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Last Updated on December 22, 2022

Are you looking for CNA courses in Houston Texas? Certified Nursing Assistant programs teach the skills necessary to help patients with daily tasks and cares. CNA courses are held at our training facilities located in Houston and surrounding areas. will assist you with information on Cna Programs In Houston Texas, Overview on Cna Programs In Houston Texas, Review on Cna Programs In Houston Texas, Requirement on Cna Programs In Houston Texas and Ranking on Cna Programs In Houston Texas.

Overview of Cna Programs In Houston Texas

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If you’re in the Houston area and interested in starting a career in the healthcare field as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), we’ve assembled a list of local CNA classes in Houston to help you begin your exciting new career.

Texas CNA training requirements

Class requirements for becoming a CNA vary from state to state, but the numbers below indicate the total number of training hours required to become a CNA in Texas and the breakdown of classroom versus clinical hours.

  • 100 total hours
  • 60 classroom hours
  • 40 clinical hours

Requirements for being a certified CNA in Texas include:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Demonstrate that you are in good physical health
  • Have up to date immunization records
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Proof of graduating a state certified CNA program
  • Pass the state CNA exam
  • Being listed on the state CNA registry

CNA training in Houston

There are a number of CNA training programs in Houston for you to choose from as you look to begin your career in healthcare. If you’re looking for free CNA classes in the Houston, TX area you’ll want to contact these listings individually to see if they offer options for free CNA training.

Houston Community College

Houston Community College offers a Certified Nurse Aide program. HCCS offers a fast track CNA training program to prepare candidates to enter the field. The Certified Nurse Aide program covers skills and knowledge to provide essential basic care to patients in long-term care facilities. The program complies with 108 hours and costs $795.00.  

To learn more, call 713-718-7633 or visit their website at

Smithwood Medical Institute

Smithwood Medical Institute in Houston offers several medical assistant training programs, including its Nurse Aide Training program. The Nurse Aide Training program is 100 hours and covers essential basic care skills for patients in hospitals and residents in long-term care facilities. Courses include Personal Care Skills, Restorative Services and Clinical Practice. 

To learn more you can visit their website at or call 713-975-0971. 

The Vocational Nursing Institute 

The Vocational Nursing Institute offers the Nurse Aide Program for asipiring CNA candidates in Houston, TX. Graduates of this CNA program will be able to work on hospitals, hospice, home health and long term care facilities. Students will learn critical CNA skills such as taking vital signs, nutritional and waste elimination needs, bed management and other critical skills. 

Get CNA Certified in Houston

Want to become a CNA in Houston?

Job Growth:

CNA jobs are projected to grow 11% by 2026, and Houston has a high level of employment with 19,000 registered nurse aids.


Houston is ranked top 2% for CNA wages, which average at $19/hour, but the top 10% of the nation’s nurse aids earn $50,000.


To become a registered CNA, you must graduate from an accredited course, some as short as 4 weeks, and pass the state exam.

What are the CNA requirements in Houston? Here’s how to prepare for your CNA state exam and how to become a Certified Nurse Assistant in Houston.

How to Become a CNA in Houston 

CNAs are Certified Nursing Assistants or Certified Nurse Aides. They are the principal caregivers every day for patients and therefore have one of the most important roles on a healthcare team. They help their patients complete daily tasks such as how to dress, bathe, and take their medication.

In order to become a CNA in Houston, you must enroll and graduate from an accredited program in the state of Texas. You must have a high school diploma or a GED. Before you start applying to jobs, you must also register as a CNA on the Texas Nurse Registry.

Texas has one of the highest CNA employment rates, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are more than 88,000 CNAs currently employed. Texas is also ranked top in the nation for CNA wages with Tyler, Texas being the 5th top-paying metro area in the country at nearly $19/hour. The Houston area is ranked as one of the country’s metropolitan areas with the highest employment; there are nearly 19,000 jobs in the city.

Nearly 50% of CNAs work in Nursing Care Facilities, and there are 2,500 registered nursing facilities in the state of Texas that offer employment.

You can also get more detailed information by connecting to our page at How to Become a CNA in Texas.

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Free CNA Classes in Houston 

Houston Red Cross is a satellite center of the national American Red Cross nonprofit. Are you a Red Cross volunteer or employee? You may be eligible for a scholarship to a CNA program.

For more information contact:

Houston Red Cross 

2700 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77098 

Phone: (713) 526-8300

Houston Employer Partnerships may also be a option to find free CNA classes in Houston. Reach out to possible employers in the Houston area and ask their HR department if they reimburse for training once you’re hired on with the company.

Goodwill Houston will help you find a CNA job for 5 years after you complete their CNA program and will partially pay for the class as well.

