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About Only When It’s Us Chloe Liese Pdf

Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster brimming with laughter, tears, and slow-burn sexiness in this new adult romance that tackles the vulnerability of love with humor and heart.


Ever since she sat next to me in class and gave me death eyes, Willa Sutter’s been on my shit list. Why she hates me, I don’t know. What I do know is that Willa is the kind of chaos I don’t need in my tidy life. She’s the next generation of women’s soccer. Wild hair, wilder eyes. Bee-stung lips that should be illegal. And a temper that makes the devil seem friendly.

She’s a thorn in my side, a menacing, cantankerous, pain-in-the-ass who’s turned our Business Mathematics course into a goddamn gladiator arena. I’ll leave this war zone unscathed, coming out on top…And if I have my way with that crazy-haired, ball-busting hellion, that will be in more than one sense of the word. 


Rather than give me the lecture notes I missed like every other instructor I’ve had, my asshole professor tells me to get them from the silent, surly flannel-wearing mountain man sitting next to me in class. Well, I tried. And what did I get from Ryder Bergman? Ignored. What a complete lumbersexual neanderthal. Mangy beard and mangier hair. Frayed ball cap that hides his eyes. And a stubborn refusal to acknowledge my existence.

I’ve battled men before, but with Ryder, it’s war. I’ll get those notes and crack that Sasquatch nut if it’s the last thing I do, then I’ll have him at my mercy. Victory will have never tasted so sweet.

Only When It’s Us is a frenemies-to-lovers, college sports romance about a women’s soccer star and her surly lumberjack lookalike classmate, complete with a matchmaking professor, juvenile pranks, and a smoking slow burn. This standalone is the first in a series of new novels about a Swedish-American family of five brothers, two sisters, and their wild adventures as they each find happily ever after.

I decided to check this one after reading fantastic review of my book-twin Fran. And guess what? She is so right! This book is underrated secret gem!

OMG! I love this book so much! It’s so entertaining, hot, sexy and also emotional, sweet, swoony, incredibly romantic!

This book surprisingly exceeded my expectations because there are so many published advertised with highly recommendations and in my opinion this is so much better than a few anticipated romances of this year. Thanks for NG for putting this on my radar!

I adore those fantastic characters. Especially Willa reminded me of young version of myself: fiery, ball of fire, wild, hot blooded but also fragile, emotionally damaged, witty, skilled soccer star. And our charming, sexy hero Ryder is a douchebag lumberjack! This book introduces us Swedish Bergman brothers and I’m so happy this is the only first book and there are more to come! I cannot wait to devour them.

This book seems like another ordinary frenemies to friends and lovers book. But it is not! Because:

The characters’ back stories developed so impeccably, you just want to hug them and feel like they are one of your family members. The emotional depth of their stories hooks you up and steals your hearts.

The hot chemistry between Willa and Ryder makes you want to scream. Several times I wish they could hear my shouting at them to tear each other’s clothes! That’s right! It’s so slow burn story which I don’t really like with normal romance novels but it fit so good with this couple’s story. High sexual tension between is unavoidable. I just want to sing “It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes!”
The way of story building and witty, sarcastic tone of their banter make you laugh and enjoy yourself! You just start to think how I can read this book slower so it never ends because you’re having so much fun and there are not so many books out there to brighten your mood.

It’s one of the best sports romance/ frenemies theme with hilarious and adorable characters! Please read this book ASAP to heal your negative thoughts and laugh out loud with thinking any further.

I’m giving my 5 blazing, lumberjack, steamy, heart melting, poignant stars ! More Bergman Brothers stories please! I’m already craving for my romance fix!

Special thanks to NetGalley for sharing this entertaining ARC in exchange my honest review. I truly loved it so much!

My tall, sandy haired, bearded, brawny, flannel wearing, green eyed lumberjack who’s as blunt and bossy as they come and cooks mean Swedish meatballs DESERVES more recognition than this. If you love your romance slow burnt and brimming with piquant banter and heated sexual tension while also feeding into your sentimental streak, go get your sweet butt a copy of this underrated gem!

Ryder Bergman and Willa Sutter share a class together. One wrong first impression and they’re more than eager to settle the score and push each other’s buttons. Thanks to their strict professor who thinks it’s a great idea to pair them up for a school project, they’re now decidedly frenemies.

