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The Secret Circle: The Initiation & The Captive are the second and third books in the series. The first book is called “The Secret Circle: Book One”. In this series, they start a new school at the high school level. They encounter supernatural characters and one of them shows up in their class. He is the one with all of the answers to who, what and why things are happening around them.

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Join the Secret Circle as a member of their inner circle in this full-length prequel novelette adventure. Initiated into a secret high school society, Cassie must find her place and learn about her powers and her destiny. In this move to a new town, she meets an elusive boy named Adam…and for some reason he doesn’t make her feel like other boys do. Is there more to Adam? And why does he act so strangely sometimes? Secrets from his past threaten to ruin his future and Cassie is just beginning to realize that maybe this time she can be The One who saves him.

Emily’s life has fallen apart since she moved to New Salem, Massachusetts. Her mother is missing, her father is distant and her brother is fighting in Iraq. Then Emily finds out about The Secret Circle, a group of kids with magical powers. Now Emily is part of the Circle and has to keep her new friends a secret from everyone else – especially her ex-boyfriend Nick Armstrong.

Cassie is expelled from school, but arranges to be home schooled by Adam. This allows them to spend all their time in the circle. Karen makes a necklace of symbols to bind Cole and they go to the abandoned house to confront him. The problem is that it also binds Diana and Nick, who are immune to its powers.

About The Secret Circle the Initiation and the Captive Pdf

Girl gone camping

And she finds herself four mercenary men roughing it on a mountain in a cabin… It is only gonna get hotter as she likes all four…. A lot. I found this story exciting and a bit erotic although I think it might have been interested to see them use their cage in that secret hide out. For the most part the story is told from her view point which I actually like to get more male viewpoint. Don’t worry though this story does have some of the guy’s viewpoints too. I do like this series so far… A 5 star minimum .

I look at this book I was a little confused by the write up and so I read the sample of the first two chapters and that is what caught my attention. First let me say that this is a story that is whole and complete. There are so many books out there that are just written around the sex and nothing else really solid. This book is solid it has is a fascinating plot that grabbed my curiosity in those first two chapters. Does it involve sex…yes it does. However I have read some books that have been really crude about the sexual side of the story telling. This book does involved multiply people with the one girl Jolene who goes by Jo instead. That being said let me go on to the more important things.

What drew me to the story was that Jo and her friend were supposed to have gone on this camping trip together. They worked at a topless bar wearing maid outfits of sorts serving the customers their food and drinks. They both had their reason for this camping trip but when her friend smashed her finger in the registers so bad that there was no way she could go on the camping trip. She decided to go to L. A. for a few days instead. Jo went ahead and went to the place that they had carefully tracked down. Now that is what caught my attention. Here is a girl that has never camped before and was doing it by herself talk about a tough girl. I had gone camping many times when I was younger but never alone. It was a long hike from the car to the location especially hauling a forty pound back pack. I’ve done the they hiking part too and that is not easy at all. But after getting there it was the perfect location. There was a place that was a flat clearing just right for the tent, and close by was a pool created by the stream that she went skinny dipping and enjoyed her time in the woods. It was all good until the storm came up in the middle of the night. It reduced everything around the campsite into a gigantic mud bath. Everything had been splattered with mud. The towels she had hanging from a branch, the camp stove, and even her tent. It was going to be a mess to clean up. The she hear the voices which turned to be that of Jax and Pierce. She offered them coffee to drink then she slipped in the mud and sprang her ankle seriously bad. The guys had no choice by to take her back to their cabin. She could not take care of herself nor could she even drive herself home if she were to make it to her car. She had secrets that she had and that was the reason why she was camping in the woods all by herself.

Jax and Pierce knew that there were going to the cabin would be a problem with bring Jo to the cabin but they would know that there was no other choice. These guys had their reason too for living off the gird. Reason that could be dangerous if anyone found out they were there. Reid met the at the door obviously furious. As Pierce came in helping her limp to his room. Jo had a few choice words with Ried and his attitude he had with her. Jo definitely didn’t want to be anywhere that she wasn’t wanted but she had no choice she could not fend for herself. Then she was forced into the closet, through a secret door in the closet, into another dark room with a flash light that was turned off and told to stay there and not turn on any light and to be absolutely quiet. She turned on her cell phone light to get her bearings, thinking it would be all right. Evidently not when the huge Blaze came bursting in the room dragging her out and into the living room chewing her out the whole way. Blaze seemed to be the leader and a hard ass and hot head of the group. The other guys just stood there and watched as Blaze chewed her out. Then she did what they never expected anyone to do and live through it. She poked the bear not once but twice. The question is what were these guys hiding from? All she wants to do is get back to her life but she can’t because she can’t walk out just yet. She is wonder what she got herself in to. She had enough problems of her own not wanting to add to them. But she was getting to know each of the guys and she was beginning to like them. The question is will she get away or will she stay once she knows who these guys really are? Is she as safe as thinks she is when she is with them.

This is one book that once you pick it up you will not want to put it down.

This is the first book in the Savage Mountaine Men Series, a Reverse Harem Romance. I love all about this book: the cover, the characters, the multiple POV, the sizzling chemistry, and the story. The storyline is fast-paced, intriguing, sexy/hot, and suspenseful. Laurie West did a great job with the narration. Looking forward to listen to the next book in the Series, The Runaway. I love Mika Lane’s writing.

Title: The Captive
Author: Mika Lane
Format: Audio
Narrator: Laurie West
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Mercenary Reverse Harem
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: Book 1 of the Savage Mountain Men series
POV: Joelle, Pierce, Reid, Blaze
Steam Level: Hot

The Captive is the first book in the Savage Mountain Men series. Jo goes camping in a remote location on Savage Mountain and ends up twisting her ankle when she meets Pierce and Jax who then take her to the cabin they share with Reid and Blaze. Things get crazier and sexier from there. All of them have secrets and I loved seeing them revealed. I’ve recently discovered Mika Lane and The Captive is just as good as the previous books I’ve read by Mika Lane. I cannot wait to dive into book two.

Favorite Quote: If I didn’t kill her, I’d be marrying this bitch.

I’m listened to this in the Savage Mountain Men Collection box set that I got for free from Audiobooks Unleashed. This is my honest and voluntary review. 

I think this was the first Mika Lane book I’ve ever read and I will be reading lots more! First of all, reverse harem…who the hell doesn’t want that? Second, one woman, four men, a secluded mountain, and lots of great sex. Jo was bratty, sweet and darling all at once. Blaze was a tough dominant male who lived a hard life and wasn’t the friendliest at first, Jax was fun-loving and cocky, Reid was sensitive but had an underlying strength, while Pierce had an interesting fetish tucked under his bed. I found it amusing that it wasn’t Pierce that invaded that particular area (8-) Anyway, the plot was well developed, the characters were interesting, and the setting was beautiful. Now I wonder where I can find me some mountain men?

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