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We at Infolearners.com offer training courses which provide people with Information Technology skills relevant to their particular careers, or interests. We utilize the best available methods of training to ensure our students get the most out of each and every course they take with us. our courses are aimed at improving the quality inner working of a company in today’s ever-changing information technology industry.

Accounting is the measurement, processing and communication of economic activities, and the recording of financial transactions. It’s used by organisations to monitor their economic performance and ensure they remain financially healthy. If you have strong numeracy skills and possess an analytical mind, a career in Accountancy may be the perfect career path for you.

AAT qualifications are delivered by AAT Approved training providers around the world.

There are many different ways to study, and courses can be designed to fit around students’ work or family commitments. Whether they want to study full-time or part-time, in the classroom, online or through a combination of these, learners can choose the study style that’s right for them.

Employers can find out more about supporting their staff to study an AAT qualification and the different options available.

Learn in a classroom

Classroom study is ideal for students who prefer structured learning.

Find a classroom-based training provider

They’ll get plenty of support from the tutor and other students, so it’s a great option for those who haven’t studied for some time. As well as full-time courses, training providers offer part-time courses that can be studied during evenings or weekends.

Online or distance learning

Online (or “distance learning”) is the most flexible way to study.

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It requires commitment and discipline, but it can be a great option for learners who need to fit studies around other commitments or don’t live near a college or study centre.

Blended learning: in class and online

Blended learning combines classroom sessions with online support.

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This is an increasingly popular way to study. Students get access to structured, tutor-led, face-to-face and/or virtual classroom sessions supported by a local training provider, with the flexibility to progress their studies at work or home. Choose “Classroom” on the Find a training provider service to find providers offering blended learning.



Most students need support from a tutor, and we encourage all students to register with an approved training provider for the best chance of success. However, if you feel you’re confident in studying without tutor support, you may wish to consider self-studying.

You’ll need to buy AAT textbooks or choose a self-study package with a training provider to work through our units. You’ll still need to register with AAT, which will give you access to study support on our AAT Lifelong Learning Portal and eligibility to sit assessments. You’ll also need to find an approved assessment venue to sit our assessments, depending on the qualification you study.

Register with AAT

Choose a training provider

Made your decision? The next step is to find a training provider that meets your needs.

Find a training provider

While course costs are an important consideration, take time to think about the flexibility and support you’ll need to make sure you choose the provider that’s right for you.

If there are no training providers based in your country, you can still study with distance-learning providers.

About AAT Approved training providers

AAT Approved training providers deliver AAT courses around the world. In the UK alone there are more than 500, ranging from further education colleges and specialist short course centres to online (or “distance learning”) providers.

AAT training is always delivered professionally, and all AAT Approved training providers must meet our high standards before they’re approved to offer AAT qualifications. We conduct regular checks to ensure that they meet our regulatory requirements and rigorous standards and all providers will be adhering to local coronavirus (Covid-19) regulations.

You’ll need to find somewhere to take your AAT assessments.

Study support

Study support

Our industry renowned e-learning, study support and career services for student members will put you on the path to success.

Our online AAT study packages provide everything you need: a suite of rich multimedia course materials, expert tutor support, comprehensive revision kits, exam-booking service, detailed mock assessments, and exceptional technical support. Also, you will gain access to our streamed HD video lectures at any time, making study flexible and convenient.

LSBF won “Best use of Social Media” at the 2020 PQ Awards for the ground-breaking LSBF TV, an online platform which offers an innovative way for AAT students to prepare for their exams via free study resources. 


About AAT

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is the UK’s leading professional body for entry-level accountants. If you want to develop real-life skills that will help you build a career in accounting or finance, studying for your AAT qualification online will help you reach your future goals.

AAT is the world’s leading professional body for accounting technicians. In fact, the AAT accounts for around 80% of all vocational accountancy qualifications, with organisations like Sainsbury’s, P&G, Morgan Stanley, the Ministry of Defence and many more continuing to hire AAT qualified members. And, with international recognition, and recognition from sponsoring bodies such as CIPFA, ICAEW and ICAS, it is widely acknowledged as the established industry standard for technical accounting ability.AAT Syllabus

AAT Level Options

The AAT course comprises four levels of study, each made of units which need to be passed in order to obtain your award. Most students will start at Level 2. However, if you have relevant academic or work experience, you could be eligible to start at Level 3. Use AAT Skill Check to find out which level is right for you.

AAT Level 2

AAT Online Tuition

From £175 per unit or buy the full course for £750

  • Upfront payment of the whole Level is £ 750
  • Instalment payment is £350 upfront + 4 monthly payments of £125
  • Buying units individually is £875

Certificate in Accounting

This qualification will prepare you for any junior accounting roles. It is a great entry-level course for a career in the finance industry. It provides a solid foundation for all students as it covers such areas as double-entry bookkeeping, costing principles and the usage of accounting software. Additionally, students also learn about business and communication skills.Enrol

AAT Level 3

AAT Online Tuition

From £200 per unit or buy the full course for £850

  • Upfront payment of the whole Level is £ 850
  • Instalment payment is £300 upfront + 5 monthly payments of £150
  • Buying units individually is £1200

Diploma in Accounting

In this qualification, you will master more complex accounting disciplines including financial processes, advanced bookkeeping, final accounts and ethical practices for accountants.Enrol

AAT Level 4

AAT Online Tuition

From £225 or buy the whole level upfront for £950

  • Upfront payment of the whole Level is £950
  • Instalment payment is £300 upfront + 6 monthly payments of £150
  • Buying units individually is £1350

Diploma in Accounting

This qualification will cover higher accounting tasks including drafting financial statements, managing budgets, and evaluating financial performance, as well as optional specialist units including business tax, personal tax, external auditing, credit management and cash and treasury management.

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