These two couldn’t be more opposite. While Ryder wears his heart on his sleeve, Willa locks hers tight inside an iron casket. Both of them are well developed and admirable characters. It was challenging to not dislike Willa because I personally found her ‘tempestuousness’ and closed off personality to be awfully exasperating at times. Especially when her reasonings are often obsolete and overdone.

“Every time we start bickering, electricity crackles, generating a surging tug between us. Our circuitry keeps intensifying, and after last night, I feel like we’re on high-voltage spat away from blowing a massive fuse.”

Willa’s determination to focus on her soccer career and her unresolved commitment/trust issues mean it takes FOREVER for her to give in to her feelings for Ryder. However, with Ryder being so caring, understanding, and relentless in his pursuit of Willa, their slow build romantic development is no less satisfying in its fulfillment. Not to mention, the culmination of their mounting sexual tension also brings forth an explosive and steamy between the sheets play at the end of the book.

I loved the family dynamics on both sides. Willa has such a strong and unwavering bond with her mom. Meanwhile, Ryder being a member of a big and chaotic Swedish American family who’s substantially affectionate and supportive, has the sweetest relationship with his parents and siblings. The side characters are also an equally excellent scene stealer. I’m already anticipating Ren’s book! I hope Rooney will be his love interest.

“I want what you want,” … “All-in, fair and square. I want to be afraid with you rather than fearless and alone. Only when it’s us.”

I found myself genuinely fascinated by the writing. It’s clever, playful, and easy to get into. The author’s attention to detail when it comes to soccer, tidbits of Swedish culture, and Ryder’s condition is also appreciable. Interestingly, the misunderstanding and lack of communication between our main leads make you compulsively root for them instead of turn you off. All that being said, I cannot recommend this book enough!

A New adult frenemies to lovers sports romance, where the girl is the college sports star! A story of love, friendship, family, heartbreak and grief.

Willa, a fiery, hot tempered up and coming soccer (football) star, and Ryder Bergman, a quiet and blunt guy are thrown together to do a project in their business mathematics class. Cue assumptions, wrong first impressions, misunderstandings and a whole lot of chaos and sexual tension, before they finally get to know each other.

Guys I randomly downloaded this from NG, and it was the best decision! I was at home, sick and feeling sorry for myself, and read this under my duvet in two sittings…I mean it has,
⚽️ Frenemies to lovers,
⚽️ Characters who are forced to work closely together,
⚽️ Funny childish pranks
⚽️ Sloooow burn,
⚽️ Hot sexual tension,
⚽️ Steeeeeam! My goodness I had to fan myself!

BUT ..also so much more than the synopsis suggested! It went so much deeper. I cant say much about it because I don’t want to spoil anyone, but not everything is as it seems, and neither character is as they first appeared to be. The story followed these characters, Willa who is angry, wild and doesn’t handle her emotions well, and Ryder AKA the ‘asshole lumberjack,’ as they get to know each other.

Only When It’s Us was a sweet, funny, heart breaking and soooo steamy, and I adored it! It reminded me a bit of The Deal but the sports star was a frizzy haired woman! I loved that it showed how wrong first impressions can be! I also liked the way that the woman was not only the college sports star, but she was also the emotionally damaged one, who struggled to let people in, and show her vulnerability. In contrast, Bergman was an honest, stubborn bearded, green eyed hottie! Aw I just loved them both so much!

I loved the part where Willa’s mum was reading Pride and Prejudice, and Willa started to see the similarities between her and Bergman, with Lizzie and Mr Darcy! It was cute, and who doesn’t love a bit of Pride and Prejudice?!

I liked Willa and her ‘mama’s’ relationship, it was them against the world. But I really loved the Swedish American Bergman family, and kinda want to live with them! I cant wait to read more of these books, about Ryder’s brothers, the next one being about Ren.

I definitely recommend this, download it now on NG whilst you still can! While you are dong that, Chloe Liese has made a Spotify playlist to go with the book, which is amazing!

*skips off to read my favourite parts again*

Many thanks to Netgalley Connect for making this available for download!

Only When It’s Us is my first Chloe Liese book, but after reading it, I’m looking forward to reading more! This is one of those books that’s so fun to read you won’t want to put it down. I enjoyed it so much!

Willa Rose is a D1 Athlete who has a lot on her plate. Between soccer, her mom, and school, she’s busy. She’s doing well juggling it all but she has this one class with an uncooperative professor. This professor tells her if she needs his notes when she misses class she needs to go to Ryder. Ryder Bergman and WIlla don’t hit it off at first, but when they get paired for a project they become unlikely friends.

