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There are hundreds of colleges with dance minors across the country. The list includes longstanding, prestigious institutions as well as state schools offering a contemporary alternative. Whether you prefer a selective liberal arts college or a larger research university, there’s a place for you.

There are many colleges with dance and music minors, degrees, and programs. And these are just for bachelor’s degrees! Learn about dance and music minors, degrees, and careers at colleges across the United States. This is a great place to start researching dance and music programs. There are also listings of scholarships, internships, professional connections, and much more.

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The Top 30 College Dance Programs for 2019-2020 — OnStage Blog

best college dance programs

Starting in April, we tasked a committee of just over 20 people to research these programs. They consisted of theatre educators, students, alumni, and parents. We wanted people who knew how to evaluate a performing arts program and what questions to ask. This is what we feel separates us from every other college ranking article, these folks know what’s important in theatre education.

This year we based our criteria on a number of factors including Cost vs. Scholarships, Quality of Facilities, Performance/Production Opportunities, and Post-Graduate Support. We also asked questions about the diversity of students as well as the faculty.

Each year, we also like to include a new category that factor into our rankings – on/off-campus safety. We feel this is a factor that is often not made a priority. So in addition to cold-calling the schools, we also took a look at their Clery Reports and asked questions about how proactive these schools are when it comes to safety.

This year we also decided not to rank the schools 1-30. When looking at the scores, often these schools were separated by one to two points. So rather, this year we’re simply naming who we feel are the best, in no particular order.

best contemporary dance colleges

1. Oklahoma City University – Oklahoma City, OK

Why we love it: Courses include “Production Crew in Dance” which offers working knowledge of lighting and sound equipment, stage management, crew work, programming, publicity, house management, wardrobe, multi-camera live production, and other technical requirements for dance production. All students, whether graduate or undergraduate, are required to participate each semester in production crew.

2. Point Park University – Pittsburgh, PA

Why we love it: The BFA Dance program offers concentrations in ballet, jazz or modern. Esteemed faculty include Judith Leifer-Bentz, a former member of the Martha Graham Dance Company and Jay Kirk, who has danced professionally with the Americana Dance Theatre, Dallas Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and Chicago Ballet.

3. University of Houston – Houston, TX

Why we love it: Each fall, students gain hands-on experience in all aspects of production from lighting and stage management to costuming, at the annual student produced Emerging Choreographers Showcase. For the annual spring showcase, students work with professional choreographers and dance artists. Each year, students also have the chance to show choreography at the American College Dance Festival.

4. The Juilliard School – New York, NY

Why we love it: Coursework includes “Alexander Technique”, a method of improving the dancer’s technique from plies and extensions to jumps, leaps, and turns through concentration on movement habits. Emphasizes the efficient use of the neck, head, and torso relationship, thereby providing a stress-reducing process that can be used during class performance and rest.

5. University of South Florida – Tampa, FL

Why we love it: The Dance Program at the University of South Florida offers one of the most exciting study abroad opportunities available to university-age dance majors through its two USF Dance in Paris Programs. Both the Semester and Summer courses of study are one-of-a-kind opportunities for serious dancers to take classes, see performances, live in and experience one of the world’s greatest cities from the point of view of a dancer. Students are also given the opportunity to travel and perform abroad in countries such as Mexico, Tunisia and Italy through the international research members of the DanceUSF Faculty.

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