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Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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List Of Public Health Nursing Programmes In Nigeria And Their Requirements

How to Apply for Public Health Nurse Certification

As a public health nurse, you’d be making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities. In this role, you’d be working with people to improve the health of those around them. By educating the public, developing policies and serving as an advocate for your community, you could become an important part of improving the overall well-being of those around you.

Becoming certified in public health nursing through the American Nurses Credentialing Center can help public health nurses demonstrate that they’re capable of carrying out programs to improve health in their communities. If you’re considering becoming certified as a public health nurse, there are a few steps you’ll need to take before your credentials can be awarded. You’ll need to complete an application for certification, provide verification of your education and submit fees for processing your application.

Once these steps have been completed, you’re eligible to sit for the board certification exam. The exam is made up of 170 multiple choice questions and must be completed within four hours. It’s best to prepare yourself before taking the test by reviewing study materials available from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Once you’ve passed the exam and provided documentation that proves your eligibility, you’ll receive your Advanced Public Health Nurse-Board Certified credential.

Education and Experience Prerequisites

Whether you’re a registered nurse interested in advancing your career or you’re thinking about making the leap from nursing to public health, the Certified in Public Health (CPH) credential may be right for you.

Nurses may qualify for certification in three ways. All three options require a current registered nurse license. The first way to qualify is to complete a graduate degree in public or community health nursing from an accredited program. The second option is to complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s in public health. Finally, nurses may qualify with a graduate degree in nursing or a related field and 2,000 practice hours in public or community health nursing. All hours must be completed in the past three years. If the graduate degree is not a nursing degree, the undergraduate degree must be in nursing to qualify.

Submit Your Application

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) has great news: they are now accepting applications for their Public Health Nurse Board Certification. This is the only program of its kind in the country!

Now that you’re sufficiently excited about this opportunity, let’s talk about how to get started. To apply for APHN-BC certification, simply visit the Certified Public Health Nurse Certification Program page on the ANCC website. Once there, click “Apply Now” to be taken to an online application. You can also download and print a paper application if you prefer. The application process is simple—it just asks for your contact information, verifies your education and prerequisites, and asks that you pay a fee of $395 . There are even discounts available for members of the American Nurses Association , the Public Health Nursing Section of the American Public Health Association , and the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists !

How To Become A Public Health Nurse - Public Health

Certification Exam

Nursing isn’t for the faint of heart, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why the PHN certification is perfect for you if you’re looking to work in public health settings like schools, prisons, and community clinics.

The exam is 175 questions long (150 of which count toward your score) and the topics include advanced public health nursing, assessing community health, strategies to improve health and preventing disease. They also ask questions about theories of human development, epidemiology and biostatistics. And just when you think you’ve heard them all? They pull out some tricky ones related to leadership and professionalism.

The key to passing this exam is being prepared with a variety of study materials and knowing what to expect on exam day. You’ll want to focus on bringing your A-game in areas like health promotion, disease prevention, and patient education.

Maintain Certification

All nurses certified in nursing case management must renew their certification every five years. If you are a nurse case manager who is interested in learning more about the renewal process, read on—we’ve got what you need!

The first step? Make sure your RN license is up-to-date and valid. Then complete one of six categories of professional development: continuing education, academic credits, presentations, publication or research, preceptor hours and professional service. Starting in 2014, all nurses will also be required to complete 75 continuing education hours plus one other category.

The renewal fee as of 2013 is $350 with discounts available. Nurses can choose to renew online or by mail.

Additional State Requirements

Public health nurses work with communities to identify and address health issues. They often do this by developing and implementing programs that diagnose and prevent illnesses, such as immunization clinics or health camps for kids. They may also partner with local organizations to assist them in addressing public health issues.

Some states require public health nurses to obtain state certification by submitting an application and a fee. Requirements vary by state, but often include a current RN license, proof of nursing education, and training in child abuse and neglect. Other states have an optional certification.

Public health nurses typically must be licensed as registered nurses before they can become certified or licensed in the field of public health nursing.

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