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Last Updated on December 20, 2022

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The number of students enrolling in MBA Finance programs has been increasing significantly over the years, this means that organizations are now looking for people who can offer more than the skillsets that an MBA degree provides. If you are someone who has already completed their MBA in Finance degree, you will be aware of the skillset that employers demand from professionals in the industry. To have an edge over the other candidates, you can enroll in certain certification courses for MBA Finance students that will help you develop skills other than just how to manage the financial and managerial aspects of the job. Having a good certification course lets your employer know that you have expertise in other fields as well as the eagerness to learn and develop your skills. This makes your candidature seem like an asset to the organization and helps you stand apart from the others. But what are these courses and are they relevant for contemporary times?

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There are a number of courses that you can choose from if you decide to pursue a certification course after completing your MBA in Finance. The courses mentioned here have a global outlook and will not only add to your personal growth but also aid your professional growth. Some of these courses are-


If you wish to establish yourself as a finance professional then being a certified chartered financial analyst by the CFA Institute is an ideal certification course for an MBA finance student like you. This globally accepted certification will help you in building a career in investment banking, research analysis, wealth management, and portfolio management. The course is designed in the form of 3 levels, you are eligible for appearing for the first level without having any prior work experience but the next two levels require you to have at least 4 years of work experience. 


This certification course is an internationally recognized course related to the field of IT, certified by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. It is highly valuable as the industry demand for such professionals is rapidly increasing. The growth of the IT sector has led to a demand for those who can monitor the IT tools as well as possess enough knowledge to manage business systems. Having a certification in this course will thus equip you with the knowledge to perform audits as well as update the systems for the organization’s IT-related systems, monitor the information security and monitor the IT organizational operations to meet the regulatory standards. Once you possess the required skills, any organization in the industry will consider you an asset. 


Issued by the IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors), this certification course is lucrative for all risk management professionals and internal auditors. This course is extremely beneficial for you if you wish to be an advisor in an auditing committee. The course equips you well to manage the business aspects of the industry pertaining to risk assurance, critical governance areas as well as quality assurance.


If you wish to boost your finance career after pursuing an MBA in Finance, this globally recognized certificate course may be worth considering. The course can equip you with the required skillset to pursue a lucrative career in the supply chain industry, it provides you with skills related to production planning and the core aspects of inventory management. Having these skills will help you establish yourself in global operating companies.

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While we have given you the required information about certification courses for MBA finance students that will help you build a bright career, it is natural to feel apprehensive about whether a course is a right fit for you. To make this decision less taxing, the counsellors and mentors at Leverage Edu can help you brainstorm on which career path will suit your strengths and help you create a mark in the industry. 

This financial course will be perfect for students who pursue a career in Investment Banking, Wealth Management, and Research Analysis. You need to have four or more years of work experience if you want to complete all the three levels. However, it will be enough to complete Level 1 for MBA students. It is recommended to do about 300 self-learning hours of training. The exams are taken in June and December.

Speaking about the pricing, level 1 exam fee will cost you not more than $1,400 (or as little as $650 in case you register for the exam in advance). Don’t worry if you have to register at the last minute and pay more than you can afford. Many students opt for small personal loans that can give you up to $5,000 for any purpose. Additionally, institutes charge extra training fee for level 1 exam preparation.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Are you dreaming about spending your professional career in financial planning? Then CFP course may be the right choice for you. It prepares specialists in insurance planning, tax and estate planning, retirement planning as well as investment planning.

This course is awarded by Financial Planning Standards Board of India (FPSB). If you decide to get a CFP certification, you have two options to choose from – Challenge Status and Regular Status.

Current MBA students are eligible for the Regular Status. It includes 5 exams from Insurance Planning and Risk Analysis to Advanced Financial Planning. The required amount of learning hours is 250 and the exam fee equals $300. Training costs and annual renewal fee are not included in this price.

Company Secretary

The company secretary is involved in dealing with legal records, creating policies for the organization and solving public issues. These are the skills and practical expertise that is not covered in an MBA program so it may become a great additional source of knowledge and finance certification for your resume. This course is available online any time of the year so you can enroll whenever you want.

Financial Risk Manager

The Global Association for Risk Professionals (GARP) offers the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) course to get an internationally recognized certificate and make your application stand out.

Who can benefit from this course? People who want to find positions like Financial Risk Consultant, Risk Assessment or Asset Liability Manager. Don’t miss a chance to enroll in this course if you are interested in Risk Management.

In order to get a certificate, you will need to have 2 or more years of relevant work experience. The exam fee varies from $300 to $650 per level and there are three levels altogether.

Consider these top-rated finance certification courses to enhance your finance career and become successful in the modern competitive business world.

Do you want to land your dream job? Don’t know how to outshine the competition? There is no doubt that having an impressive finance certification on your application document can give you a huge advantage over competitors.

Including the information about a short-term finance certification course can help your resume to become a powerful marketing tool with practical skills and job-oriented abilities. Here are the best and top-rated finance certification courses to choose from. Discover these options and decide which one is the most suitable for you.Hide

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

This course is not actually short-term but it’s more similar to an MBA course. CFA course is administered by the American CFA Institute and it includes 3 levels.

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