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First in a thrilling military romantic suspense series based on the real-life elite helicopter pilots who transport Navy SEALs and Delta Force teams in and out of combat and covert missions. (SOAR are the heroes of Black Hawk Down.)

Buchman’s heroine flys the most dangerous military ops and tries to find the one man who can be a hero in her own life. Ace-pilot Captain Emily Beale goes undercover as bodyguard to the First Lady, with her rugged commander, Major Mark Henderson, who is determined to cover her back. Can she learn to keep her desire at bay before her covert mission implodes.

Whoa! At the 97% mark, I still couldn’t figure out how this book was going to end. IT. WAS. SO. FREAKING. GOOD!!! Full review to come, after I let the story stew for a bit in my mind. Really an excellent book!!

My Review:
I don’t even know where to start this review because I loved this book so much. Seriously, from page 1, I could not put this book down and when I was sitting at the 97% point in the book, I still couldn’t see how there was going to be an HEA. OMG, it was so good, so suspenseful, and so entertaining. I LOVED THIS BOOK!

So I could start with the amazing heroine of the story, Emily Beale. She is one kick-ass chick! She is the only woman to ever make it into the highly competetive world of SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment of the Army.) She adores her job. She lives to fly her helicopters into high-stress, combat zones. She has made her way in this all-man world and has done it by being faster, tougher, and better than anyone else. When she is pulled out of this world though, to be put in the White House as the First Lady’s personal chef and bodyguard, she is not happy.

Then there is the hero of the book, Major Mark Henderson. Everyone who has ever worked for him, including Emily, will tell you that he’s a hardass. There is no pleasing the man. If you do well, then next time you better do better. He never lets anyone see his human side and is deeply hiding his attraction for Emily. He is ticked off when she suddenly is taken out of his command…not only because he is attracted to her, but because she is the best pilot in his unit. When there is an incident stateside where Emily is hurt, he has to be there, at least for a few hours, to check on her. He can’t do anything else.

All the way through this book, the action and suspense will keep you at the edge of your seat. Never have I read such detail about flying and the intricacies of different helicopters with such passion and interest. I am a girl and I don’t get into mechanical things, but reading Emily describe the different helicopters and her passion for each of them, was just incredible. The action sequences in this book left my pulse pounding and MY adrenaline levels higher. The entire book is just so well-written. Lots of detail, but never so much that you get lost or bored. It gives the entire book an incredible air of authenticity.

Then there is the romance. Mark is a Major, Emily is a Captain under his command. The regulations are very clear…NO romance allowed, but when Mark is pulled into Emily’s undercover operation, things get very blurry very quickly. They both know that there is no future. They both love their job too much to give it up. These are two people who are passionate about their lives and jobs in the military, but they are also passionate about each other. Like I said, the story kept me guessing up until the very end. I just couldn’t see a good resolution for this one.

I feel like I should end this review, but there were so many other layers to this story that were so good. Like the fact that Emily’s childhood best friend and secret crush is now the President of the US. Her father is head of the FBI. Her mother hopes to somehow change her into the proper society wife. Then there are the peripheral stories which I hope will show up in future books, like the Delta, Michael. Did I mention how well this book was written? Just a superbly well-rounded, seriously entertaining story. REALLY INCREDIBLY GOOD BOOK!!!

BTW, I received a copy of this book as an e-book from the publisher. When I finished it, I knew that I wanted it for my keeper shelf and had seen it in my local bookstore. So the day after I read the book, I went out and bought a print copy so that I could have this book in print to re-read over and over again. 

I spent several of my undergraduate years engrossed in gender studies. But a guy writing trashy romance novels for women? That made me do a double-take. I couldn’t help myself from buying one of his (M.L. Buchman) books to see for myself what his mass market romance, complete with (hot) pink cursive title and (very hot) beefcake on the cover would read like. My verdict? It reads like a guy wrote it. And there’s something hot about that. I mean, we (educated, normally level-headed) women who have been known to take a paperback hunk home with us on occasion, are familiar with seeing the romantic world through the eyes of fellow females. It’s all so familiar — how we women typically view ourselves in relation to men, the little things about our appearance and personalities we worry to death, the way we tend to analyze intentions and interactions — as written by other women who intuitively just know what it is to be a woman in lust or love. Reading a typical trashy romance is like talking about men with a bunch of women over cocktails. But in The Night is Mine by Buchman, it’s more like having your best guy friend drop his walls and reveal the tender romantic under the usually non-verbal, tough exterior in talking about the woman he wants and loves. And so I ask you — do you want that girl chat? Or do you want it from the horse’s mouth? If you choose the latter you’re in for a military, black-ops adventure into a world of more specialized helicopters and weapons than you may ever have known existed. As someone who has struggled with pacifism, it was initially disturbing. But the fact it’s the main, very strong, female character who is most skilled with both contraptions somehow got me over myself. I found it pleasantly surprising that Buchman’s main female character was far stronger than the vast majority (in my experience) of female characters in romances written by women. To know it is a male author giving such respect to the creation of this character was additionally refreshing. And, as I mentioned, hot. The effect was to finish the last page in something of a boosted mood, feeling good about the potential of male-female relationships. Oftentimes I finish these mass market romances feeling, yeah, that got me hooked IN SPITE OF the pathetic characters. That’s when the pleasure is truly guilty — when the book reveals women’s more pernicious stereotypical qualities in characters that don’t make us reflect on ourselves as particularly strong women, and still, we find the storyline enticing. About the only guilty pleasure I felt in reading Buchman’s work was an unexpected interest in helicopters capable of swiftly dispatching people from this life. I found myself having, for the first time with my husband, helicopter conversations that were not heavily tinged with sarcasm (usually directed at the models he spends days making, or the flight simulator he could similarly spend days on). Of course, he scoffed when I asked him if HE wanted to read the helicopter romance. But isn’t that perhaps in our future? I mean, we have a few men now writing mass market romances, and doing a pretty good job. Now maybe male readers will clue in to all the fun they’re missing out on.

About Author The Night Is Mine Pdf Free Download

USA Today and Amazon #1 Bestseller M. L. “Matt” Buchman started writing on a flight south from Japan to ride his bicycle across the Australian Outback. Just part of a solo around-the-world trip that ultimately launched his writing career.

From the very beginning, his powerful female heroines insisted on putting character first, then a great adventure. He’s since written over 60 action-adventure thrillers and military romantic suspense novels. And just for the fun of it: 100 short stories, and a fast-growing pile of read-by-author audiobooks.

Booklist says: 3x “Top 10 of the Year.” PW says: “Tom Clancy fans open to a strong female lead will clamor for more.” His fans say: “I want more now…of everything.” That his characters are even more insistent than his fans is a hoot.
As a 30-year project manager with a geophysics degree who has designed and built houses, flown and jumped out of planes, and solo-sailed a 50’ ketch, he is awed by what is possible. More at:

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