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When I entered the lottery to have my application fee waived for a shot at attending Wiltshire University I never thought I would get in. I mean, Wiltshire University is THE University; you know, the one that people would literally cut off their left arm to get into. No really, it was a thing. There was this whole expose a decade ago about a kid who cut off their left arm thinking it would make them a shoo-in with the admissions board. It didn’t. He ended up at Duke. It’s a real cautionary tale. Anyways, when the acceptance packet arrived, I thought it was a fluke, or I was on a reboot of Punkd; I was totally not signing that release. Well, either Ashton 2.0 is playing the long game, or my acceptance was real. Either way, I left my two best friends behind to become a Gryphaera; everything was falling into place for me to have an amazing life.

Was. I’ve been at Wiltshire for a few weeks now and my only friends here are the ladies who swipe my ID card in the dining hall. I mean, you know us girls with our besties, we are always all “Next.” “Hi! Sorry, I had my ID just a second ago. Boiling out there today, huh? Ok, well, thanks. Have a nice day!”. I dare you to claim I’m not killing it in the friend department. Fine, it’s pathetic; I know. Not as pathetic as lying to everyone back home about how great things are here at Wiltshire. Oh, and I somehow got myself evicted from my dorm, like, while I was at class; or I walked right into a quarantined building. I’m a little fuzzy on the details. Is that a side effect of the plague? I should google that… Plus, bonus, someone is leaving me taunting voicemails and cryptic notes. See! Killing it in the friend department! That’s how I found myself scouring the isolated underground tunnel of Wiltshire’s historic bell tower, because a note told me to. Have I mentioned I’m totes brilliant? That’s where I meet him; in the tunnel, not in the blinding light of my brilliance. That’s where my life really changes.

Outcast is the first book in the new Wiltshire University series; a New Adult/Young Adult, slow burn, reverse harem.

Ok so I LOVE this book! Like I was all up in this book when I should have been doing other things like sleeping love this book. You’ve got Cali, your FMC who finds herself totally isolated at her college, which is like a rich ivy league type school. For some reason people want her gone and move her out and she doesn’t start making friends until she has to track down all her stolen stuff. There a bunch of guys from to different groups and I can’t tell who is going to make the cut, or maybe they all make the cut, but I hope not because I’m not really feeling all of them. Cali has a pretty solid back bone even if she does come across insecure at times. She isn’t ultra rich like she describes the other students at the school, but I get the sense she is like regular middle class. She had everything she needed for school even if she is worried about money, so this doesn’t seem to be one of those poor broken orphan is rescued by rich guys who can’t get enough of her type of thing. Plus she mentions parents, so definitely not an orphan. She doesn’t want to call her parents when things go down, but her best friends from childhood seem to feel like she should. So I guess that means she isn’t abused and seeking any love and affection she can get, and she is definitely super close with her friends from home, so that’s good. I always cringe a little and have to actively.ignore the voice screaming in my head that says no! These people need therapy before they can be in any relationship in so many reverse harem that seem to like to throw battered and broken people together. We don’t know a ton about the guys, maybe they are the broken ones? Or no one is broken?

Oh, and for two of the guys their accents are written out so some of the words are written differently, like you and to. This took a hot second to get used to, and I was definitely like wait what a couple of times while I figured it out, but I wasn’t noticing it by the end, and there are some long dialog sections where having the accents was nice because I didn’t get lost with who was supposed to be speaking now. So I guess I kind of break even on this.

Mild spoilers ahead.

The book is super long, like more than double the normal reverse harem (well it says it’s a reverse harem but nothing happens yet, but it also says it’s a slow burn, so ok) but there are a lot of characters so I’m ok with it being longer and setting up all of the characters and the world. I hate when everyone meets and they are instantly like oh my god I love you and we are meant to be together as a group even though it flies in the face of every societal norm we’ve ever experienced. I love RH, you just need to take me along for the journey so I’m like well of course she is going to be with all of these dudes! It’s the only logical path at this point. Anyways, it’s long but it does a good job of not feeling like it’s long just to be long, it’s long because I’m getting to know the characters as they get to know each other along the way.

There are a few things that I’m like wait what who does that. Like Tanner bringing Cali to his place and then the guys all wanting to hang out with Cali and give her things. Like ok, maybe if you are a guy and you see a cute girl in need you are like oh you can stay at my place, but the whole and we all want to hang out with you? But I’m nitpicking, the characters obviously have to have some catalyst that pushes them together and weirder things have happened in college then a bunch of guys all wanting to hang out and buy things for a cute girl.

