Best Paying Jobs For Uni Students Australia

If you are looking for the best paying jobs for uni students in Australia, this post is for you. Australia’s Job Market is very competitive and most of my friends who have graduated and are now looking for office jobs are facing difficult time with getting in. In this post I will list down top 5 best paying jobs for uni students in Australia.

You’ve entered adulthood and you’re ready to take on all challenges head on. But as a new graduate, you might wonder what’s next? Well good news, there are many kinds of jobs available to grads. Some are good, some are bad and some pay well. To help you out, here are the best paying jobs for uni students in Australia.

A good part-time job that fits in with your schedule and is close to home or university is a great way for students and trainees to earn some extra dollars without sacrificing your study time. And best of all, you get to keep the money you earn. Here are some of the top paying part-time jobs for students from across Australia.

Getting a part-time job while at uni not only helps make ends meet, it looks great on the resume. Here’s how to find the best paying jobs in your area, according to current students.

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high paying part-time jobs for university students

1. Tutoring

After-school tutoring offers a reasonably high degree of time flexibility and can pay very well depending on the subject(s) you’re able to handle. University students are much sought after as tutors as their knowledge is current and their enthusiasm is optimal.

2. Management of social media

It’s fair to say that a university student will have a better than average grasp of social media. Those skills can actually translate into income by managing social media accounts for businesses. From chat-based customer service to creating and updating posts, social media management is potentially a great fit. The best thing about this type of role is that it can often be performed remotely.

3. Administration

Being an Administrative Assistant is an excellent way of gaining experience that will potentially serve you well into the future. It would also be advantageous to select a role that not only serves your studies, but that may propel you into your chosen career path post-graduation.

4. Freelance

No matter what your existing skill-set, you can find someone who needs the services you’re able to provide in the world of freelancing. From proofreading papers, writing blogs and general copy, to assembling flat-packed furniture, there are a plethora of available freelance jobs on offer online. Money is paid on a per-job basis and some sites require you to bid for work, but the flexibility is second to none. The money can be competitive depending on what you’re able to do for potential customers.

5. Data entry

Data entry roles don’t always require a high level of experience, just good accuracy, and typing speed. The role is often available remotely and so long as your time management skills are in check, it can be as flexible as you want it to be. The pay rate is often based on a fixed rate per word or document, so it pays to be quick and efficient.

6. Photography

If you’re in possession of a decent camera and have a good eye, it’s worth looking into photography. There are numerous sites that allow good photographers to sell their work online. It’s also worth looking into event photography or assisting an established photographer in your area.

7. Food Services

Some of these jobs require experience (e.g., barista or kitchen-hand work), but others still are willing to train. Pay is based on the kind of business you choose to work for and the hours you’re able to do, but your income may be subsidised by tips.

8. Library Assistant

Library work can pay relatively well and is often centrally located. You will gain or utilise your existing customer service experience and better yet, you may be able to score a job at an on-campus library.

9. Pet Care

The pet care industry has moved forward in leaps and bounds in the last few years, and there are a number of businesses that work as agencies, allowing clients to book their pets in for anything from vacation care to a brisk walk. Working remotely is an option if you’re up for having someone’s pet stay at your home for a predetermined length of time. It’s also possible to sign up to simply visit the client’s home and care for the animal there. Depending on which services you wish to engage in, and how often you work, you can make fairly decent money in the pet care arena.

10. Cleaning

Last but not least, the cleaning industry often has the most job availability and the hours can suit even the busiest uni-student. Experience is not always required and pay can be quite good, especially for night work which can attract a higher hourly rate.

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