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He’s Gone Rogue

Ex-Navy SEAL Rock Babineaux’s job is to get information, and he’s one of the best in the business. Until something goes horribly wrong and he’s being hunted by his own government. Even his best friends at the covert special-ops organization Black Knights Inc. aren’t sure they can trust him. He thinks he can outrun them all, but his former partner—a curvy bombshell who knows just how to drive him wild—refuses to cut him loose.

She Won’t Back Down

Vanessa Cordova hasn’t been the team’s communication specialist very long, but she knows how to read people—no way is Rock guilty of murder. And she’ll go to hell and back to help him prove it. Sure, the sexy Cajun has his secrets, but there’s no one in the world she’d rather have by her side in a tight spot. Which is good, because they’re about to get very tight… 

Wow!!! This awesome book definitely lived up to its title. Julie Ann is a brilliant writer, and her Black Knight series is one of my romantic suspense favs. Her books are always full of non-stop action, suspense and hot smexy lovin’. I’ve been a hard core addict ever since I got my hands on Hell On Wheels, book #1 in the series. This self confessed BK junkie voraciously devoured the first three books, and still I wanted more. Naturally I was deliriously happy when I got my greedy hands on this book, and couldn’t wait to get down to reading. I was gonna take my time, savor the high, make it last. Huh ? Good intentions aside, I rushed through this book like a bat outta hell. Completely caught up in the story, those pages kept turning….and turning….and turning. I was sucked into this story and I just could not put it down. Too soon it was over, and I didn’t want it to end. Just as I knew it would, Thrill Ride more than lived lived up to my anticipation.
It was in the last book, Rev It Up, that we saw how the wind was gonna blow. Rock was headed for trouble with his shadowy side job, and Vanessa was inviting herself along for the ride. And what a ride it was, more like a never ending adrenaline rush. The action scenes in this story were nothing less than spectacular. The vivid descriptions had me right there with Rock and Vanessa on their wild flight through the jungle. Then later on, Vanessas anguish at Rocks “death” was almost tangible.
Like the first three BK books, Thrill Ride featured characters that I connected with. I felt that Rock was perhaps the most fascinating of the BK operatives, and easily got his reasons for involving himself with the sinister Rwanda Don. I understood the Knights sense of comraderie and brotherhood, and got how Rock was trying to protect his brothers. It came as no surprise that his friends would put it all on the line for him. Remember I’ve read these books and know just how tight these guys are. I also enjoyed seeing Vanessa holding her own amidst a bunch of macho operatives. Despite the action/suspense part of the story, it is at heart a romance, and Julie Ann did not disappoint in that part either. The love scenes were as hot and steamy as I’d expected.
Julie Ann Walker is a mega-talented author, who fast became one of my very favorites. She is amazingly gifted at pulling the reader into the story, and it was her BK series that jolted me out of a long reading slump and brought me back to the romantic/suspense genre. It is an outstanding series,with each book featuring different plots and unique characters. None of the same old recycled plots that many authors are guilty of. Her compelling characters, action filled stories and intriguing plots have made Thrill Ride one of the most entertaining new releases out there. I loved it, and feel that the readers will agree with me when I say, Julie Ann outdid herself on this one.
So, did this junkie get her fix ? The answer is….for now. Just like a junkie looking for their next hit of smack, I’m already jonesing for the next book coming in September. Built for Speed will feature Wild Bill and Eve, and I get a feeling it’s going to be down-n-dirty and as raw as it gets. I can’t wait to get my greedy hands on it.
Thrill Ride was an awesome read, and I have no problem recommending it. And if you’ve not tried this series yet, then I suggest you do, cause you really don’t know what a treat you’re missing.

Wow. Intense action right from the beginning. Rock has been accused of going rogue and is on the run from his own government. It doesn’t take long for his teammates at BKI to figure out that he’s been set up, but finding a man who doesn’t want to be found isn’t going to be easy.

I loved Rock. When we’ve seen him in previous books (Black Knights Inc) he’s been pretty quiet and is often off doing other work when he’s not on a mission. When he realizes he’s been set up and targeted for elimination because of that other work he disappears so that he can figure out what happened. He is determined to do this alone as he does not want his friends at BKI to be sucked into his mess. He is stunned and angry when Vanessa tracks him down and tries to get her to go back without him. Before that happens they are located by the feds who are after him and have to go on the run. The race through the jungle in intense with the descriptions so good I could almost feel the humidity and hear the wildlife. The attraction between Rock and Vanessa also intensifies but Rock makes it clear that nothing will come of it. He has a past that makes him avoid commitment and he sees her as someone who wants more. Throughout the story he has a constant battle to try to keep her at arm’s length. I found his fear that his problems could harm the Knights logical, and also loved the way that they refused to let him shut them out.

