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Hi there! After reading chinese comic books for more than 10 years, I want to share my favor comic book with you.v

Are comic books really books? I mean, to me they are. Sure, you don’t think of comic books as literature, but they are still written words, right? (Check out the definition of literature here if you’re still confused.) So, it’s no surprise that comics can show up in language-learning materials. This post covers where to find chinese comic books and how to use them for learning Chinese.

Chinese comic books are also called manhua. They are enjoyed mostly by young generations. A famous chinese comic book character is Doraemon. Popular Chinese Comic Books include The Legend of Qin, Red Butterfly, Lady in Mirror and so on.

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Chinese comic books or manhua have been exported to America and Europe in recent years, attracting keen interest from young adults who grew up with Saturday morning cartoons and Japanese manga.

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