perform at your job exceptionally and to get your next dream job easily.Visit Website

4) edX

edx learn calculus lessons online

This is another highly helpful website that offers you with complete educational modules on the subject of your choice. is offering you courses that you can learn from online and grow your educational knowledge and professional skills.

There are also some programs & degrees offered on the website from their partnered schools and universities across the world that enable you to learn from the institution of your choice anywhere in the world without having to worry about expenses or geographical boundaries.

These online degree programs will gain you not only the right learning but also a degree from that particular institution that is accredited across the globe.

There are hundreds of courses and degree programs on Calculus listed on that are exceptional in terms of comprehension, learning value, and of course, will earn you a certification or a degree.

You can see some of the most well-reputed institutions around the world like the Berkley University of California, Harvard University, and many others on this website that are offering their curriculum to be taught on the website and upon completion, you are guaranteed to get a degree from them. is the best way to learn calculus with specialization in business, data science, and many other disciplines.Visit Website

5) FutureLearn

futurelearn learn calculus lessons online is a rather educational platform than a skill-based or a platform offering multiple courses. They follow an academic approach towards online learning with a carefully structured curriculum having all the qualities of the educational curriculum being followed in traditional institutions.

This allows them to offer the same level of quality education to students but at the comfort of their home so that everyone can learn conveniently at their own Pace. You can find a wide range of subjects on the websites to learn and a variety of courses that you can choose from.

There are certain courses on calculus listed on the website that follows the curriculum currently being taught in some of the most popular universities around the globe. This will allow you to learn from the very best learning module with the right guidance, practice workbooks, and assessments all in the comfort of your home.

These courses on calculus listed on will enable you to start from scratch and learn calculus all the way to a professional level. Some of these courses also have practical application insight to enable you to use these courses in the field.Visit Website

6) SkillShare

skillshare learn calculus lessons online is one of the most commendable websites on the internet that can help you learn any skill that you want. The website is focused on enabling everyone to learn online and they are offering you a really huge collection of courses on multiple subjects.

These courses are either free or come under premium subscription but you can rest assured that each course listed on holds a unique educational value and add to your learning experience considerably. Not only that, but they are also offering you a 2-month free trial period for their premium subscription so you can extensively learn from the courses and decide if they will be a perfect fit for you.

There are several courses on Calculus on the website that you can learn from. offers you with a premium membership offers that allows you access to all the courses under premium titles so you will not have to pay for each course separately and learn calculus from scratch to advanced level.

Not only that but with SkillShare’s premium membership you can also switch between courses whenever you feel like a certain course is not working for you and choose the best course for you without having to pay anything extra.Visit Website

7) Study

study learn calculus lessons online is one of the most authentic platforms that are offering you an opportunity to learn online. The website is well known across the world for its state-of-the-art curriculum that is offered online for everyone to learn from. They are offering you to learn from a variety of learning plans, courses, and schools online.

There are also some micro and nano degrees being offered on that will enable you to not only learn but grow your academic career considerably as well. The website also offers the students that are enrolled with their partnered institutions to learn online and learn some extra credit hours towards their degree programs.

You can find lots of resources on that will provide you complete guidance and all the knowledge you might require to master calculus. The website is offering you access to calculus worksheets, intro to calculus, and some highly valuable degrees with specialization in calculus that will certainly be counted towards your overall academic growth.

This website is equally good for teachers, working scholars, and college students to learn calculus in the comfort of their homes.Visit Website

8) TakeLessons

takelessons learn calculus lessons online

No matter how good a website’s online learning courses might be. They all happen to lack some fundamental aspects that are required by the students to learn. If you want to learn at your own pace and can manage to spare the time to skim through all the information, they might be a good fit for you.

If you find it hard to learn from those pre-recorded lessons, is the website where you can not only seek refugee but also ensure to have the best possible online learning experience.

They are offering a highly interactive module of learning where you can take one-on-one lessons from the very experts and have a personalized approach to learning.

These teachers listed on can help you with a personalized approach that is focused on your personal goals that you have set for your online learning. These teachers can help you with your calculus learning journey no matter what stage you are at.

You can take lessons on basic calculus from them or have them assess your skills professionally so you can grow. With these one-on-one sessions on calculus offered by, you can set your own learning module and ask assistance whenever you require from these highly experienced teachers.Visit Website

9) LessonFace

lessonface learn calculus lessons online is another website that is offering this highly flexible and useful module to learn online with one-on-one sessions with top experts who have extensive experience in the field and have taught hundreds of students online over these years.

The best thing to learn from these experts directly is that you will get undiverted attention towards your learning goals and they will enable you to handle all that knowledge in the right manner. has also got some great filters on the website that allow you to find the right teacher that will be most compatible for you without much hassle.

You can locate plenty of teachers on that can help you with calculus. These are all experts in the discipline and have taught mathematics and calculus at various institutions and online so they can assess your needs and requirements better and provide focused attention to you.

With you get to pay only for the time that you spend learning from these experts and you can make it count towards your goals. You also have the liberty to ask any questions if you find yourself in a fix and have the right assistance on-the-spot.Visit Website

10) KhanAcademy

khanacademy learn calculus lessons online is an online platform that is devoted to spreading knowledge. Funded by Microsoft, the website provides you free assistance and thousands of online courses that you can enroll for and learn from them.

Not only the website has a highly interactive interface but their teaching methods are highly comprehensive and appreciated across the world. They follow an easy approach with step-by-step guidance that can help you grow from scratch to become an expert in no time at all.

These courses make the most of any skill that you want to learn online and cover detailed elaboration of each aspect.

You can find an extensive learning module on calculus listed on that will enable you to have all the knowledge and practice required to master calculus.

