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I freaking loved reading this book! I devoured it, and when I say devoured, I scraped and licked the plate clean!

The world building was spot on, pulling me in and making me feel as though I was part of a different world!

The different personalities and dynamics of the men were really good, each having their own different traits and impressions.

The character arc for Setora was written really well. She progresses nicely throughout the book, making it feel believable.

I cannot wait for book two, Saving Setora, and so will definitely be preordering!

If you love dark romance, men who are hard, hot and scary, with lots of adventure thrown in, then this series is perfect for you! I’m so glad I joined Setora for the beginning of her journey with the notorious MC gang who get what they want and don’t give a hoot about how they get it!

Wow, can I just say that Stolen was such a freaking awesome read. I kept having to read to find out what was going to happen next. How was she going to adjust to her new life, who was going to be her masters and would they share her. I felt so sorry for Setora, her life at the compound with Damien. What a cruel man he was, and you will be hating him as much as me. Even though she was stolen from him, I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of him. Getting stolen by two gorgeous guys, who want her as their slave. To do with as they see fit. Now here is the part some may have a problem with, so be warned if you have a trigger warning. Although I did not find it offensive, some may. Pretty Boy and Steel treat her like a slave, that means taking what they want when they want. However having said that they always make sure she is ready and they lavish attention on her. To me they just seem like alpha men who take what they want, which I happen to find sexy as hell. This story is not for the faint of heart, so if you don’t mind a darker theme which includes, alpha men taking what they want, sex in front of others, so far just a 3 some with just mfm, and you do not mind extremely dominant men. Then this book is for you. The sex scenes were so freaking hot, the guys Pretty Boy, Steel, Sheriff and Hawk are such dominant men that they will leave you going “yes please can I be next”! Setora spends her time learning to live with freedoms she didn’t have before and her growing feelings for all four of the guys. All of them are sexy, alpha and know what they want, but I am just alittle less taken with Sheriff. I am sure that will change. As each of them get to know each other and feelings grow, the guys thought that they kept a close watch over their little rare flower. But little did they know that the evil man who lost his little Violet wants her back. And yes, it ends on a cliffhanger. But in my opinion it just sets it up perfectly for the second book. Would I recommend Stolen, Hell yes I would!! 

This book is amazing. It all starts with Setora at age 6 and how shes found and then skips ahead 12 years later. I love her unique personality – shes a slave and has been taught the ways of a slave, but she’s still not broken. She uses her expressions, her tone and does things a normal slave wouldn’t like when she took charge and stitched Pretty Boys cut and when she went into the fire to save Cherry. They all have their own nicknames for her; Pretty Boy calls her Princess, Steel calls her Petal and Hawk calls her Kitten. Sheriff doesnt have a nickname for her yet. There are still some questions to be answered – such as why Sheriff hates Damian so much. What happened to Hawk when he was younger. Whats Cherry’s story and who is betraying the gang?

Ummm… wow. Really, wow. This was an amazing book. It blew my mind right out of the water. It’s dark, it’s hot, it’s dystopian. I loved every word. I didn’t love every character, but in a book like this, not loving all the characters is probably an OK thing. I disliked Sheriff, quite a bit. I really hope that he gets better in the next book. OTOH, it’s not necessarily bad if he doesn’t. It will definitely add in a new layer of conflict and interest in the story if he doesn’t.

Setora is an awesome character. She’s a lot stronger than most people realize that she is, I think including herself.

I can’t wait to see what’s coming up in the next book. It’s going to be so good, I think. 

This book has a unique story line for me.I like that Setora is realistic in her actions since she has been raised as a slave.Too many times a heroine will mouth off or do something equally dumb in a dark romance in my opinion. Really would you be so ready for punishment yourself that you would be assertive and difficult? The men seem to be dominant alpha males who are a little to careless with Setora. I am hoping in the next book they develop a little more appreciation for the special female they have. I got emotional, couldn’t put it down , and am looking forward to next one. Fingers crossed it won’t be too long for the second book

I have voluntarily asked to be included to a bunch of wonderful people reviewing a complimentary copy of this, knowing first and foremost how the ride that is this read will be like. With that said, I haven’t prepared myself enough for the tumultuous thoughts and feelings this read provoked out of me. I just love every lascivious and breathtaking chapter of it! (Be warned: I’ll try to be as coherent as possible because omfg I am so not over this!)

I love love love reading the darkest, sickest read of them all and I am so grateful to come upon this piece. I don’t know if I’m just being hardcore or what but this read actually feels heavier on the angst side, rather than on the taboo and dark side. Aside from being set on a kind-of dystopian world wherein females are enslaved because of their deteriorating population (I know, men’s logic, right? eyeroll), it took up more on the hardened lives of most of the characters.

Which brings me to our heroine, Setora. This precious ‘Violet’ is such a fresh breath of air in a world of gloom and hurt. You know how heroines in this type of settings is always portrayed as badass but a little too impulsive to ever make a not-so-annoying decision? Setora is definitely not that one. She seems to bend to the situations life has been throwing at her which makes her a great survivor in a chauvinistic world of misogynists. I find her character awe-inspiring; the epitome of a feminine sweet and spicy characterization.

But that’s not to say she doesn’t have any imperfections. She has hero-worship on a wrong person which eventually lead her to one colossal, rude awakening. I’m not sure I want to call her naive though for radiating such brightness and warmth because naive is another word for ignorant. And Setora is not an ignorant heroine. Heck, she goes out her way to look less intellectual than the men around her because she knows how fragile their ego were. Lol. #TrueStory. #SorryNotSorry. Again, it goes back to her being versatile – to be able to bend but not break. She deserves all the love left in this world and more!

It’s almost funny reading four respected men emotionally scramble around her. Almost, because I am pretty vengeful and I want them to stop dilly-dallying. God, that ending! I can’t help but sneer at them for letting Setora be stolen back under their noses. I demand book 2 and redemption from the end of the men. huhuhuhu

Last but not least. Just as an addition in overall. I know I always talk about men and their stupidity and their delicate ego but I want to say just how much more cruel women can be. In a world where men are pigs, why can’t a woman lend a helping hand or just a subtle emotional support to another woman? I mean, we all are samesies! But some just can’t help but be catty and petty to other women. Ugh. Where’s the sisterhood? Might save one another that way. /LeSigh/

I especially wanted to bitch-slap silly that handler from the auction. Good God. S/o to Setora and her patience to envious females, btw.

Anyway, I hope I have done this review justice. Fml. I promise I am usually more eloquent than this. At least I think so. I’m just so overwhelmed with joy and excitement for receiving a copy of this one and at the same time overwhelmed with devastation and angst because THIS READ!!!


PS HAWK IS MY FAVE. The men have all been delicious. Just need to prove they won’t leave Setora hanging or I might cut me 4 pairs of crushed balls. Just kidding. I’ll just gut them heroes.

About Stolen Legacy Pdf Author

As a young girl Raven Dark dreamed of being abducted by a savage alien warrior, whisked away by a brutal pirate, or rescued by a cape-bearing hero. When none of these men came to claim her, she brought them to life in her stories. Then ten years ago she met the man of her dreams. He doesn’t wear a cape, fly a spaceship, or wield a sword, but sometimes she swears they’ve mind melded.

Raven lives with her dream man and their one cat that thinks she’s a dog in the Mundane world’s version of Ontario, Canada.

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