cleveland clinic lerner college of medicine average gpa

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Cleveland Clinic Lerner College Of Medicine Average GPA – In this report, we provide detailed rankings of Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. Someone can get information about their topmost priorities on Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine quickly by reading this article.

Cleveland Clinic Lerner College Of Medicine Average Gpa

Our matriculant GPA and MCAT scores continue to trend higher than the national average. In 2017, the average CCLCM GPA was 3.76, and the average CCLCM (new) MCAT score was 517.

Case Western Reserve School of Medicine (CWRUSOM) is well aware of the disruption in coursework for many current students as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While letter grades for coursework are still preferred, we understand the difficulty that this may pose for many, and as such, CWRUSOM (CCLCM Program and University Program) will accept Pass/No Pass grading for prerequisite courses (below) for the winter/spring and summer 2020 semesters. Online laboratory credit will also be accepted during this time period.

We also recognize the current difficulty with MCAT scheduling, and as such, will be moving our application review/interview timelines later, in order to accommodate applicants who take late summer/fall MCATs. We will also be accepting MCAT scores that were administered in 2016. Please visit the MCAT site for details about the exam and guidance for test preparation.

With various stay-at-home orders and other forms of social distancing we are also aware that many activities such as research, clinical shadowing, service and participation in student groups have been interrupted. Our application screening team will be taking this into consideration as they review applications; there will also be additional opportunity in our secondary application to further describe these interruptions, their impact on you, and to further detail experiences and competencies that may not otherwise be readily evident.

We know that this is a fluid situation, and will continually be reevaluating our requirements as future events unfold. Please know that in these unprecedented times, we are committed to being flexible with the 2020-2021 application cycle.

2020-21 Application Cycle FAQs Regarding COVID-Related Disruptions

Will you be taking this year’s COVID-related disruptions into consideration as you make admissions decisions?
Yes! Our application screening teams and Admissions Committee will be taking these disruptions into consideration as they review applications. We are aware of the multiple issues that have resulted, including pass/fail grading, online or cancelled labs, interrupted experiences, the potential for late letters of recommendation and delayed transcripts, etc.

How will your screening teams and Admissions Committee know how I’ve been impacted by COVID-related disruptions in my life?
We will be adding an optional essay response to our secondary application that will allow you to explain how you have been impacted by this pandemic situation.

Will I be at a disadvantage as an applicant if I am forced to take a pre-requisite course Pass/No Pass?
Not necessarily. We understand that the current pandemic has created circumstances that are very much out of your control and we will review your application in the context of your unique situation.

Will you review applications and invite applicants for an interview who have a pending MCAT score?
No. We will continue to require an MCAT as a part of the completed application. We will not invite an applicant for an interview without an MCAT score. Please note, however, that we understand the anxiety that many of you may feel with having your MCAT delayed, and as such, we will be moving our admissions season later in order to accommodate those who had to take the fall exams.

If I submit my AMCAS primary application early, will I be sent a secondary application in the temporary absence of an MCAT score?
Yes, this has always been our practice but the application will not be considered complete until the MCAT score arrives.

What makes for a completed application?

  • An application will be marked complete and ready for review when the following are received:
  • Complete and verified AMCAS primary application
  • Complete and submitted CWRU Secondary application for CCLCM
  • Paid CWRU Secondary application fee
  • MCAT score received
  • All letters of recommendation received

What if other, unanticipated disruptions occur as a result of the ongoing pandemic?
Our Admissions Committee and our admissions office are aware of the fluidity of the current situation, and are prepared to stay as flexible as possible.

cleveland clinic lerner college of medicine tuition

cleveland clinic lerner college of medicine admissions statistics -

How are tuition costs determined?

These cost-of-attendance budgets for each academic year are based in large part on data from a biannual survey of what our current medical students are actually spending for books and supplies, housing, food, personal expenses and transportation.

The costs reflect living expenses for the academic year only. Living expenses for non-school periods and for spouses and other dependents are not included because they are treated in the need-analysis formula as an allowance against income rather than a direct cost. In the case of a married student, therefore, the spouse’s living costs are not included in the budget, but the expected family contribution is reduced by the amount appropriate to maintain the spouse and home.

Some students have extenuating circumstances that may justify an individual cost-of-attendance that is higher than the standard one. This would be done primarily to validate the need for outside loan assistance. In all cases, you must provide appropriate documentation. Examples of potentially appropriate adjustments include:

  • Medical and dental care in excess of the benefits provided by the university health service
  • Compulsory repayment of principal and/or interest during medical school enrollment
  • Childcare costs for married students if the medical student’s spouse is working or in school
  • Living at greater-than-average distance from Cleveland, resulting in higher travel costs
  • Additional transportation needs to fulfill clinical rotation requirements. While Federal Student Aid Legislation does not permit the use of student aid monies (even loans) for the purchase of a car, the Financial Aid Office will make every effort to provide non-monetary help to students in need.