There are certain topics or chapters these courses are divided into. Each level comes with mastery points that are earned with a quiz at the end of each level so you can not only understand the concepts in an effective manner but also assess your own knowledge and cover any mistakes or flaws you might have.

You also earn a certification upon completion of the calculus course listed on the website and taking the final test to assess all that you have learned with the course.Visit Website

11) Magoosh

magoosh learn calculus lessons online

This is a dedicated website run by a calculus expert that is going to help you learn calculus in the comfort of your home. They have a simple, one-page interface that will allow you to get access to all the information that you might need to understand their business model in a better way right at the front page.

They are proudly offering a simple design that does not complicate things and focuses on learning. The website has an interactive interface that goes well with any type of device that you might be using so you can use this website to learn on your PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet easily. is offering you an extensive lesson library that you can choose to take from the start or learn the topic that you want to from anywhere in the center.

They offer a highly engaging method of animated lesson videos that will keep your interest and make learning journey much more interesting. Also, they are happy to answer any questions you might have for your learning or about the website with a knowledgeable and friendly team always at your disposal to help you.Visit Website

12) Chegg

chegg learn calculus lessons online is a relatively new website but has hundreds of tutors listed online that can help you learn thousands of skills online. The website has a high standard of quality and each tutor goes through certain measures to ensure that they are the right choice to be featured on the website.

You can learn from these teachers online with personalized sessions. Learning from feels like having your own personal tutor help you with any skill you want to learn and that too online. These teachers are available 24/7 so you can decide upon a mutually convenient time to learn from them.

No matter if you are looking for assistance for your calculus homework or a tutor to help you with the subject if you are a week at it, you can find help at with these exceptional tutors.

Not only that, but these tutors can also help you learn calculus professionally that will enable you to have a strong grip over the subject and all its applications in the world out there. This way, you can master calculus and put it towards your growth at work, no matter if you are a scientist, programmer, or in the corporate sector.Visit Website

13) Reed

reed learn calculus lessons online

With so many options over the internet, one might get confuse to choose from them. is one of the top considerable options for you if you are in the UK or Europe as they are a UK based website and their currency is GBP.

Aside from that, they are offering you access to their dedicated job portal that can help you find the perfect job for you. They are also offering career advice for you so you can have the best possible opinion on how to move forward with your professional career and what skills will be most beneficial for you on the journey towards success.

You can find several Calculus courses listed on that are exceptional in terms of learning. These courses will equip you with all the knowledge and skillset that you might require to not only learn calculus but also effectively using it in the field.

These courses come with certification and some courses are also offering CPD points upon completion that will considerably grow your career profile. You can choose from these complete courses according to your needs as which course would be the perfect fit for your goals or consult with the experts using their career advice feature to get the best guidance.Visit Website

Choosing The Best Calculus Lesson Online

Calculus is a highly advanced discipline of mathematics that is not easy to learn. You need to have ample knowledge of Geometry, Trigonometry, exponential, and equations to effectively learn Calculus. It also has a wide range of applications in the modern world that include business, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and some other important fields.

Such huge scope makes it a crucial knowledge for anyone working with such fields. If you are working in any of these fields, or simply are attracted by calculus and want to learn it online, you can choose from these websites based on their pros and cons to having a seamless calculus learning experience at the comfort of your home.

Free Online Calculus Courses


Khan Academy

Topics covered in the first two or three semesters of college calculus. Everything from limits to derivatives to integrals to vector calculus. Should understand…Calculus CourseEnroll

Calculus / First Semester – Limits, Continuity, Derivatives


This play list should be pretty much in order with the way many people will see material in the class. Of course, not all classes are the same, so some of my videos…Calculus / First Semester - Limits, Continuity, Derivatives CourseEnroll

Calculus Revisited: Single Variable Calculus

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Calculus Revisited is a series of videos and related resources that covers the materials normally found in a freshman-level introductory calculus course. The series…Calculus Revisited: Single Variable Calculus CourseEnroll

Convex Optimization I

Stanford University

Concentrates on recognizing and solving convex optimization problems that arise in engineering. Topics include: Convex sets, functions, and optimization problems….Convex Optimization I CourseEnroll

Convex Optimization II

Stanford University

Continuation of Convex Optimization I. Topics include: Subgradient, cutting-plane, and ellipsoid methods. Decentralized convex optimization via primal and dual decomposition….Convex Optimization II CourseEnroll

Differential & Integral Calculus, Math 31A

University of California, Los Angeles

Math 31A is a course that provides insight into differential calculus and applications as well as an introduction to integration.Differential & Integral Calculus, Math 31A CourseEnroll

Differential Equations

Khan Academy

Topics covered in a first year course in differential equations. Need to understand basic differentiation and integration from Calculus before starting here.Differential Equations CourseEnroll

Differential Equations

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Differential Equations are the language in which the laws of nature are expressed. Understanding properties of solutions of differential equations is fundamental…Differential Equations CourseEnroll

Differential Equations

PatrickJMTDifferential Equations CourseEnroll

Discrete Stochastic Processes

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Discrete stochastic processes are essentially probabilistic systems that evolve in time via random changes occurring at discrete fixed or random intervals. This…Discrete Stochastic Processes CourseEnroll

Engineering Mathematics

University of New South Wales

Playlist of solved problems and examples from engineering mathematics, presented by Dr Chris Tisdell, UNSW, Sydney. Topics covered will include important aspects…Engineering Mathematics CourseEnroll

Highlights of Calculus

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Highlights of Calculus is a series of short videos that introduces the basic ideas of calculus — how it works and why it is important. The intended audience is…

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