Oh and a couple of times Cali is all oh they could never like me. Ok, I get it, we all have insecurities, but still… at least she doesn’t paint herself as the ugly duckling that no one likes and that no one has ever wanted, I always cringe so hard at that, she is just like I’m average and these guys are not. Ok. Fine.

And the school seemed waaaay too dismissive oh what happened, but then again I guess Cali doesn’t end up where she is if everyone isn’t like meh, so I guess that had to happen.

I was super stoked to see no man buns. I’ve had a lot of run ins with man buns recently. They arent sexy. Ever. Even on Jason Momoa (He makes an appearance, it’s relevant). Can we all agree no more man buns ever.

Ok, back on point, I really enjoyed this book and I cant wait for the next one. If you’re looking for a fast read, this isn’t for you. If you are looking for sex around every corner, this is not your book. If you like slow burn RH you are probably down for this. 

OMG it was so good. Now one of my favorite series. What a fantastic, well written, Slow Burn, that like puts you right into the story and puts you back into college LOL . So glad I read it and that it was a long book like double the size of decently sized to books I mean triple the size of some that I’ve seen put out. But it’s great to have a long book especially when it’s a slow burn like this it makes it extra satisfying. Now the great thing about a slow-burn is the character building this book does a wonderful job of introducing characters and giving them their own personalities introducing the world of this University taking the character from someone who is friend listened and Outcast so to speak what’s a lot of people I think can relate to at the beginning of college some people may be instantly make friends or no people but at first for other people it’s hard you know during the first couple weeks so I think this is a really good job of portraying that and it starts out with our main character having a so-called prank put on her but I think there’s way more than that and that’s how she starts meeting the guys that help her during the scavenger hunt of getting her stuff back let’s and spread out all over campus one thing I like is they don’t just hold it in they do like report it and everything. That’s what’s great about this book it doesn’t frustrate you with why didn’t they go to the administration why didn’t they do this type of thing. It starts out with her talking in her head a lot which is important I think to give you a sense of the character then it goes into her meeting the guys in the friend group of upperclassmen that help her. But that’s not it they’re not just going to introduce her and build the harem after this initial encounter and her kind of getting her stuff back together she ends up deciding to put herself out there more because she made friends with them and got help from them and after that incident realizes she needs to try a bit harder to put herself out there and starts making girlfriends and other guy friends and starts getting that college experience which I really liked what they did there with that. So then there’s some other guys that seemed to be into her so that’s an interesting dynamic. She’s kind of got two sets of friends as the series goes on and then she’s got her home friends even they are very well developed. This is the type of book that kind of transports you into the world it transports you back to college you feel like you’re right there with the character which makes it immensely satisfying to read because you’ve totally get lost in this world. It is so well written I love the series takes its time to get to know the characters and you can tell you know you definitely know the main character has crashes you can tell there’s crashes around but they take the time I mean she calls some of them like Superman and a hybrid of Aquaman in Thor LOL my point is is that it’s developing relationship she’s developing these friendships and there are definitely precious and falls and there’s characters you’re wondering are they going to be part of this because they seem to be with somebody but maybe they’re not they are some scholarship students but is the prestigious school and there’s a lot of rich people so we’re getting to know more into how connected some of these guys are and then there’s somebody trying to sabotage her with a lot of stuff going on in that respect so there’s just a lot of stuff going on a lot of plot in between getting to know all these characters and getting to have the college experience kind of through this character the series is just so enjoyable when I say it transports you it really does that transports you into this different world into college life at this prestigious School oh I forgot to mention there’s a rivalry between the two universities in the town which is something else they say they have to be careful about and our main character has encountered them before so there’s just like a lot of of potential of places for it to go a lot of stuff already happening and then create the world and characters where you want to sit back and read about the characters going to games and doing things together like going out for a drunken pancakes at 3 a.m.. I will say so far Tanner is my fav I believe I’m also really liking the character from her class as well that isn’t in that other guy friend group but I mean I like them all sorry this is a long rambling review I just really love this story and want to convey how much I enjoy books like this where it is so well written that you’re invested in the characters where you’d be happy about reading the characters doing anything when it gets to that point when an author is able to get you so interested in the characters you want to read about them you know going for pancakes because it feels like you’re there you get lost in their world and transports you with them.6stars so well-written excited for more

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