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If you already fly drones for fun, then it’s time to turn your hobby into a business that makes some money. The catch: before you can go full-on drone business operator, you’ll need to take and pass the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test. Pass that test, and you’ll get a spiffy new drone pilot’s license.

Passing that test is a requirement to fly drones commercially under what’s called Part 107 (hence, you’ll commonly hear people refer to the test as the ‘Part 107 test.’)

In fact, passing the Part 107 test and becoming certified is the only way to legally make money as a drone pilot in the U.S. But the test is tricky, with questions you wouldn’t know without some sort of aviation background. Do you know how to read a sectional chart? Do you know what stratiform clouds are? Odds are (without prior aviation background), you don’t.

But it’s easy to learn — you’ll just have to put in a few hours of studying, which we recommend doing through a Part 107 online test prep course.

And now that the Part 107 test has been out for about five years (it was first made available back in 2016), there are tons of online courses out there to teach you everything you need to know (generally through video lesson format), and help reinforce it through practice quizzes, community forums and more. So how do you know which one is the best?

Here are Drone Girl’s top Part 107 online test prep courses of 2022:

Drone Pilot Ground School Part 107 test prep

The best Part 107 online test prep program if you want an established player: Drone Pilot Ground School

While slightly more expensive than our value pick, Drone Launch Academy, Drone Pilot Ground School is an established player that you know works. It’s by far the biggest of all the Part 107 test prep programs, but it’s for good reason: in most circles it’s considered the best of the best. In fact, I (Sally, the Drone Girl!) used Drone Pilot Ground School as my only means of studying, and I passed the test on my first try.

Drone Pilot Ground School has helped more than 30,000 students pass their Part 107 test on their first try (how’s that for proof that their materials work?).

  • Price: $299 (plus use coupon code DRONEGIRL50 to save $50 and bring your price down to just $249)
  • Time needed to complete: 15-20 hours
  • Pass rate: 99% across more than 13,500 students
  • How long do you have access to the course before your membership expires? Unlimited lifetime access
  • What’s included in the price tag: video lectures, 300 practice questions including actual FAA questions, 12 page cram sheet, 1:1 customer support
  • What sets Drone Pilot Ground School apart: I love the 12-page cram sheet, and found it to be much more useful than the broader, 75 page e-book from Drone Launch Academy in drilling down on the exact info I needed. Drone Pilot Ground School has excellent customer service, not just in terms of billing and tech support, but in clarifying questions. I’ve emailed them with questions and gotten a quick response from the founder, Alan Perlman, himself! Additionally, if you fail your test, Drone Pilot Ground School will also cover your testing fee (normally $150) if you also pass one of their practice exams with a score greater than 85% and will refund the entire cost of your Drone Pilot Ground School course if you fail.
Drone Launch Academy enroll Part 107 test prep course

The best major Part 107 online test prep program if you’re on a budget: Drone Launch Academy

Drone Launch Academy is not only one of our more budget-friendly picks, but it has an especial value amongst Part 107 online test prep programs by providing you peace of mind about passing. It’s $100 cheaper than our other pick, Drone Pilot Ground School, and while it has a smaller customer base, its pass rate is an incredibly high 99.02%. It’s not just the $100 cheaper price tag that makes this a great value: if you fail your in-person exam, Drone Launch Academy will pay for you to retake it, which is an $150 value in itself, on top of a course refund (an additional $199 value).

I also love the additional community aspect you get with Drone Launch Academy. They have a newsletter, and other web extras, like the Drones to $100k podcast (we all want to make $100k off our drones!).

  • Price: $199 (plus use coupon code DRONEGIRL50 to save $50 and bring your price down to just $149)
  • Time needed to complete: 5 hours to watch the videos straight through, or 15 hours to go through all the study materials
  • Pass rate: 99.02% across more than 5,000 students
  • How long do you have access to the course before your membership expires? Unlimited lifetime access
  • What’s included in the price tag: video lectures, 200 practice questions including actual FAA questions, 75 page downloadable e-book study guide
  • What sets Drone Launch Academy apart: If you fail your Part 107 test and purchased a Part 107 Prep Course from Drone Launch Academy, the online test prep website will not only refund your entire course purchase but will also give you money to go retake the test. Customers must also have passed the internal course final exam but have failed the official version to qualify for the offer.

Also great: a Part 107 online test prep program taught by a former Air Force pilot: John Peltier’s FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep Course

John Peltier’s FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep Course is a no-nonsense online training program that includes short videos, frequent quizzes, and simple text that cuts straight to the point. Like Drone Launch Academy, John Peltier’s FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep Course also comes with a test-pass guarantee.

