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Chery popped!

Okay so this was my first reverse harem series and actually first harem anything book.
I enjoy threesome relationships and had a foursome that was 2 m 2 f.
I had read one negative review and wasn’t sure if this book was for me.
Well I am glad I read this book anyway because I really did enjoy it.
There is nothing amazing as a strong female character who knows she is not a slut but a woman exploring her sexuality and enjoying these men.
I wondered if I would like one guy more then the rest but honestly I felt they all were the perfect fit for her!
I also like that these guys were not man whores and she wasn’t the damsel in distress or had no sexual experience.
Each sec scene was just steamy steamy making me dreamy!
I am going to move on to the next book and I cannot wait!!!! 

Marry to get millions? Yes please!

Garnet is a sassy bartender at a dive bar called the Drive By. Her co-workers and patrons love her, but it seems one patron cared more about her than she ever realized. When “Grandpa” left her his estate, it was on the condition that she be married within 30 days. How is that going to happen when she’s single?

This is my first time reading Mika Lane and she did not disappoint! I liked how we got to learn about each of the characters and what makes them who they are. The story had a great flow to it that made all the interactions make sense, not to mention all the steamy scenes between Garnet and her men! My first read from Mika Lane, but definitely not my last!!


Absolutely wonderful! From the out of the blue inheritance to the wild ride to fulfill the requirement to get it. Matty’s out there personality as Garnet’s best friend is just the icing on the cake. Four sexy men loving on Garmet is hot as all get out, and grandpa’s secret reveled at the end is an odd twist to things. Narrators for the audible version out did themselves! 

Nice and lighthearted

This was a lovely well written book. There were a few grammatical errors. Because of the timeline for 30 days it’s definitely a everything happens quickly book. There isn’t really a depth to the characters but it’s an ok storyline and it could definitely had been delved into deeper than it was. It was none the less a good, nice, lighthearted book

A great book

I re-read this book because I forgot how it ended. It was just as good the second time around. Since it’s a snowy day, figured I would read something a little different than my usual books. Enjoyed this book a lot. It was fun re-learning what all the guys did. Nat was actually the only one I remembered. Thanks for such good entertainment. Written by Cindy 

Who do I choose?

This book is not for the shy or faint of heart. One sizzling hot sex and love story. An unconventional will changes a young woman’s life completely. Not only does she find love, but has four hot sexy men at her beck and call.

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