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British Literature is not an easy subject to crack. Students of this subject will know that their workload can be absolutely immense. Over the two years you will be expected to read a vast number of literary texts and we are here to help ease the stress of that task by creating a reading list of all the texts you need to read, listing alternative versions when they’re available and then providing a brief indication as to why each text has been included.

British Literature Books Pdf – recommended books for revision and study. This book list will help you to save time by listing all the important texts you will need to read and helping to save you money by finding the cheapest places to buy them. We have listed them in order of importance and created a separate list for the Unit 1 exam. The reason we’ve done this is because not all books will be useful to you, depending on whether you are studying AS or A-Level English Literature.

This Book List for British Literature is comprised of books which are designed to help you improve your knowledge and understanding of this genre. By working through this list you will acquire an in-depth knowledge of the study area and achieve a high score from your examiners. This is because this list has been created by teachers along with subject specialists for each text, which means you can be confident about what you are reading.

I’ve read the nine british literature books on the ap english exam list. I personally enjoyed reading some of them more than others. All of them were illuminating in their own way, and I’m glad they are on the list.

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From Shakespeare to poetry, there are lots of great British Literature books you can read for your course. However, there’s a problem – which ones should you choose? In fact, it’s easy to get confused when making a choice just by looking at all the titles available. To simplify things for you, we created an ultimate list of British Literature books you should be reading for your A-Level exams.

British Literature is a core AS/A-Level and a GCSE subject. It is also one of the most important and useful subjects on any curriculum whether that be a vocational course or degree. In this article, we will show you the best books, sites, and resources that are available to you when studying British Literature.

British Literature is a core A-Level subject, and one that students are required to revise over a long period. Consequently, there is a substantial amount of reading which needs to be done. In this book list I will explain the main texts which students need to be familiar with for revision purposes, and also include some useful websites for extra support on your studies.

When it comes to revising for your AS or A-Levels, you will be doing a lot of reading. This can be time-consuming and expensive. Reading lists at most schools are very heavy on American and Irish authors. However, if you are studying English Literature at A2 level (or after A2) the books may be relevant to you!

check out British Literature Books Pdf

Curious what British literature books you should read to get the most out of your experience as a student? Useful resources and guides to help students and teachers explore literature, take notes and share ideas.

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