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The two programs are very similar, but there are also some differences. For example, the EECS program is newer and offers more breadth of topics. If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience, however, check out Cmu Scs Vs Berkeley Eecs. Both programs have great resources for students and internships/jobs upon graduation. will assist you with information on Cmu Scs Vs Berkeley Eecs, Overview on Cmu Scs Vs Berkeley Eecs, Review on Cmu Scs Vs Berkeley Eecs, Requirement on Cmu Scs Vs Berkeley Eecs and Ranking on Cmu Scs Vs Berkeley Eecs.

Overview of Cmu Scs Vs Berkeley Eecs

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Hey guys, I’m in a bit of a dilemma. My (top) choices are between CMU’s SCS and Cal’s EECS, both of which are top-notch programs. I’m a Cali resident, so Cal’s the cheaper choice financially, though I’m hoping for some money from CMU since I got some nice $$ from Cornell. But anyway, my problem is that I can’t visit CMU. I had plans to go this week, but my mom canceled on me (and wasted $300 in refund processing fee. :|), and I won’t have a chance to go before the May 1st deadline for SIR’s. Since I can’t visit the school, I’m relying on you, CC, to help me decide.

I like a smaller school like CMU in comparison to Cal, and I would love to get away (some more, Cal’s not close enough for my parents to drop in on me every weekend). But I don’t have a strong tolerance for the cold (or the warmth, I think my body’s temperature control system is broken D: ), and I don’t know what Pittsburgh is like. Also, the travel is going to be an issue with CMU, at least, I hear some bad things about planes to and from Pittsburgh in the winter-time.

So, questions:
What is Pittsburgh like in comparison to the Silicon Valley?
Just what are the differences between the programs themselves, if any?
I’m looking to do computer science, hopefully with a minor in art. Is this even possible, considering how there’s little to no course overlaps between the two? (goes for both schools)

And generally, just help me decide?Reply

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saltonseaApr 2009

Honestly, Cal at in-state tution is a hell of a deal. You mentioned your low tolerance for extreme weather? Well, I live here and its not so peachy. It gets very cold and can get very hot sometimes too but mostly winters are just long and bitterly cold (snowey too). Other than that though Pittsburgh is nice though it probably doesn’t match up to the social life in Cali. Also, I think CMU is ranked higher in computer science than Cal but that is really not an issue at all. Both top notch as you said. Unless money really is not an issue for you, I think Cal would be the best unless you are really really sick of California.Reply

I’d go to Cal. Wish it was easier to get in OOS. grats on getting in.Reply

We looked at Berkeley and for OOS I didn’t think it was worth it. I worried that sophomore housing wasn’t guaranteed, I didn’t like the impacted majors deal (but it sounds like you are already in EECS) and I thought the diversity was a problem. I also like LA better than SF. Pittsburgh is a nice city, there are lots of colleges including Pitt which is a stone’s throw from CMU. Carnegie Mellon is in a more residential neighborhood than Cal’s front yard, but it’s only a five minute walk to busier commercial areas. Lots of restaurants nearby. It rains a lot in Pittsburgh – I don’t think it’s particularly cold – more or less the same as NY – but of course that means plenty of freezing weather and snow. The CMU campus is quite pretty yellow brick buildings with green tile roofs around contained green spaces. There’s a very nice public park right next door as well.

I think there’s something to be said for using your college years to get to know another part of the country.

The School of Computer Science is run by a bunch of really dynamic guys – think Randy Pausch – though there was at least one dud in some course my son had to take. My son who is no slouch has been working really, really hard. Since SCS requires you to minor in something – as far as I know minoring in art shouldn’t be an issue. (THey like to talk about the student who minored in bagpipes – though most kids minor in related things like math or physics or robotics.) It’s pretty amazing to have 200 or so profs available and be surrounded by so many serious computer nerds. I didn’t really explore Berkeley’s offerings enough to compare, but SCS is a pretty amazing place more than just a department – being a school within a school means it’s a more intense experience.

Definitely see if CMU will sweeten the deal, but it’s hard to say which way to jump. Only you can do that calculaiton.Reply

I’m a CMU SCS alum who’s living in Silicon Valley. If you know you’re going to major in Computer Science, then Carnegie Mellon is the best choice outside of Stanford or MIT.

It’s a much smaller school and you’ll get much more personal attention. The small size is particularly valuable if you’re interested in research opportunities.

Cmu Vs Stanford Cs Reddit

I’ve heard people say each of them (except Stanford) is competitive, and also people saying that they aren’t competitive. I’m already sick of the tryhards in high school who compete to get the least sleep/food because they’re taking so many classes. And I think collaborating and studying together is really great (for me and my grades) so the fact that some schools have a culture that’s against working and studying together sounds so dumb.

Big party culture would be nice, although preferably not entirely frat-based cause I’m gay (btw, can I milk that for diversity points?).

These are all total reaches for me but I think I have an OK shot at getting into one if I apply to them all, or at least 3.

Ignore location (I live in one of those cities so it’s complicated) and price (only taking into account when I get more FA info, want just a straight take on these)8 CommentsShareSaveHideReport86% UpvotedLog in or sign up to leave a commentLog InSign UpSort By: Best

collaborating and studying together is really great (for me and my grades)

Collaborating and studying together happens at every school. Any top school is gonna be competitive. If you want a non competitive culture go to a school where you get full merit aid.

Big party culture would be nice, although preferably not entirely frat-based cause I’m gay

Every school has some party culture regardless of greek life. Even Harvard and MIT.18ReplyShareReportSavelevel 2[deleted]·

This. It’s annoying how schools with thousands of individuals can be simplified into collaborative/competitive.2ReplyShareReportSavelevel 1esskeetiiit·3yPrefrosh

I only have experience with MIT and CMU, so I’ll talk about those.

MIT: competitive in the sense that seeing everyone around you doing amazing things pushes you to want to become better yourself. Everyone here is super nice and people always want to work together, and the communities are super supportive. HUGE party culture (which really surprised me when I first got here) and even a lot of people from other schools (such as Wellesley, BU, BC, NEU) go to MIT parties. MIT truly embodies “work hard, play hard” culture. Most of the partying is frat-centered, but MIT frats are nothing like frats at state schools or Ivies. They’re welcoming and supportive of their freshmen, and there’s definitely a frat that fits for everyone.

CMU: I can’t speak for their academics, but socially the campus seems very dead from what I’ve personally seen and heard from friends who go there. Not much of a party school at all.9ReplyShareReportSavelevel 1HighOnAnesthesia·3yOld

I’d definitely say Stanford is the most ideal mix of the things you asked for out of the big 4. But it’s ridiculously tough to get into any of those.8ReplyShareReportSavelevel 2Comment deleted by user·3ylevel 1qwaqodile·3y

If they’re all total reaches, most likely you won’t get into any of them so best just apply to all and if you get into more than one, you can make the decision then. None of these schools have a big party culture(for that you’d probably want a public school)but they all have some sort of party culture and I don’t believe any of them have a huge frat culture. You’ll have tryhards at all of these schools considering how hard they all are to get into, even stanford. And you can try to milk you being gay but I’d imagine that’s actually a cliche essay topic by now lol.2ReplyShareReportSavelevel 1Popopopper123·3yPrefrosh

MIT and Stanford are probably best for you. Unfortunately they’re also the hardest to get in rip

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