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A long time ago, I was one of them. Now I’m back, and they hate me for it.

Plucked out of the harsh life I was living and thrust into a world of unimaginable wealth, power, and privilege, all I want to do is keep my head down and survive until graduation.

But they have other plans—Mason, Finn, Elias, and Cole.

Everyone at my new school calls them the Princes, and that’s exactly what they act like. They always get what they want… and who they want.

And they want me.

I’m not sure why, since they all seem to hate me.

The Princes are gorgeous, flawless, and cruel. They own this town, and they’re determined to own me too.

To break me.

What they don’t know is that I’ve already been broken once.

I won’t let it happen again.

***AUTHOR’S NOTE: Savage Royals is a reverse harem high school bully romance, the first book in the Boys of Oak Park Prep trilogy. It contains cursing and sexual situations.

Woahhh! This is a hard-core bully romance. So many trigger warnings for abuse, drug & alcohol usage, and more.

Despite all this I found this story one I could not put down and I felt so much for Talia the MC. The book starts off when she finds her father dead after working her 14 hour shift to support them and his drinking habit. Before she gets placed into a foster home in Idaho she is informed she has grandparents out in California. She boards a plane and believes the world of exclusive boarding schools, cute billionaire boys, and fancy cars will be her new life. But she catches the attention of “the Princes” (insert eye roll). She is bullied non-stop once they set their sights on her.

I don’t know what it is about this genre of romance I seem to be devouring at the moment but this was a pretty dark bully RH! The characters could have been a bit more fleshed out but for the most part they were pretty solid. There are a bunch of questions about the boys and their lives that are not answered and I’m hoping it will be in books 2 & 3.

My emotions where just everywhere with this novel. I’d go from happy and smiling to heartbroken to angry in the matter of one chapter. A roller coaster of a book that I absolutely need the next book in my hands now!!

Savage Royals by Callie Rose.
This read is a Reverse Harem Bully Romance. You will possibly run into triggers or this type of read might not be up your alley. I assure you its definitely up mine. I’m what I would like to call a “Bully Romance Junkie”. It’s sometimes very hard to find a B.R. that really gets the grit of what I like. Savage Royals passes with flying colors.
Savage Royals explains the book very well because they are just that Savage Royals. Silver spoon in their mouth savages, everything I love and hate all wrapped into one. (Not actually royal in a monarch sense, but royal in a American too much money sense.) Talia is a amazing MC with a backbone, something I absolutely love. She doesnt run around with a mouse like behavior. No she has passion, strength, and a mind of her own.
You will definitely want to read this amazing story. Although Talia has had a rough life there are secrets, questions, and heartbreak that is still not told and will leave you begging for more. 5 out of 5 stars for me. So much that I believe this read deserves a spot in my top 5 for 2019.
I honestly wish I could go into strict detail and would really like to but you will have to read it for yourself upon release 5/31/2019.
I promise you if this is your guilty pleasure like it is mine you will thoroughly enjoy it.
My review from my Bookstagram

Callie Rose is a new to me author and I’ve got to say she had me hooked from the first chapter. The editing is great, and the flow is on point. This book centers around Talia a 16 y/o who discovers has rich grandparents she never met. Said grandparents whisk Talia away from Idaho (she recently becamed orphaned when her father died) to Cali where she is to attend an uber-exclusive private H.S. From day one she is ridiculed, taunted, ostracized. You name it, it was done to her. Her main tormentors were the 4 princes; Mason, Cole, Finn and Elijah. They were the puppet masters pulling all the strings. During her first semester at school is when the bullying was very prevalent. It was a common everyday occurrence. Talia was able to make a friend or 2 during this time so she wasn’t completely alone.

During the 2nd semester things start to change. The princes take her under their wings, although she has her guard up, not trusting 100%, Talia eventually starts to develop deeper feelings/bonds with the 4 M.C. and it appears as though the same could be said about the boys and thir feelings for Talia. Thru out the rest of the book they become inseparable. There was always at least one of the 4 guys always with her.