The standout difference of this course? Peltier is a former Air Force pilot who even served as the “Chief of Courseware” during his last assignment in the Air Force. He wrote all educational material for F-15E training squadrons throughout the USAF — so he knows a thing or two about writing multiple choice questions.

It’s the cheapest of all the courses in this guide, but cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad. If the $129 price point is too steep, there’s an option to make it even cheaper. You can pay $79 for access to the program for just 30 days (the $129 price tag includes lifetime access). Think twice before enrolling in the $79 option, as you’ll likely want to reference John Peltier’s FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep Course when it comes time to take your Part 107 recurrent test, which must be done every two years. But if money is tight (if you’re only just now starting out in the drone business, it very well may be), then it’s a great option. (He does offer a separate renewal course for just $49).

  • Price: $129 for lifetime access or $79 for 30-day access. Use promo code DroneG20 to save $20.
  • Time needed to complete: 15-20 hours
  • How long do you have access to the course before your membership expires? Unlimited lifetime access (or 30 days for $79 version)
  • What’s included in the price tag: 36 quizzes, 35 videos, and a money-back pass guarantee
  • What sets John Peltier’s FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep Course apart: Peltier is an experienced instructor. He’s spent 15 years teaching more than 400 students how to fly manned aircraft, including everyone from 16-year-olds to fly two-seat helicopters, to experienced two-star generals to fly F-15Es. He has the chops to teach you what you need to know about drones.

The course also includes a Live Chat feature with Peltier himself (not a random customer support person or a robot). That means you — as a prospective or existing student — have your instructor available to answer their questions through a chat window versus having to go through email. It’s pretty neat to have direct chat access to Peltier. The only caveat? Since it’s just Peltier (and he needs to sleep, right?) don’t expect answers 24/7 — though expect it to be, say, 16/7.

If you like Peltier’s style, he also offers tons of other courses that aren’t necessarily Part 107 related but that drone pilots could certainly be interested in, including Fujifilm camera courses, and a course on travel photography.

Do I need a license if I’m only flying drones recreationally or for fun?

Yes, you need a license of sorts. But it won’t be the same Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate described above. As of June 2021, hobby pilots must pass an FAA recreational drone test, formally referred to as the Recreational Unmanned Aircraft Systems Safety Test (and reduced to an acronym of sorts as TRUST).

To get that TRUST certificate, you must take an online course (it’s much simpler than the aforementioned Part 107 test!), which takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete. At the end, there’s an online quiz that you must pass.

You won’t take it from the FAA website though. Instead, you take it from one of the FAA-approved partner organizations, which actually include many of these same aforementioned Part 107 course providers.

Learn more about the FAA recreational drone test, including the full list of TRUST administrators here.

What is the Part 107 test?

For the uninitiated, under the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107, anyone wanting to operate a drone commercially needs to obtain a drone pilot license, formerly referred to as a “remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating.” In order to get that, you will need to pass an in-person written exam., which many people refer to as the “Part 107 test.”

The test, which is a set of 60 multiple choice questions with a single correct response for each one, can be taken at one of the 696 testing centers in the United States.

You can browse the FAA’s public registry of Part 107-certifed remote pilots here, a step worth taking before hiring a drone pilot to do work for you to ensure they have the certification they claim. You’ll be able to see each pilot’s certificate and their rating (including that of yours truly). Here’s what it looks like when your name comes up in the database:

Top 10 Best Part 107 Online Test Prep Courses (for 2022)

Written by Nicole Malczan in Articles,Buying Guides

If you’re 16 or older and you want to fly your drone commercially, the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA demands that you earn your Part 107 license. The test to obtain this license is full of tough questions. That’s why many aspiring drone pilots decide to take an online test prep course. What are the best courses for 2022?

These are the 10 best Part 107 online test prep courses currently on offer:

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what each of these Part 107 online test prep courses entails as well as how much it costs. Whether your budget for tutoring is low or you can afford to spend more money, there’s a prep course on this list for you!

Drone Pilot Ground School

Price: $299
Study time/course hours: 15-20 hours
Pass rate: Over 99%. Full refund if you fail the FAA test.
Course Access: Unlimited lifetime access
What’s included: 12-page cram sheet, over 300 text and video lessons, lesson quizzes, and practice tests with real FAA test questions. 


