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This calculus 2 online course is designed to provide a comprehensive look at functions and their graphs. The first three chapters in this free online course cover basic function parts, composition, and the graphical interpretation of equations. These sections prepare you for the second section of the course, which starts by examining the different types of functions before continuing with graphing and transformations of functions.

Have you ever been struggling with a concept in Calculus and wished that there was a free, easy way to learn it? I was too. I had a lot of trouble with derivatives and integration at first, but after a while, I started building up my understanding of these concepts, and now they are definitely one of my favorite topics in math!

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What is Calculus?

Calculus is an area of mathematics that studies rates of change (differential calculus) and areas around curves (integral calculus). Calculus has broad applications in physics and other disciplines.

Online Calculus Courses and Programs

Get an introduction to calculus with online courses from major universities and institutions worldwide including Harvard, MIT and TU Delft. Edx offers basic calculus courses and advanced programs designed to help you learn calculus in an engaging and effective online learning environment complete with video tutorials, calculus problems, quizzes and more.

Additionally, students can earn verified certificates in calculus and other mathematics disciplines from edX and the university offering the course, proof for teachers, employers and others of successful completion of the coursework. Get started learning calculus with one the following courses or programs.

Are you new to the study of calculus and want an introductory course that will help you understand the basics? Arizona State University offers a Precalculus course designed for you. This self-paced course covers the basics of linear, exponential, logarithmic, polynomial, rational and trigonometric functions and will prepare you for college-level calculus courses. Work through calculus practice problems to apply your skills and further your learning.

If you are ready for advanced calculus, check out Calculus Applied! from Harvard University. This exciting course will teach you how to apply the tools of calculus to real-world analysis. Through a series of case studies, you will look at how test makers use calculus functions to analyze test questions, how economists model price and demand using rates of change and much more. See calculus come to life with real practitioners guiding you along the way. The course is free to audit or students can pursue a certificate for a small fee.

Explore these and other free online calculus courses. Many courses are self-paced so you can enroll and start learning today.

Why Take UND’s Calculus II Online Course?

This online math course covers topics typical for a Calculus II course. You’ll learn:

  • Exponential and logarithm functions
  • l’Hôpital’s Rule
  • Integration by parts
  • Trigonometric integrals
  • Partial fractions integration
  • Arc length and surface area via integration
  • Taylor polynomials
  • Infinite series and convergence tests
  • Parametric equations
  • Polar coordinates

You have 3 to 9 months from your enrollment date to complete 24 onlne calculus lessons and 3 proctored exams using ProctorU Live+.

Calculus II Online Course Requirements

Hartman, Gregory, Ph.D. (2019). APEX Calculus II Late Transcendentals (Version 3.1). This is a free textbook and there is no ISBN. The textbook is available for download within the Blackboard course.

How will the course appear on my transcript?

You may enroll at any time and have 3-9 months to complete this online course. The college credits you earn will be recorded on your transcript in the semester you register.

Why Take Online Classes at UND?

Here are a few reasons why you should take an online enroll anytime course at UND:

  • Great customer service – Our registration team is ready to answer questions quickly so you can focus on your coursework.
  • Affordable – UND’s enroll anytime courses are priced at North Dakota’s affordable, in-state tuition rate.
  • Accredited – UND is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
  • Easily transfer credits – Transferring credits is always at the discretion of the institution to which the credits are being transferred. In general, credits from schools/universities that are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission transfer to other regionally accredited institutions. UND’s online courses appear on your UND transcript in the same way as other courses.

Flexible 100% Online Course

You’ll take this online course at your own pace. Some students thrive in this environment, while other students may struggle with setting their own deadlines. If you have successfully taken an independent study or correspondence course previously, UND’s enroll anytime courses may be right for you. Still not sure? Take our online quiz to help determine if online enroll anytime courses are right for you.

Course information including tuition, technology requirements, textbooks, lessons and exams is subject to change without notice.

Learn Calculus 2 in This Free 7-Hour Course

Beau CarnesBeau Carnes

Learn Calculus 2 in This Free 7-Hour Course

There are many types of software development that require high level mathematics such as graphics simulations and some types of machine learning.

We are helping people learn the mathematics they need by posting a series of college-level courses on the YouTube channel. Our latest free course is a complete 7-hour Calculus 2 course.

This  course was created by Dr. Linda Green who teaches at the University of  North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has years of experience teaching Calculus 2 to undergraduate students.

Besides the video content, we have also included full course notes from Dr. Green as a link in the video description.

Below are all the Calculus 2 concepts you will learn about in this course.

  • Area Between Curves
  • Volumes of Solids of Revolution
  • Volumes Using Cross-Sections
  • Arclength
  • Work as an Integral
  • Average Value of a Function
  • Proof of the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals
  • Integration by Parts
  • Trig Identities
  • Proof of the Angle Sum Formulas
  • Integrals Involving Odd Powers of Sine and Cosine
  • Integrals Involving Even Powers of Sine and Cosine
  • Special Trig Integrals
  • Integration Using Trig Substitution
  • Integrals of Rational Functions
  • Improper Integrals – Type 1
  • Improper Integrals – Type 2
  • The Comparison Theorem for Integrals
  • Sequences – Definitions and Notation
  • Series Definitions
  • Sequences – More Definitions
  • Monotonic and Bounded Sequences Extra
  • L’Hospital’s Rule
  • L’Hospital’s Rule on Other Indeterminate Forms
  • Convergence of Sequences
  • Geometric Series
  • The Integral Test
  • Comparison Test for Series
  • The Limit Comparison Test
  • Proof of the Limit Comparison Test
  • Absolute Convergence
  • The Ratio Test
  • Proof of the Ratio Test
  • Series Convergence Test Strategy
  • Taylor Series Introduction
  • Power Series
  • Convergence of Power Series
  • Power Series Interval of Convergence Example
  • Proofs of Facts about Convergence of Power Series
  • Power Series as Functions
  • Representing Functions with Power Series
  • Using Taylor Series to find Sums of Series
  • Taylor Series Theory and Remainder
  • Parametric Equations
  • Slopes of Parametric Curves
  • Area under a Parametric Curve
  • Arclength of Parametric Curves
  • Polar Coordinates

We recommend you pull out some paper and a pencil and take physical notes – just like when you were back in a classroom.

This manual process of taking notes will help you better comprehend and  retain these concepts, since Dr. Green moves fast and covers a lot of  topics in a short time.

Check out our mathematics playlist if you want to brush up on the prerequisites such as Algebra, Precalculus, and Calculus 1.

You can watch the full course on the YouTube channel (7-hour watch).

Do you want to learn mathematics by yourself? If you are interested in the world of mathematics and methodically do things. We have created this article on calculus 2. This article will help you in learning different advanced level mathematics.

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