For more information contact: 

Goodwill Houston 

1140 West Loop North, Houston, TX 77055 

Phone: 713-692-6221

State-Approved CNA Programs in Houston 

Academy of Exceptional Healthcare Training

8449 West Bellfort Suite 140

Houston, TX 77071

Director Contact: Vanessa Lee

(713) 777-4262

Ace Training Institute

10101 Harwin Suite #110

Houston, TX 77036

Director Contact: Stella Iyare

(713) 771-7737

Active Nursing Assistant Training of Clear Lake

2511-B Nasa Rd, Ste 102

Seabrook, TX 77586

Director Contact: Brenda Manning

(832) 265-2824

Aides For Home Health Care Services

4008 Vista Rd. 108 – Bldg C

Pasadena, TX 77504

Director Contact: Nancy Fontenot-Sparks

(713) 910-7575

American Medical Institute

6902 Cook Rd

Houston, TX 77072

Director Contact: Ify Emenaha

(713) 772-5300

Assurance Academy, LLC

2600 Gessner, Ste 203

Houston, TX 77080

Director Contact: Tangie Smith-Bryant

(281) 865-8533

Avalon Medical Career Academy

10101 Fondren Rd Ste 311

Houston, TX 77096

Director Contact: Gloria Wesley

(713) 272-6820

BC Houston Career Training Academy

2626 South Loop West, Ste 670

Houston, TX 77054

Director Contact: Ollie Williams

(713) 636-2746

Brazosport College Community Education

500 College Drive

Lake Jackson, TX 77566

Director Contact: Donna Britt

(979) 230-3600

Top-Rated CNA Programs in Houston 

  1. Smithwood Medical Institute Learn More7100 Regency Square Blvd Ste 210, Houston, TX 77036 Phone: (713) 975-0971   Yelp Testimonial: I signed up for the 4 week CNA course at Smithwood Medical Institute over the summer. I’m a nursing student at a University so I figured I could work as a CNA part time while going for my bachelor’s. You can enroll at any age, it’s never too late to advance your education/ start over/ try something new.. Age is just a number, so don’t be consider about your age, gender, education level. Anybody can do it! It may be small, class capacity is 10-12, but you truly bond was the instructors and students. They truly want you to succeed and move forward with your life. Please take advantage and consider enrolling… I wish you the best in all your future endeavors! – Sandy T. 
  2. CNA Training Institute  Learn More140 Eldridge Rd Ste G , Sugar Land, TX 77478 (832) 766-0929  Yelp Testimonial:Completed by 3 weeks course in March worked in home health for 2 weeks before taking my state exam. Just passed my state test licensed as a CNA. Thank you CNA school Sugarland. Keep up the good job. – Beth R. 
  3. Active Nursing Assistant Training of Clear Lake  Learn More2511 Nasa Rd 1 Ste 102, Seabrook, TX 77586 (832) 265-2824  Yelp Testimonial:  I’m currently taking the EKG course with Joey; he has to be one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I’ve learned so much in 5 weeks; it’s fast paced and complicated but he makes it easy and fun to learn. – Nathaly C. 
  4. Alpha Medical Institute    Learn More9207 Country Creek Dr Ste 100, Houston, TX 77036(713) 777-3996    Yelp Testimonial: Great School with excellent staffs and conducive learning environment, CNA exam was successful and now working. Thanks Alpha medical Institute.coming soon for CNA program. – Rita E. 
  5. Professional Careers Institute Learn More6666 Harwin Dr Ste 160, Houston, TX 77036 (713) 783-3999Yelp Testimonial:  I was determined to graduate from this school because when I compare this school to others this was the best choice. I dropped out of Everest because the teachers there aren’t made to care at all about the success of their students at all. I only formed a strong friendship with 3 of my teachers and I was so happy that they took out extra time to quiz me to help me study for my certification exam. Although it was more expensive I don’t regret it because this was very easy to work with my work schedule and close to my residence when it was on the North side. Some employers refuse to even accept my application when they find out I got my C.M.A there. And their are some jobs that are actually impressed with the school and gave me a much better paying salary because of this school so I don’t regret all that I’ve learned. – Betty T. 
  6. The Vocational Nursing Institute    Learn More11201 Steeple Park Dr, Houston, TX 77065 (832) 237-2525     Yelp Testimonial: Great school and Staff. They are very knowledgeable. They work really hard at helping the students. They even offer an evening classes. I would have to say this is one of the best schools and program out there for nursing. If you want to make a change in careers, this is the place. They also have small classes and a lot of one on one time. – Justine B.  

The #1 Best CNA School in Houston

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Find your #1 Best CNA School with the customized search tool. Just enter your zip code to start. You can compare CNA schools side-by-side to find your perfect program. And the best part? It’s completely FREE.

So start your school search now to get started with your CNA career!

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