Vanessa hasn’t worked at BKI for long but she has been drawn to Rock since the beginning. She is the team communications and language expert. She is especially attuned to sounds and something about his voice just intensifies her attraction to him. She is the first to express her disbelief at the accusations against Rock and ultimately is the one who finds him. I love her determination and strength of will. She has a couple of insecurities that affect her actions but is helped through them by Rock. She also knows what she wants from Rock and isn’t afraid to go after it even though he keeps trying to push her away. I loved the way she brought him back together with the Knights even though it was incredibly hard on her. Besides her growing love for him Vanessa’s biggest focus is on helping him prove his innocence.

One of my favorite things about the BKI books is how tight they all are. There is nothing more important than supporting your teammates. Besides that support I love all the interactions among them: Bill getting testy when his sister or Frank make comments about their marriage, Ozzie’s obsession with movies and 80s music, the sizzle between Eve and Billy. I loved the way that they all worked together in Costa Rica to save Rock from the feds; it was a fantastic plot. I also love the humor that is always there as they find some unique ways to solve some problems. The mystery itself was well done – I had no clue who had done it until the end.

What a pleasant surprise! Thrill Ride is book 4 in the Black Knights Inc. series by Julie Ann Walker. I read Hell On Wheels and Rev It Up, both of which I found average at best and painfully awkward at the worst. I choose to read this book because either I’m a glutton for punishment or I feel compelled to finish series. I’m really happy to say that this book is a vast improvement from my previous reads.

The story is coherent and tightly written. The characters are highly likable and have depth. The obstacles confronting the protagonists feel real. The biggest improvement is the writing. Whereas in the past, the inner dialogue felt contrived and crass, this feels more in line with the personalities of the characters (I love the phrase “madder than a wet hen in a tote sack.” – highly visual and completely appropriate for the story). Maybe these lines work because the characters are so much more interesting – Rock Babineaux is a Cajun with a tendency towards the heroic (even if he keeps denying it). Vanessa Cordero is spunky and stubborn. There is great chemistry between the two and their interactions are sizzling.

My one gripe about this book is some of the off-handed anti-feminist remarks that aren’t useful and don’t really enhance the story like “just give me some bubble bath and a tampon. I think I’m officially part of the estrogen family” and “screw the feminist movement, because right now she was glad she was a woman and he was a man….” I somehow don’t think the feminist movement was advocating a denial of womanhood – this type of comment shows a lack of understanding of the issues and perpetuates a stereotype unnecessarily.

I noticed that Ms. Walker gives thanks to Catherine Mann in her Acknowledgements. Catherine Mann is one of my favorite authors. Based on the improvements I’ve noted, Ms. Mann’s has clearly impacted the quality of this book. Her influence shows.

IN A NUTSHELL: If this is the direction of the BKI books, I’ll be first in line to buy the next in the series. Very nice job, Ms. Walker.

Let’s just start out and say this book certainly lives up to its name. In book four of this intense sexy series we are treated to a lot of action, a lot of suspense, a lot of humor, and a passionate love story entwined throughout. It is one of my absolute favorite romantic suspense series.

Every time I read a book in this series I’m so impressed by the situations and the original story lines. The predicaments these guys and gals find themselves in and the resources they use to get themselves out goes to prove that Ms. Walker has an immense talent for writing suspense.

This book focuses mainly on Rock and Vanessa. Of course the rest of the team is involved as well, but this is truly their story. I absolutely love these two people together. Vanessa is strong and determined, but she has a few insecurities and flaws that Rock helps her overcome. She is willing to give up the one person she truly loves just so he has a chance to clear his name and live a normal life. Her decision isn’t an easy one and it just goes to show how deep her love for Rock is. Just as expected Rock is furious that she betrayed him and in typical pissed off man fashion, he spits off a lot of poison towards her. They have an obstacle course of situations in their search for the person responsible for him going rogue. Then after that hurdle they have to somehow bury their past behind and claim the future they both deserve.

The addition of side characters we have come to know and love from the previous books just adds a new dynamic layer to the mystery and suspense. It’s nice to catch up and get a small snippet of how things are going with them.

Walker’s books are always entertaining. Her characters are realistic and unique. Her sex scenes are scorching hot and very original. Her ability to mix humor even in the most intense situations adds so much to the story. These books are jammed packed full of suspense, romance, laughter, and sometimes tears. She knows how to hook you in on the first chapter and keeps you riveted until you reach the end.

About Author Thrill Ride by Julie Ann Walker Pdf

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