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Last Updated on January 18, 2023

Technical Writing: Online Certificate Programs and Classes

Advance your career by improving your technical writing skills

Why should you take online courses or get a certificate in technical writing? Job opportunities! Employment in technical writing is expected to grow faster than average over the next few years, offering new career opportunities or advancement. You can choose online courses from basic, intermediate, or advanced non-credit training in technical writing and communication, or courses in specialty areas. You can earn a certificate in technical writing or pick only the course that best fit your needs.

Becoming a better technical writer is easy with our online program:

  • Start anytime! If you prefer, you can begin on a fixed time schedule as well
  • Group enrollments encouraged – learn with your co-workers
  • You can register online – it is quick and easy!

The various technical writing courses and certificates are taught by instructors with more than 20 years of professional, technical, and career training experience. The courses are industry developed, giving you access to the same e-learning business and industry are currently utilizing.

Programs in Technical Writing: Online Certificate Programs and Classes

  1. Advanced Certificate Course in Structured Writing for Technical DocumentationOnline
  2. Advanced Certificate in Technical WritingOnline
  3. Advanced Technical WritingOnline
  4. Basic Certificate in Technical WritingOnline
  5. Certificate in Professional Technical Communication- PortfolioOnline
  6. Certificate in Technical Writing for Current Technical Writers, Editors and DesignersOnline
  7. Introduction to Technical Writing for IndustryOnline

Improve Your Skills

Successful writers in the workplace today have to be dynamic, ready to present information in whatever format their current situation requires. One day that may be writing a report, but the next day that report may be transformed into an infographic, a memo, or even a tweet.

In our highly visual and social-media-savvy world, skilled technical writers have to be able to navigate the challenges particular to each genre and medium they encounter, while tailoring their messages to meet the needs of their audience(s).

The Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing and Public Rhetorics from the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences is designed to help writers meet those challenges by developing their skills in document design, writing for the web, visual rhetoric, style, and grammar.

Working professionals and individuals who are looking to improve their writing skills across different media will find courses that are production-oriented and focus on equipping them with the theoretical and practical skills necessary to succeed as technical writers.

Each course is designed to produce a portfolio-ready final text for use in job applications or promotion documentation. These texts will be combined at the end of coursework to create a capstone portfolio that can be publicly displayed and hosted permanently on the library servers at the University of Arkansas.

One final benefit of the program is that in each course students work exclusively with faculty holding terminal degrees and specializing in Technical Writing or Rhetoric.

English (ENGL)

Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Public Rhetorics

Requirements: In order to complete the Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Public Rhetorics, students must complete 12 credit hours of coursework, with at least 6 of these hours coming from the Technical Writing and Public Rhetorics core curriculum. The additional 6 hours of credit may come from a list of approved elective courses or from additional courses from the core curriculum. Students must earn a grade of ‘B’ or better for all courses used to fulfill the requirements of the Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Public Rhetorics. In addition to coursework, students are required to complete a Technical Writing and Public Rhetorics Portfolio consisting of at least 4 pieces from the student’s coursework in the program.

Core Curriculum6-9
Minimum 6 hours required
ENGL 5513Document Design for Technical Writers
ENGL 5523Technical Writing for Online Audiences
ENGL 5533Technical Writing Praxis
Elective Courses3-6
Maximum of 6 hours allowed
ENGL 5963Advanced Studies in Technical Writing and Public Rhetorics
ENGL 5973Advanced Studies in Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL 6973Seminar in Rhetoric and Composition

Other relevant graduate coursework will be allowed on a case-by-case basis, subject to administrative approval and topical relevancy to the graduate certificate and its aims.

Portfolio: Students must consult with the Director of the Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Public Rhetorics program during their final semester to develop and defend a portfolio. The program director will chair students’ portfolio review committee; working with the director, students will choose two additional faculty members to serve on the committee and at least four pieces of writing to include in the portfolio.  Students will work with the committee to polish those pieces to a level appropriate for publication or non-profit, government, or corporate use.  When the portfolio is approved by the committee, students will host a public viewing of their works, and the portfolio will be added to the certificate program’s online repository of student work hosted by the university library. 

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