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Playboy/lover/sleuth Archy McNally is back — and the secrets of the filthy rich in Florida’s Palm Beach have never been filthier. What begins with a kidnapped cat leads to ransom and homicide. And if a sensuous psychic makes a believer out of McNally, he’ll learn that humans don’t have nine lives … but scandals do. 

This book was even better than the first. I think I have found a new series that I like.
Archy McNally again is working for his father in the department of “discreet investigations”. And he does his job well.
This time Archy has two cases to work on: the kidnapping of a client’s cat with accompanying ransom letter and threatening letters regarding a client’s wife. Are the two connected? Archy seems to think so.
Archy is discreet enough to keep his investigations “private”, yet knows when to bring in the police and he works well with the police.

I continue to love this character although he is a philanderer and can’t seem to settle on just one woman in his romantic life. He must be pretty attractive himself because even older women are throwing themselves at him. When I get to the end of one of Sanders’ books I have that very satisfied feeling. Things have been tied up, the mystery was good and has the reader trying to figure out the complexities as well.

Another crack-me-up adventure for Archie McNally, Palm Beach’s man-about-town, bon vivant charmer. Son of the staid Prescott McNally, esquire, Archy does discreet inquiries for the pater’s firm, McNally and Son.

This time a grumpy rich man’s cat, Peaches, has been catnapped and is being held for ransom. Archie, between romancing several woman simultaneously and tootling about town in his red miata, has also been asked to look into death threats to the local poet’s
wealthy wife. Several simularities between the notes lead Archie in quite a few directions, most of them involving women, crazy antics, hysterical dialogue and include even a medium and a seance.

I love the Archie McNally series just because Archy is such a character filled with wit, joie de vivre and whose love of sartorial splendor is evident. The interactions between Archy and his Dickens- reading, wing-tip wearing, ever-so-correct father just make me laugh out loud. The cases are usually quirky but Archy manages to solve them in his own inimical, roundabout way with a little help from his pal, Sargeant Al Rogoff.

The series was started by Lawrence Sanders and finished by Vincent Lardo with nary a variation from the original. Lardo managed to get Archy down to perfection. Any reader would be hard pressed to know where Sanders left off and Lardo picked up. Some of the characterizations and scenarios could be termed cliched but still the series is always a fun read

About McNally’s Luck Author

Lawrence Sanders was the New York Times bestselling author of more than forty mystery and suspense novels. The Anderson Tapes, completed when he was fifty years old, received an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for best first novel. His prodigious oeuvre encompasses the Edward X. Delaney, Archy McNally, and Timothy Cone series, along with his acclaimed Commandment books. Stand-alone novels include Sullivan’s Sting and Caper. Sanders remains one of America’s most popular novelists, with more than fifty million copies of his books in print. 

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