classic chinese novels

You should read some classic Chinese novels! That’s what you’re always told anyway, but there’s never anyone telling you which one to read. You don’t want to waste your time on something that isn’t worth it. Before you waste any more of your time (you should also be reading), here are 5 classic chinese novels you should definitely read!

China is famous for its long history, culture, people and territorial wars. With so much knowledge to know about the country, some may have neglected some famous classic literature works created by outstanding authors whose books are still widely-read today.

Since I have entered college, I have been totally immersed in studying. What’s worse, the place where I live doesn’t even have wi-fi access. What can I do?

Check out Classic Chinese Novels

I used to be into reading books at my primary education, but i never read any classic chinese novels. except for six dynasties novels, i read it i while ago while searching for another book. while i was looking for it on the web, i came across classic chinese novels, so i started to read some of them.

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