Other expenses may be allowed if they are necessary and related to attending medical school.

What is the cost of attendance for this academic year?

2021 – 2022 Academic Year

CategoryClass of 2026
12 months
Class of 2025
11 months
Class of 2024
12 months
Class of 2023
12 months
Class of 2022
11 months
Books & Supplies$1,000$1,3001$500$500$500
Housing & Utilities*$11,910$10,982$11,910$11,910$10,982
Personal & Other Expenses$4,448$3,964$4,448$4,448$3,964
Student Health Insurance**$3,192$3,192$3,192$3,192$3,192
Activity Fee$40$40$40$40$40
Graduate Student Council Fee$30$30$30$30$30
Travel for Clinical Training$1,648$1,648$1,648$1,648$1,648
National Board Exam Fees$0$6452$0$6453$0
Loan Fees$216$216$216$216$216
Total Budget$98,202$97,457$97,702$98,347$96,226

* In the case of a married student, whose spouse is employed, the spouse is expected to cover housing and food.**Student Health Insurance is subject to change.1Includes UWorld Subscription

2USMLE Step 1 Exam Fee 
3USMLE Step 2 CK Exam Fee

cleveland clinic lerner college of medicine ranking

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Hear what the graduating class of 2019 has to say about their experience at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine.

The Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine (CCLCM) offers an innovative medical school program with a mission to train physician investigators. From admissions criteria and supportive financial aid, to curriculum design and student assessment, every aspect of CCLCM is focused on helping students develop the skills of self-directed learning critical for success as both a physician and an investigator.

About the College

The program is unique in several other ways:

  • Five years are needed to accommodate the research and master’s level research thesis requirement.
  • Limit of 32 students per class.
  • Problem-based curriculum.
  • Portfolio-based assessment.
  • Full tuition scholarship for all students.
  • No lectures, grades or class ranking.

In addition to a solid medical and science curriculum, students benefit from an emphasis on medical humanities, designed to spark an appreciation for the ethical, historical and human aspects of medicine. Opportunities for community service complement their humanities education.

Why Choose the Lerner College of Medicine

How to Attend Medical School for Free | Top Medical Schools | US News

CCLCM is a distinct program within the CWRU School of Medicine with a curriculum designed to train graduates who will have excellent clinical skills, expertise and experience in research, and a passion for scientific inquiry.

Upon completion of the five-year curriculum, you will graduate with an MD degree with Special Qualification in Biomedical Research.


  • Small class size
  • Full tuition scholarship
  • Non-competitive learning environment, no grades, no class ranking and an emphasis on teamwork
  • Student-centered learning experience
  • Five-year course of study with adequate time for a substantive research project
  • Last three years of study customized to match your research interests, clinical skills and interest, and professional goals
  • A physician advisor and a research advisor to guide your successful progress
  • A basic science curriculum that is organ-system based and linked to relevant clinical experiences
  • Clinical experiences beginning in Year 1 and integrated throughout the curriculum to ensure you will enter a residency with excellent clinical skills
  • A graduate education in medicine with problem-based learning (PBL) sessions, interactive seminars and laboratories aimed at developing in-depth problem solving skills
  • Broad opportunities for basic/translational and clinical research
  • Patient volume and diversity that provide outstanding clinical training
  • Close interaction with clinical and research faculty
  • State-of-the-art educational, clinical and research resources
  • Leading-edge educational, clinical and research resources, including a 477,000-square-foot Health Education Campus designed for interprofessional learning.

As a CCLCM student, you will have access to all the resources of Cleveland Clinic, one of the finest healthcare institutions in the world. You will have the opportunity to practice medicine with world-renowned physicians who excel in their respective fields and to conduct research alongside investigators working on the cutting edge of medical science.

As a student in the CWRU School of Medicine, you will be enrolled in one of the top medical schools in the country and a leading independent research university.

Ranked among the top four hospitals in the country by U.S. News & World Report, Cleveland Clinic is recognized for its outstanding clinical care and its commitment to academic excellence. The Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute ranks among the top research institutions in the country for NIH funding. In education, Cleveland Clinic sponsors one of the largest graduate medical education programs in the country, training almost 1,500 residents and fellows in a broad range of specialties and making it the fifth largest training facility in the United States.

Cleveland Clinic faculty are among the nation’s leaders in academic medicine and are responsible for more than 3,500 scientific publications each year. State-of-the-art research (600,000 square foot) and education (250,000 square foot) facilities provide outstanding support of resources in faculty and trainee academic activities. This commitment to the highest quality patient care, research and education makes Cleveland Clinic an ideal setting to train physicians dedicated to ensuring the translation of scientific advances into clinical application.

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