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Orientation Week

Welcome to orientation week! This is a high intensity week where you will be given many insights into the course and your classmates.

During this week you’ll learn more about the technologies that you’ll use during this course, including Jupyter notebooks and Github. You’ll also get to know your classmates, practice the most important skills for this course (collaborating, asking questions and searching for answers), and learn how to work effectively in a team.

Orientation week is the first week of college. It’s a tiring and stressful week because you have to meet lots of new people, and move into your new room. You also have lots of events and activities to attend, which can be hard if you’re shy or anxious.

The good news is, there are several things you can do to prepare for orientation week that will make it easier for you to survive it. The first thing you should do is get a planner or use a calendar app on your phone to plan out your schedule. This way, you can see what events are coming up and remember when they happen so that you don’t miss them!

The second thing you should do is make friends before orientation week starts by joining clubs or organizations related to your interests at school (such as an anime club). This will help with feeling less alone during the first few weeks of college because it gives you someone familiar who shares similar interests as yourself!

Thirdly, don’t be afraid to ask questions! College students are here to help you succeed in whatever way they can – so take advantage of that by asking.

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About Orientation Week Pdf Free Download

Welcome to Breakbattle Academy.

The first school of its kind where survival of the fittest is not a saying, it’s your reality.

Ruled by those who are elite in name, beauty, and cunning; Breakbattle takes the war of the classes to a whole new level.

The next four years of my life will be a fight the likes of which I can’t yet comprehend, but first I have to survive orientation week. 

The Elite Class has plans for me. They will test me until I break, but there is nowhere for me to run.

Secrets and lies lurk beneath the made-up facade, and I don’t mean Breakbattle.

I mean me.

There is something that I have to do. There is someone that I’m after. He doesn’t know that I’m coming. He doesn’t know who I am. But nothing will stop me from seeing my plans through.

Not my family. Not the Elite Class. Not the pesky fact that I’m a girl.

Breakbattle’s all-boys campus is getting a new student. Don’t call me Zela.

Call me Zeke. 

Orientation Week is a reverse harem high school bully romance. This is the prequel and features language, dark themes, and sexual scenes. If you’re cool with that, dive in!

Quick intro to the series; a prequel of sorts

This is an introduction to the reverse harem bully series taking place at breakbattle high school. I love when a girl poses as a guy lol such a fun trope. Our main character zeke aka zela, is posing as a boy to gain entrance to the boys breakbattle academy. We don’t know what her true reasoning is yet but I can’t wait to find out! We do know it revolves around a specific boy, although we don’t know why. I have to say I was reading along and towards the end I was thinking damn… I really want her to show some fierceness, and then BAM… that ending. We know she’s up to something, and that “sweet guy” act getting them to trust her is just that… an act. Can’t wait to see her be the strong female lead I’m expecting her to be. Off to the “first” book I go, freshman year.

I seriously loved this book, and can’t wait to devour the next few books!

IMPORTANT: I read this one before any of the others, because a lot of important background information is apparently given. This is definitely true, and because of that I recommend that you read this one before any of the others!

The story
The story is about Zela, who infiltrates in a school called Breakbattle Academy. It’s a school where only the best survive; she has to go through a number of both physical and mental tests to be the best of the best. The only thing is that girls and boys are separated, she infiltrates as a guy to (allegedly) show that girls can be as good. The Elites, a group of the best the school has to offer well at least in terms of smartness, not niceness, that’s for sure sees her (or well, his) potential and so the chaos begins.

I seriously enjoyed this story a lot. There’s a lot of setting up the story in this one; a lot of background information. It is quite much, but it didn’t bother me. I just can’t wait for the actual lessons to begin, especially with that ending! (view spoiler) I had some thoughts on how the last book would end; her dad not actually being dead or something like that, but I had no clue what to think of this! Seriously can’t wait.

The story reminded me a bit of A Deadly Education, because that too is set in a school with insanely weird rules/situations. Since that is one of my favorite books, I love this one too. I think it’s a really original idea, and can’t wait to see what happens.

The characters
I love the fact that Zela/Zeke is a really strong female character, who stands for what she believes in and doesn’t just want to follow whomever has the loudest voice. I admire that about her. It is very unclear why she wanted to go into the school as a guy, but I have no doubt that it’ll be explained in one of the next books. She reminds me of El, because she too is a strong character who fights for what is right. The fact that Zela is great at math is another lovely thing about her, because it shows how math isn’t just a guy thing, like some people seem to believe.

I’m not going to lie, I kind of hoped Cam and Santiago would be part of the harem, but I don’t really see that happening right now. Too bad argh.. I loved their potential 😉
I’m not feeling a lot of things about the potential harem group (view spoiler), but I just don’t really know them yet. I was mainly focused on Cam, so I didn’t really feel anything for them yet. It’ll probably come though.

Adam is definitely my favorite, he’s such a good guy, I love it. I do hope he ends up with Melody, although I don’t mind him ending up with Zela too 😉 Don’t think that’ll happen though.

Overall conclusion
I enjoyed this original story a lot which is clear from the fact that I finished it at 3 in the morning . The writing was great, it kept me hooked, and I couldn’t put it down. There are some strong characters in it, and a lot of characters with potential, so can’t wait to read the next ones!

Crazy ride

I think I discovered this author last year and there was something in her books that resonated within me. Going into Orientation Week, it was so nice to see Adam back and to get glimpses of where Val and her man are after the previous series.

It’s clear that we are heading into a whole new world of corrupted power hungry people with Breakbattle Academy.

I adore how the series is set up so much! There’s the divide between boys and girls and the competition and battles for basically any advantage during your time at Breakbattle Academy. Being part of the Elite group is the main goal. But there’s also a hidden part that only the insiders get to see.

I can’t wait to see what will happen next! 

Her feet are finally coming to a standstill after globe trotting with her mother across twenty six countries as she was home schooled.

She has her eyes on Breakbattle Academy to finish her schooling, buuut can she play the part, and become the oposite of what she truly is…

Oh my god, What an amazing start to a new series!!

I couldn’t read this book fast enough! I wanted to know every little detail. I wanted to see every little complicated exchange of looks, and I was desperate for her acceptance after everything she was going through.

Zee shocked me with her ability to blend into a world that she had no idea about. She was like a human camelian!

The reletionships with her peers fascinated me as her body and mind were on two very different pages.

I’m completely and utterly hooked and quietly smitten with one or two of the characters! I cant wait to see what happens once summer is over!!

Ruby vincent stole my virginity and oh my lordy lord! what a book to lose it on!!

This is one academy EVERYONE needs to know about, that’s for sure!

About Orientation Week pdf Author

Ruby Vincent is a published author with many novels under her belt but now she’s taking a fun foray into contemporary romance. She loves saucy heroines, bold alpha males, and weaving a tale where both get their happy ever after.

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