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Step into Elaine Levine’s exciting new series of alpha warriors–products of the government’s secret corps of assassins called the Red Team:
Haunted by memories he cannot reach, stalked by an enemy bent on revenge . . .
Rocco Silas has come home to Wyoming after long years as a Red Team operative in Afghanistan. It isn’t easy returning to civilian life, especially burdened as he is with a staggering case of PTSD or hunted as he is by an enemy determined to seek an eye-for-eye–neither of which can he battle until he confronts the truth of what happened one fateful day in the high mountain ranges of the Hindu Kush.
. . . She alone holds the key to his sanity.
Mandy Fielding’s dream of opening a therapeutic riding center on her family’s ranch is almost within her grasp–until she hires Rocco Silas, a dangerous ex-Spec Ops friend of her brother’s. His haunted eyes and passionate touch promise a love she never dared believe possible. Can they confront the truth of his past and build a future together or will the enemy stalking him destroy them both?

Opening Line:“He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t hear, couldn’t stand, but his godammed eyes could still see. Everything.”

Ladies if you’re looking for a new tortured hero to fall for then I’ve found him. Rocco Silas would have to be one of the most heartbreaking, damaged, seriously shut-off romantic leads I’ve come across since JR Ward’s Zsadist, and that’s not a bad thing. This is the first book from Elaine Levine’s new romantic suspense series Red Team and its a great read; filled with hunky, wisecracking ex-counter terror operatives, smoking hot love scenes, a western vibe and a new addition to my top tortured heroes of all time list.

Rocco is broken; struggling to function as a civilian after spending the past 7 years deep undercover on special assignment in Afghanistan. He’s just been released from a military hospital but his PTSD is far from under control. Suffering from nightmares, hallucinations and a paralyzing fear of being touched (because of what he sees on his skin) he’s also keeping himself just on the edge of starvation so he can feel… something. At this point suicide is becoming a fairly reasonable option.

Enter Mandy Fielding, the half sister of one of his fellow Red Team operatives. Mandy is in the process of opening a therapeutic riding center but due to a string of weird accidents she can’t get any of her ranch hands to stick around long enough to actually get it open. She promised her brother that she’d take Rocco on but honestly she’s not thrilled with the idea of having a dangerous ex soldier on her payroll. One look into Rocco’s haunted eyes though and her compassionate side takes over, she always did have a soft spot for the wounded strays.

The first half of this story focuses almost exclusively on Rocco and Mandy’s blossoming romance, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch unfold. Because Rocco is such a mess (at times he’s almost more animal then man) witnessing him learn to trust, to touch, to feel again is just amazing.

“I’m not afraid of you.” His head lifted, his hard gaze levelling her. “You should be. I’m afraid of me.”

A couple of sigh worthy moments come to mind; There’s a very BDB reminiscent scene in the shower where Rocco is trying to scrub his skin clean and later a flashback that has Mandy finding him in town just staring down main street where he’s been for hours (the reason why is gut wrenching) My favourite scene though would have to be when Mandy finally gets him to eat, feeding him bite after bite from her fork. It is so raw, so sensual and heartbreakingly sexy. Yeah, The Edge of Courage gave me several re-readable moments. Oh the sexy time ain’t too shabby either!

Around the half way mark the rest of the boys from Red Team show up to help take out terrorist Ebsan Asir -He’s set up a faction in the US, seeking retribution for events in Afghanistan. And while I loved the first part of this book its here that the story begins to suffer from first-book-in series-syndrome. With our H/h getting lost between a massive influx of very witty, very sexy secondary characters, fading into the background while we get to know the heroes of future books. Its also when all the action takes place and while its exciting and non stop it also heads into OTT territory, and I had to just shut my brain off and enjoy the ride. We’re left with a couple of loose ends but even without those I would be excited about the next instalment from what promises to be a great series.

Let me just say, for a .99 ebook, this story packed one heck of an intensely emotional wallop!