At the Drone Pilot Ground School, the specialty is preparing everyone, from solo pilots to enterprise teams, for legally flying their drones. Founded in 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee, the Drone Pilot Ground School team has trained more than 35,000 aspiring drone pilots.

Of those, more than 99 percent successfully passed their Part 107 test the first time they took it. 

Drone Pilot Ground School promises a passing guarantee with a full refund if you fail the FAA test after enrolling in their prep course. 

If you like their study materials, you have access to them for life. That’s good considering that even after obtaining your Part 107 drone license, you must retest every two years!

The drone test lessons are divided into text and video lessons, with more than 70 of both types. Gold Seal Certified Flight Instructors put together the curriculum, with a former Part 141 Flight School Chief Pilot as part of the team, so you know it’s good. Drone Pilot Ground School even pulls its testing questions from the FAA’s question database.

Between the 12-page cram sheet exercise and the five practice tests and lesson quizzes, you’ll have everything you need to pass the Part 107 exam with flying colors the first time around!

Drone Pilot Ground School charges $299 for one person, $498 for two people, $747 for three people, and $996 for four people to enroll in their course.

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Drone Pro Academy

Price: $47
Study time/course hours: 5-10 hours
Pass rate: Not advertised. $160 reimbursement if you fail, to retake the test.
Course Access: Unlimited lifetime access
What’s included: 2 hours of video lessons, 37-page Part 107 Cheat Sheet eBook, 116 question practice exam


Chris Newman is the founder of Drone Pro Academy. He has more than 20 years of cinematography and film experience and has worked with major clients such as Mountain Dew, Subaru, Mazda, McDonald’s, and IMAX. 

Newman decided to share his experience with others, hence the reason he started Drone Pro Academy. The academy has four courses. One is about cinematic drone flight, the second is about drone photography, the third is the FAA Part 107 Bootcamp, and the fourth is a course about how to become a professional drone pilot.

You can guess which one we’re going to focus on – the FAA Part 107 Bootcamp. In Newman’s boot camp, which is updated for 2021, he teaches you all the skills and knowledge you need to earn your drone license the first time.

When you take the test, you’re protected under the Drone Pro Academy’s pass guarantee. If you fail your Part 107 test the first time, the academy will give you $160 to put towards retesting! 

The FAA Part 107 Bootcamp costs only $47 and you can keep the video file–made by Newman himself–for life. 

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Pilot Institute

Price: $249
Study time/course hours: 15-20 hours
Pass rate: 99.8% pass rate. Full refund if you fail the FAA test, and reimburse testing fee.
Course Access: Unlimited lifetime access.
What’s included: 210+ video lessons (average length of 3 minutes), 20 lesson quizzes, and unlimited practice exams, downloadable lecture slides, flashcard app, and a 14-page illustrated cheat sheet for last-minute studying. 


Pilot Institute is a resource for plane and drone pilots alike. As they state on their website, the institute’s goal is “to create world-class courses that remove the friction from passing the FAA’s tests. This is summed up in our motto ‘Aviation Made Easy’.”  

The IACET/ANSI Standard for Continuing Education and Training accredits the Pilot Institute, which should give you confidence in enrolling in the institute’s courses.

The $250 FAA Part 107 online test prep course from Pilot Institute includes 15 hours of instruction in all. Your lessons are in video format, and they’re short so they’re easily digestible. The materials in the course are current for 2021.

When you’re ready to test your mettle, you can try 20 sample quizzes that include over 300 questions. You can also take advantage of the unlimited practice exams.

According to the Pilot Institute, more than 30,000 students have enrolled in their FAA Part 107 test course. The institute has a passing guarantee, or you’ll receive $175. Up to 99.8 of their enrolls pass the FAA test. 

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Drone Launch Academy

Price: $199
Study time/course hours: 15 hours
Pass rate: over 99%. Full refund if you fail the FAA test, and reimburse testing fee. 
Course Access: Unlimited lifetime access
What’s included: Over 5 hours of video lessons, downloadable e-book study guide, 200 practice questions from actual FAA tests, 


Another online test prep course to have on your radar is the Drone Launch Academy. Their roster of instructors includes retired pilots of the U.S. Air Force. It’s no wonder that students who enroll in the Drone Launch Academy pass the FAA test 99.54 percent of the time! More than 15,000 students have graduated from the program.

The Drone Launch Academy posts its lessons in HD video that’s mobile and desktop-optimized. Every week, you can participate in live office hours on Facebook, where you and fellow students will have Q&As with the pilots and instructors in real-time.

