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About Tell Me Pretty Lies Pdf

I really enjoyed this RH novel! I was not ready for it to end at all.

Astrid has moved to a small city outside Denver,Co. Her father is a pastor and mom is a bit crazy and controlling. She isn’t used to making friends and has a tough time assimilating to her new school. She finds an opportunity to get a full ride scholarship through her photography. Along with working on that she has to fight off the catty girls & the dumb boys who do their bidding. Astrid ended up insulting the wrong boy and he turned the “in-crowd” against her.

I found the four guys to be easily distinguishable which sometimes with RH doesn’t always happen. Each guy had their own personality & attitude that made it easy to keep track of them. They came from different backgrounds. different hobbies, and different ages. I really enjoyed that they were not all friends before the girl but she was what brings them together.

The main character Astrid was not very original through… the damaged home life, just trying to make it at a new school, etc. I just didn’t find her as believing of a character as I wanted. I did enjoy the love of art & photography throughout the book.

The ending was a bit too rushed after allllll the build up. That was quite a let down. And there was a cliffhanger as well.

Holy plot twists

Blake Blessing may be new to the indie scene, but all of her books are freaking amazing. Pretty Lies is a YA contemp romance that is just full of angst, swoon-worthy men, and one AWESOME heroine by the name of Astrid. While we discover that the world and everyone around Astrid all have secrets to hide and we uncover the truth of all these pretty lies. It’s just so good! I couldn’t put it down. Beck, Rhys, Thatcher, and Jonah are so different and yet all so delicious with their intertwining lives and Astrid. I’m ready to see what book two brings…

What a refreshing and excellent start to a new series. Though it’s set in High School and not much romance happens in this installment, the bones are there, and so are the sparks. Astrid makes true connections with some truly remarkable yet flawed individuals in this book. It also treats the teenagers less as tweens and more as the actual adults they are. The language is spot on. I enjoy reading YA/NA that isn’t juvenile in it’s language or treatment of the characters. This book also addresses bullying and the layers behind the facade that people live in their public lives versus who they are in private. Really enjoyed everything about this story and it flowed so well! I cannot wait to read more of Astrid’s story and hopefully an elevation to the romance aspect too! Well done!

I started this series and was completely sucked in! Astrid was such a different character. She’s headstrong but likes to blend in And people watch. By people watch, she takes the most interesting pictures of people without their notice. Yet she’s not creepy at all. I also completely adore all the guys (Jonah, Rhys, Beck, and Thatcher) too!

What’s the best part of the story is, they aren’t all friends. They know of each other but are only becoming friends because of Astrid. It is so great to see the friendships grow of this unlikely crew. Most books will already have the guys as close friends but this different take is refreshing and just absolutely enjoyable. 

Pretty Lies is the first book in the Astrid Scott Series and I loved it! The story is unique and at the core is dripping with angst and heartache. Astrid has just moved to a new area and wants to blend into the background. She is a quirky, quiet girl who has a talent for photography and capturing people at both their best and their worst. She finds people’s truths. One of my favorite lines from the book is “Damn me, and my peeping Tom tendencies.” While it should be creepy I almost found it endearing. People never seem notice her but Astrid has the ability to really see people for who they are, not what they show the world. She has a healthy dose of curiosity and the worst fight or flight instincts lol.

Astrid finds a new friend, Ryan who is a great match for her and they had me laughing out loud quite a bit. During different instances she ends up meeting 4 guys who become curious about her. There is Beck, the mechanic/rockstar, who has nothing to lose. Thatcher, the artist, who is drawn to her and wants to know more. Jonah, the class president, wants to protect her but has everything to lose. And finally, Rhys, the golden boy hockey star who seems to sneak past her walls and becomes a true friend. They are all (mostly) strangers who become friends because of the girl who likes to peep and take pictures. It’s an unlikely friendship and I can’t wait to see where it goes. The book is slow burn and I actually liked that. I find it makes the story more believable and real.

Astrid’s art project was one of my favorite things. Blake’s words painted a beautiful picture and I was able to see and hear the project in my head as if it were right in front of me. The story is all about the pretty lies people tell to show the world what they want them to see. It was well written and I’m looking forward to reading book 2, Ugly Truths. 

Shes the pastors daughter, but behind closed doors away from prying eyes of the congregation there lies darkness in her family life.

Music and cars are his life one feeds the other, and keeps his spirits up in dark times.

Perfectly put together is he from a distance but up close the blemishes become visible. Keep them at arms length and all will be well.

Art and women away from his home, for his house is a safe haven for innocence and warmth.

The jock, the star, the all american high school dream is he, but who is that in his shadow…

Five lives that all collide, that destiny brings together.

What an ending to a fantastic slow burner, that once it hit its stride came alive like a rocket in the night sky!

The depth and insight into the characters is amazing! you can see their lives as if you took their picture.

Gravity pulls their strings as fate plays its hand, and I was captivated as the story played out.

The characters draw so many feelings from you. From sympathy, to empathy to understanding and lastly hope, whilst being so innocent and fresh.

A book that is so visual from the cover to the words to the images that dance around your mind. Amazingly brilliant!

I want more, I need more and now I’m off to get more!

About Pretty Lies Pdf Author

Blake Blessing is just a working mom that loves art in all forms, and all genres of romance. Although she enjoys writing romance of the steamier variety.

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