Their friendship is the kind where they’re constantly bantering and picking on each other and I loved that aspect of the book. I had so much fun with them and I loved watching their feelings grow.
We don’t bother with people we’re indifferent to. We provoke and prank and tease those who get under our skin and make us feel, people who incite our passion.
Ryder is my favorite kind of hero. I adored him and he really was the best. I did like Willa, but honestly it took a while for her to grow on me. By the end I loved them both and I loved them together!

This was not only frienemies to lovers, but a delicious slow, which are two of my favorite things. It had some angst and emotion (I had tears once or twice), but was more funny than anything else. I laughed so many times. I loved Ryder and his entire family and I’m definitely looking forward to his brother’s book which is coming out soon!

Thank you dear Fran for arranging a blind date between me and this book. I enjoyed my time a lot and I don’t think it’s too early to say I’m in love.

This book was so good, so funny, so emotional, and so sweet. I didn’t know what to expect going into it, but it was so much more! It has the perfect romance package. I loved their frenemies relationship. And the slow burn was so good!! The type of slow burn that ends with a huge fire. I loved how this book shows how deceiving first impressions could be. This book is just deeper than it appear to be. It was so perfect.

I loved those two characters a lot. It was different and refreshing to have a sports star heroine. She was also the one with commitment issue. She’s the one with a temper who don’t let anyone in. I loved her relationship with her mama. The family dynamic in this book was so good. Bergman was so sweet and vulnerable. I loved how they both accept and support each other. I loved how their characters were so real. I just loved them both so much. This is a highly recommended book, do yourself a favor and download it from NG while you still can. You need to read this book!

*Thanks to NetGally for providing this copy to download.*

I knew the instant I saw the soccer jersey-ed girl on the cover of the book, I would have to stan.

A Rambly List of my Thoughts

– The characters of this book are written phenomenally well. They are polar opposites.
– Our main character, Willa, grew up as a military kid, raised by a single mother. She is entirely dependent on herself, focused on her professional upcoming soccer career (!!!!!), and has some serious commitment/trust issues

– On the other hand, our love interest, Ryder, comes from a massive Swedish-American blended family, is very open about his feelings, and is trying to blend in at the moment.
– But what these two share is an absolute love for aggravating each other. Right from the start, they argue, they bicker, they don’t get along and SO THAT’S WHY THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER!!!!

The formula of True Love demands it

– What I really loved about their dynamic was it wasn’t all hate. They reached a mutual understanding (before the pranking started rolling in) that they were clearly frenemies

– They would share meals (WHEN THEY COOK FOR EACH OTHER!!! I had to scream at myself to Calm!! The!! Hell!! Down!!), help each other with studying/assignments, and be an emotional support when the other needed it. But only for about 25 seconds because then they would find something to attack the other with

(They can be paralleled to Elizabeth and Darcy – the slowwww burnnnnnn hate to love with bright flashes of lack of communication – really nails their dynamic)

– And omg when Ryder went to her soccer game 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 not to be utterly gross but I want what they have

– Another incredible aspect about the book is Ryder. Not only is he a sensitive, super caring, and hilarious guy but ???lowkey spoiler??? 

I could go on forever about this book. I could talk about the family representation and how we got to see such a beautiful, wholesome, and chaotic family.
How the main characters have such substantial, trusting, important relationships with their mothers (and father).
How Willa and Ryder have electric chemistry on page and will drag you through crap before you see them admit any emotional attachment for each other.
How the supporting characters are fleshed out and entertaining to read about.

How I am stupidly in love with this book bc I stayed up way past my bedtime reading and highlighting passages.

and how I almost cried when I read that there would be 5 books in this series following the Bergman brothers (that’s how you know you’re committed to this ish)

anyways, i lowkey wish i could go back in time and read this again for the first time because damn I’m smitten

🥰 Thanks to Netgalley for approving me for this title!! 🥰 

About Only When It’s Us pdf author

Chloe writes romances reflecting her belief that everyone deserves a love story. Her stories bring humor, heart, and heat, and often feature neurodiverse characters. She’s an avid reader, lover of leggings, and can’t eat enough mint chocolate ice cream. Diagnosed as an adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder (formerly Asperger’s Syndrome), she supports #OwnVoices writing to represent neurodiversity and other marginalized voices.

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