Drone Launch Academy even includes an eBook that’s nearly 80 pages as part of the course. You can download and read the eBook anywhere, anytime. Then you can sample 200 practice questions that might appear on your FAA Part 107 exam.

If you don’t pass the test the first time, the Drone Launch Academy will reimburse you for the $199 you spent on their testing course as well as the fees you paid to the FAA testing center. That’s how confident the academy is that you’ll be ready to earn your Part 107 drone piloting license thanks to their instruction.

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Peltier Photo Courses

Price: $79 for 30-day access or $129 for lifetime access
Study time/course hours: 15-20 hours
Pass rate: 100% with an average score of 90%. Full refund if you fail the FAA test, and reimburse testing fee.
Course Access: Access for 30 days ($79 fee) or unlimited lifetime access ($129 fee)
What’s included: 10 hours of video lessons, and 36 quizzes, unlimited access to practice tests, and direct access to support from the instructor. 


John Peltier is the namesake behind Peltier Photo Courses. Peltier is an Air Force pilot with more than a decade of experience. He even served in Afghanistan doing combat missions. He was later inspired to help other drone pilots achieve their dreams, so he decided to start Peltier Photo Courses.

Although most of Peltier’s courses revolve around drone photography, his remote pilot training course is what you’re looking for. The information in the course is current for 2021. As of August 1st, 2021, Peltier has had 290 students enrolled. Their average test score is 90 percent. Every student so far has passed.

Peltier promises to demystify the confusion around the Part 107 testing materials, presenting concepts and materials in simple English. He also adds examples so you more easily understand what you’re learning. 3D airspace models help too, especially for visual learners. 

You can review videos from the course anytime you want and take an unlimited number of practice tests that use real FAA test questions. You can also connect with Peltier himself through LiveChat.

The Peltier Photo Course FAA online test prep course is $129 per user for lifetime access to the materials. Peltier will even tell you how to schedule the FAA test, how to use your certificate, and how to get it renewed!

Other courses offered by Peltier Photo Courses:

FAA Part 107 Practice Test – Prime

FAA Part 107 Practice Test – Limited

FAA Part 107 Airspace Lesson

FAA Part 107 Weather Lesson

sUAS Airspace & Weather Package

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Price: $350
Study time/course hours: 10-20 hours
Pass rate: Over 99%. $150 reimbursement if you fail, to retake the test.
Course Access: Lifetime access
What’s included: 8 hours of interactive class materials, 300+ practice exam questions, access to Chief Instructor to ask questions in a monthly review webinar, and a 50 page study guide.  


Do you want to learn how to fly a drone from FEMA Search and Rescue Team members or perhaps retired firefighters, drone photographers, Navy veterans, or thermal drone pilots? Then enroll at DARTdrones.

DARTdrones’ Online FAA Part 107 Test Prep Course is a popular one, having had more than 9,000 students since its inception. The overall pass rate is 99 percent. Further, DARTdrones is trusted by some really big names out there, including Allstate, CBS, GM, NASA, CNN, the FBI, and Boeing.

The DARTdrones course has eight hours of interactive materials. For every month you’re enrolled, you’re eligible to participate in a review webinar where you can ask your questions directly of the Chief Instructor. You can take as many practice tests as you need. The practice tests include more than 300 test questions that are from the real FAA Part 107 exam. 

Review your materials ahead of test day with a 50-page study guide. DARTdrones also offers a money-back guarantee if you fail the test the first time you take it. That’s testing with assurance! 

Another perk of studying with the DARTdrones Part 107 test prep is the $50 off offer when you enroll in another DARTdrones course. You can go straight on to learning specific business skills with your drone to put your commercial license to work. You can also find DARTdrones live training courses in 30+ cities around the US if in-person training is more your thing.

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Price: $299
Study time/course hours: 10-20 hours
Pass rate: Not advertised. Full refund if you fail the FAA test, and reimburse your testing fees.
Course Access: lifetime access
What’s included: Lectures covering 10 modules of course materials with end-of-section quizzes, practice exams with real FAA test questions, and access to instructor support. 


The team at Dronegenuity provides online and in-person training for drone pilots and professionals. They work with an impressive roster of active and retired drone pilots who can show you the ropes so obtaining your Part 107 drone license becomes doable.

You can select from a variety of lesson formats, including text, audio, and video. After you’ve had some time to absorb the study materials, you can see how ready you are for the real FAA test by answering study questions.

As you wrap up each study section, you’re also quizzed on what was covered in that section so you can learn actively rather than passively. 