The first half is particularly 5-star material, and an emotional and psychological exploration of PTSD that left me sad, angry, scared, and, ultimately, joyful. You could literally feel the hero’s torment, anguish and confusion. This part of the story was utterly superb! The second half is much more action-oriented, and a bit over-the-top only in the enemy the team will be facing.

The writing, other than a few odd spots where contractions weren’t used, and thereby made the dialog stilted, is actually very good. The story is well thought out, and the emotional impact is one that will linger, as it should.

Highly recommended! Don’t miss this little gem!!

Holy Moly – I was flat-out gobsmacked by the intensity and emotional impact this one had on me by the end of the first chapter! The tears flowed. Elaine Levine has written an explosive military romantic suspense. This is a powerhouse completely overflowing with such courage, need and unbridled desire that it sometimes feels much too-close-to-the-real-thing.

After serving deeply undercover in Afghanistan for seven years, our hero Rocco Silas returns home a tortured, broken, and destroyed human being suffering from PTSD. He can’t eat – he can’t sleep – he can’t remember – he can’t escape the nightmares. His fear of being touched is on a whole other level of sadness brought about by events unimaginable to me. At times suicide creeps into his thoughts and seems to be his only answer.

Thank goodness, it is at this point that two lives intersect and Rocco meets Mandy Fielding, the step-sister of one of his team mates. Hope and salvation come packaged in a strong young woman, a trained physical therapist, who is filled to the brim with compassion and a giving spirit that runs towards fostering strays in need of help. When she looks into the empty and hollow eyes of Rocco Silas, she resolves to do whatever she can to help in his healing process and give him another chance at life.

As for the developing relationship between Rocco and Mandy, I can’t possibly do it justice in my review. Suffice it to say that it is a thing of beauty. There are plenty of sparks, undeniable chemistry, tenderness, as well as differences of opinion. There are also some of the most unforgettable moments between these two characters that I’ve had the pleasure of reading in all my memories of visits to romanceland.

Midway into the story, Red Team operatives arrive on scene packaged in a variety of sexy, handsome, and rugged men, bringing along with them their own brand of humor. With their arrival, whether it’s a bar room fight or against terrorist threats, the non-stop action is fueled and the battles begin. At this point several potential candidates step forward as possibilities for the starring role in the next installment of this amazing series.

In the end, there’s unfinished business. One Red Team member has been shot, dumped and left for dead, while a rattlesnake slowly crawls up the leg of his pants. No! Hey Lady Author – you can’t leave Ty like this. I was really-really starting to fall for the guy. Will he survive? Is there hope for a relationship? Sending up fervent prayers that the next book is scheduled for release sooner rather than later!


About Author The Edge of Courage Pdf Free Download

“Elaine Levine is a wonderfully fresh and original voice in western romance.
RACHEL AND THE HIRED GUN is full of fast-paced action and powerful emotions. I loved it!”
— Joan Johnston, New York Times bestselling author of A STRANGER’S GAME

“A pair of appealing, well-matched protagonists (with a bit of a history), a slimy villain, well-drawn secondary characters, and plenty of action make this rough-and-ready Western one that fans are sure to enjoy.”

“A beautiful romance…keeps the reader hooked from the first page to the last.” -New York Times Bestselling Author Catherine Anderson about LEAH AND THE BOUNTY HUNTER

Though this is the third book of a romance trilogy, the story stands quite well on its own. Elaine Levine gives us a multi-level story about trust and being able to overcome personal fears to achieve a goal. Set in the post-Civil War era, Leah and the Bounty Hunter gives us a window into the rough-and-tumble lives of our settler-forefathers and what they did to succeed against lawlessness and the incredible challenges to settle the old West. An enjoyable read, recommended. –Monica E. Spence, Historical Novels Review on LEAH AND THE BOUNTY HUNTER

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Genre fiction gives me the perfect medium to build worlds where readers can join me for fun adventures. Pick up one of my Men of Defiance historical western romances and slip your fingers around the Colt .44 of a legendary gunslinger, be a scout on a wagon train, or ride shotgun on a stagecoach. Pick up one of my Red Team romantic suspenses and join the battle against international druglords and home-grown terrorists with a hot team of counter-terror specialists.

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