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learn architecture history

learn architecture history

What is Architecture History?

Architecture History is the study of architecture as it has evolved over centuries and across many different landscapes and cultures. Reaching back to the Ancient Mesopotamians, the Egyptians, Greek civilizations, and more, architectural history is a global history.

The perfect subject for students interested in a combination of art, cultural affairs, and design, Architecture History is a fundamental part of any firm architectural studies foundation and is taught at the best Architecture schools, including MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning. As structures and dwellings are among the chief artifacts that any civil society leaves behind, the history of architecture is, at its essence, a history of human civilization.

The study of architectural history includes religious architecture, landscape architecture, civil architecture, naval architecture, and military architecture – each offering insight into the role of history, culture, and geography in shaping the world around us. An understanding of Architecture’s history can help those in the field execute better; even when working with modern tools like architectural design software.

Online Courses in Architecture History

Learners can pursue your interest or a degree in architecture history by signing up for introductory courses at top schools like MIT where a journey around the world from 100,000 BCE to 1,600 CE is currently being offered in the online course, Global History of Architecture.

Students with a more specialized interest can also take courses like Ancient Egyptian Architecture and the History of Chinese Architecture.

Whatever architectural history course is taken, learners will explore the history and context of the important buildings that shape various cultures, the technological advances that significantly impacted the development of their architecture, and the impact of certain cultural and religious traditions on architecture.

Jobs in Architecture History

A career in architecture history can take many different shapes. A background in architectural history is applicable to the roles of Architectural Conservator, Architecture Historian, Museum Curator, Architectural Drafter, or Architectural Specifications Writer.

Of the current positions related to Architecture History listed on, many offer salaries upwards of $60,000. There are more than 16,000 jobs available in general architectural fields, more than half of which carry salaries of $75,000 or more a year.

Pursue a Career in Architecture History

Architecture history tells the story of architectural studies as it has developed from the engineering genius of the ancient world to today’s most advanced tools and techniques. Consider a career or pursue an interest with an online course in architecture history today and open up a world of possibilities!

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