Dronegenuity ensures that its questions are current with changing FAA standards so the study material you learn is up to date. The $299 you put towards the Dronegenuity course earns you a lifetime of accessible materials so you can always brush up on subjects or topics you’re feeling fuzzy on. 

You can also rely on Dronegenuity support when and if you need it. Your enrollment is protected under their money-back guarantee. If you don’t earn your Part 107 drone license the first time you test, Dronegenuity will give you back the money you spent on their course as well as your FAA testing fees. 

After you become a successful Part 107 drone pilot, you can join the Dronegenuity Pilot Network. The network has thousands of members, all new drone pilots just like you. You can network with them, browse available jobs, and apply for work.

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Drone U

Price: $47 to $470 per month
Study time/course hours: 10-20 hours
Pass rate: Not advertised. Cancel membership at any time. 
Course Access: Monthly, with membership fee
What’s included: 20+ video lessons, 274-page study guide, live test prep class replays to watch, and sample quiz and test questions. Also, membership gains you access to all other courses on Drone U.


Drone U is happy to fill in any gaps in your UAV knowledge, be that passing the FAA Part 107 exam or otherwise. The company was started in 2014 by the collective efforts of Rob Burdick, Tim Ray, and Paul Aitken. Today, Drone U instructs aspiring and current drone pilots in person and online.

The Drone U FAA Part 107 Certification Test is led by Ted Wilson, an FAA-certified flight instructor, as well as co-founder Aitken, who’s also a chief pilot. After enrolling, you can immediately download and use the massive Drone U study guide, which is 274 pages chock full of valuable information. 

The study guide includes 350 test questions from the real FAA Part 107 test, complete with an answer guide for checking your results. If you want to check out what you might have missed by not enrolling in person, your membership also lets you review 11 hours of video instruction. 

There’s even a video course with 12 lessons on how to renew your Part 107 license, as that’s something you’ll need to do later down the road. 

Rather than charge a one-time flat fee, Drone U requires you to pay a monthly membership. This isn’t only to gain access to their Part 107 drone license course, but all the courses Drone U offers.

The Pro monthly plan costs $47 a month and the Pro annual plan is $470 for the year. Besides the above study materials, being a Drone U member allows you to save 5 to 10 percent on live training. You can cancel your membership at any time.

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Gleim Aviation 

Price: $59.95
Study time/course hours: 25 hours
Pass rate: Not advertised
Course Access: 12 months from date of purchase
What’s included: 250 multiple choice questions available in unlimited practice exam sessions, with thorough explanations for correct and incorrect answers to aid understanding. 


For future drone pilots who need a lower-cost online test prep course, try Gleim Aviation. Their FAA Part 107 course costs about $60.

Gleim Aviation specializes in all forms of aviation, including planes, UAVs, and more. The company was created by Dr. Irvin N. Gleim in 1980. Dr. Gleim started with self-published pilot training books and eventually moved on to online courses, audio testing materials, and other test prep.

As a student of the Gleim FAA Test Prep Online course, you’ll have access to figures and charts illustrating FAA test prep concepts. The study materials use real FAA test questions, and with detailed study outlines, you’ll feel readier than ever to earn a passing grade on the Part 107 exam.

Before testing day, take advantage of the Study Session option from Gleim. You can answer sample test questions and then get feedback on your responses and your formatting. Expert assistance is another option to use should you need it.

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Nevada Business Aviation Administration 

Price: Free for High School students, High School teachers, Military Veterans, and Public Safety Officers. $500 for everyone else.
Study time/course hours: Course runs for two-month sessions at a time
Pass rate: 100%
Course Access: Courses run in two-month sessions
What’s included: The course is available through a self-paced learning management system, with weekly Saturday morning training calls including a 30 question interactive quiz. 


The last Part 107 online test prep course we recommend for 2021 is the Nevada Business Aviation Administration. The NVBAA was created to promote STEM education in the great state of Nevada. 

This course is one of the best options available if you’re a high school student or educator, or military or public safety – if you fit in one of those categories, it’s completely free, and the course boasts a 100% pass rate to date. 

Since the course is online, you don’t have to live in Nevada or be anywhere close to learn how to fly your drone through the NVBAA.

The NVBAA’s FAA Part 107 Test Prep Course uses an online learning management system. Weekly on Saturdays at 9 a.m. PT, you’ll participate in a training call to discuss any difficulties you’re having with the course. You can also take an interactive quiz on the call that’s 30 questions long.

The NVBAA promises that its enrollees will pass the FAA Part 107 test the first time through their guidance, especially if they participate in the interactive portions of the course.

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