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You can now take the Bar Management course anywhere and anytime of your choice. Self-paced program is what we always wanted for ourselves so that we can learn on our own time. The online course will teach you how to manage the bar to earn more money and doing it in less time. As a beginner, you will alone be able to find many success stories out there who have managed to make it big with the help of knowledge that we are offering for free. Now get going at infolearners and choose your own online course today.

A bar is a licensed place selling all kinds of alcoholic beverages to the customer. Bars are found in hotels, resorts, clubs, casinos, and many such establishments and can also be operated as independent units. The bar is one of the key revenue-generating areas of the food and beverage department of the hotel industry.

The bar and restaurant management online courses covers the fundamental aspects of bar management from financial planning, design, inventory control and procurement as well as human resources and brand management.

Learn and practice the skills required for you to succeed as a professional bartender or bar manager in any style of establishment. By the end of this course, students will be able to manage bar finances, and employ bartending techniques; mix drinks from scratch, pair cocktails and food, design high-quality cocktail menus and even entertain customers with clever flair tricks.



Provided by: Udemy

This is a beginner-level online bartending course, where you will learn the basic knowledge of bartending skills and alcoholic beverages. Like, Shaking, Straining, Garnishing, and Pouring.

In this free online bartender course, you will learn bartending in 3 simple steps, which are in-depth knowledge of hospitality and bar including product knowledge, upselling and cross-selling skills and techniques, and also learn how to build a brand.

This is a perfect course to join for Bartenders, Hospitality staff, and Interns interested to work in the hospitality industry as well as in bars.

In this online course the following topics are specifically covered:

  • Fermentation and Distillation
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Whisky
  • American Whiskey
  • World Whisky
  • Tequila
  • Brandy
  • Cognac
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Vermouth
  • Liqueurs

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • The basic knowledge of Bartending by 3 steps of videos.
  • Build the foundation knowledge in Alcohol.
  • And learn to make perfect Cocktails and Mocktails and also the basic knowledge.

Course Enrollment: Free

Certificate of completion: No

Course Duration: Approx. 30 minutes


Provided by: Typsy Courses

From this free online bartending certification course, you will learn the perfect mixology skills which are very important and very helpful in the Hospitality industry as well as in the entire Bartending industry.

Through this course, you’ll learn from the experts and experienced Mixologist, who is perfect in Mixology and provide outstanding customer service.

This is a self-paced and 100% online video course. This bartending course is good for hotel management students, bartenders, and those who are interested to open a Bar or Pub, mixologists, Intern Bartenders, and those who are interested to work in hotels or restaurants.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • How to be a professional Bartender.
  • How to use the Bartending tools.
  • Mocktail and Cocktails making techniques.
  • How to garnish drinks.
  • Cocktail and Mocktail recipes.
  • Types of Bar.
  • Parts of Bar.
  • How to clean a Bar etc.

Course Enrollment: Free

Certificate of completion: Yes (Free)

Course Duration: 30 minutes


Provided by: Alison

Through this online course, you will learn the fermentation and distillation process of Alcoholic beverages. And you’ll also learn the basic knowledge of raw materials which is important in Distillation. The distillation process improves the alcoholic content.

From this course, you’ll get a deep knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. And you’ll learn the Bartending skills and also understand the use of different bartending tools.

This course is a perfect course to join if you want to see yourself as a successful Bartender.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Definition of Fermentation and Distillation.
  • Learn about the boiling point of alcohol.
  • Types of Spirits.
  • Deep knowledge of bartending and also the bartending tools.
  • You will learn the basic knowledge of raw materials.
  • The production process of Alcoholic beverages.
  • Learn the different types of Cocktails and Mocktails.

Course Enrollment: Free

Certificate of completion: Yes (Paid)

Course Duration: 1.5-3 hours


Provided by: Udemy

By this course, you’ll learn to make 7 unique and tasty drinks from award-winning celebrity Bartender Michael Rego. And get the basic knowledge of raw materials which is most required in drinks.

This online bartender course for free is mostly recommended to join who are interested to learn “how to make incredible drinks at home” and is also good for those who want to learn basic bartending skills and techniques without spending a penny.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Learn the different types of liqueurs and how to prepare.
  • Learn to make 7 unique and tasty award-winning drinks.
  • Learn how to make drinks at your home.
  • Basic Bartending skills, tools, and techniques. Like, Shaking, stirring, building, layering, and blending.

Course Enrollment: Free

Certificate of completion: No

Course Duration: Approx. 31 minutes


Provided by: Coursera

This beginner-level online wine course is the most recommended for bartenders. From this course, you’ll learn the step-by-step guidance of wine, Wine tasting physiology.

And from this course, at first, you’ll learn the different types of wine and you understand how to taste the wine. After that, you learn the entire wine faults and food pairings. In the last module, you can read and review the project.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • You will learn the physiology process of wine tasting.
  • You learn the classic wine types.
  • You can also learn the Wine pairing and Wine faults.
  • How to taste and how to serve the wine.

Course Enrollment: Free

Certificate of completion: Yes (Paid)

Course Duration: Approx. 15 hours

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