Then that freaking cliffhanger happened!!! And I was like “OOHHH SH!T”. I have so many dam questions about so many things and at this point I don’t know when/if books 2 and 3 will be available, im not even sure the author knows but will be on the look out none the less. 


Okay, you have a RH bully book. You go into knowing there will be bullying..a new school..boys.. girls…will the main character be strong? How will she endure? is there tricks? Pranks? Fighting? Love lost or love found? Can we mention boys again? 4 certain, hot, bad, bad, boys…that ehhh, may soak a little somethin somethin’, yet you’d like to gouge their eyes out with a fork Take your pick.

Ummmmm….can I just say book one of this series was a killer cluster Why did I have to read it so fast? That’s how much you want to know what in the hot devil is cooking up in here — better yet, HOW and the WHYSSSSS..*crying*

Thank you for the ending, Callie Rose…
It reminded me of those parties you go to after not seeing your family for a long time and you got a long lost uncle drinking too much…a grandma pinchin your cheekies…yeah! You..just..don’ it! —Major cliff hanger.

What the hell am I supposed to do in the meantime while waiting for the second book to release? I may plot my own vengeance to this twisted, amazing, story line. I want revenge…!

I loved this book! It grabbed my whole heart and would not let go! The plot moved really fast, the characters were super relatable and interesting to follow, and I got swept up in this world that these characters had found themselves in. The ending absolutely KILLED me and I am dying to start the next book!!!

I agree with other reviews that said the ending reminds them of Filthy Rich Boys… But at the end of the day, you can’t own a trope or a cliche. For example, if an author includes a love triangle between two brothers, you can’t say that another author copied the first one’s idea if they use it in their book! It’s a trope! They are called that because they repeat and you see them a lot. I don’t think that this book deserves some of the hate it is getting over a similar trope. For that one thing that was similar to C.M.’s book, there were a hundred other things in this book that were different.

Look, I’m not gonna lie – it’s been a long time since I wrote a review. When I quit blogging in 2017, that basically ended me writing anything more of a review than a few lines. But this book legit made me consider bringing back my blog just so I could tell the world how amazing this book it.

I also might be a little obsessed with figuring out who the authors are that co-wrote this, but that’s another story.

I’ve suddenly found myself obsessed with bully reads. Maybe I’m a sucker for a good redemption story. Maybe I like to see (fictional) people put through hell to get to their HEA. Whatever it is, I’m not sure how I stumbled onto this book, but once I finished, I immediately pre-ordered the authors other books. One-click, no second guessing.

Talia is a strong AF girl. She’s been through shit, and you can’t help but cheer for her. Her path throughout this book sets her up to be a f*cking force to be reckoned with in the sequel, Defiant Princess. I’m counting the days until I can watch her exact her revenge.

I’m not gonna lie; I was 100% with Talia in this book. I felt for her when the Princes tormented her, making her the target of 95% of the school. My heart broke for her page after page after page.

Looking back, the twist at the end of the book isn’t really a twist. I was just so invested in Talia, and like her, I wanted to believe these guys had changed. But when IT HAPPENED (that elusive twist I’m not gonna spoil), I literally curled myself into a ball, hugging my kindle as if it was Talia and I was trying to protect her.

That’s just amazing freaking writing. When the author(s) can elicit a *physical* response from the reader, you know they’ve done their job in SPADES.

So there you have it. I wrote this review to try and get some of my feels out, but honestly, now I just want to re-read every glorious chapter of this book again while I wait for book 2

This is a fantastic start to a new trilogy and I can’t wait to read the next one!

Talia is a great female lead. After the loss of her parents she thinks she’s alone, only to discover she has grandparents she knew nothing about! The challenges of moving, meeting family she doesn’t know and starting a new school for entitled prince and princesses is exacerbated by four of the biggest and baddest, said Princes’! Cole, Mason, Finn and Elijah, well, what can I say about these guys? They are hot, brooding, rich, bad boys with a mean streak and they will reek havoc!

The end is, wow, and I just can’t wait to see what revenge Talia is going to dish out!

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