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It wasn’t supposed to be like this.
Evergreen Academy was meant to be my fresh start. My hair was on point. My skin was flawless. And now I wore the hell out of my clothes instead of hiding them.

Even running into Ryder hadn’t thrown me. So what that the green-eyed devil who tormented me for years now ruled my new school with a band of boys everyone called the Knights. The four of them were devastatingly rich, enviously handsome… and heartbreakingly cruel.

But the Evergreen Knights didn’t scare me. I had my own plans and no reason to enter their little world… until one fateful night and a masquerade ball changed everything.

I saw something I shouldn’t have and now I’ve been Marked.

They’ll do everything they can to break me but they don’t know the monsters I’ve faced. They don’t know I’ve been broken before.

If they want to take on Valentina Moon… bring it on.

Marked is a high school bully romance with a sweet tinge of mystery. This is book one in the series and features language and sexual scenes. If you’re cool with that, dive in!

This was a very well written book with multiple storylines and a few different secrets and mysteries and it kept me guessing to the very end where there was a fairly predictable reveal/cliffhanger. However, it was about the only thing that was predictable in the entire book and at times it had me on the fence as to if I was going to be right about this one or not.

This was the story of Valentina Moon who is poor and was raised by her single mother Olivia. She lives in a tiny apartment and has a room about the size of a closet which she shares with her infant brother and she is just about to go away to a fancy boarding school for the first time.

Valentina is starting later in the semester than the rest of the students so when she gets there everyone is determined to find out how she got accepted since the school never takes late students and it is obvious her parents didn’t bribe the school.

Evergreen Academy runs on tradition which says that every year four freshmen are chosen by an unknown group called the spades. They leave cards in the lockers of the four Chosen “Knights” and those Knights are in charge of keeping peace at the school. But they also run the school more so than the teachers and the Headmaster. They can basically do whatever they want.

The four Evergreen Knights are the hottest guys in the freshman class. First Val meets Jaxson, the son of a record producer. Jaxson is a huge flirt and likes the limelight. Then there is Ezra, who tries to be perfect like his Mother who is an award winning Journalist. Ezra is exceptionally smart and tutors Val in Math. Then there is Maverick who is a big guy, and soft spoken. Maverick doesn’t talk much and he is great at art, computers and likes to take electronic things apart and put them back together after seeing how they work. The last Knight is Ryder, who Val knows from her childhood. Val’s Mom, Olivia was secretary to Ryder’s Dad and Ryder used to bully and torment Val. He still hates her for reasons unknown to her.

As I said, there are quite a few secrets and mysteries. One is how Val got into the school, another is where she gets her spending money, another is who are the spades. The spades end up playing a larger role because after Val sees something she shouldn’t see, she gets marked and the entire school turns against her. She thinks it is the Knights led by Ryder but it turns out that it goes much deeper than that. Though there is still something going on with Ryder and why he hates her. Suffice it to say there is just a ton of questions that make this book/series pretty terrific!

Wow. I REALLY loved this reverse harem book. Like, as soon as it was done I bought books 2 and 3 in audio. I loved Val, Ryder, Ezra, Maverick and Jaxson. The bullying was SO INTENSE. I love when bully books actually get gritty with the hate. They dont water it down. Ruby Vincent did NOT water it down in this series. The pain Val went through before entering this academy was real just as much as the pain she endured while being here AND being marked. Very enjoyable story!

Why on earth did I put reading this off for so long?!

The story
The book is about Valentina Moon (LOVE THE NAME), who has a troubled past, and wants to start over at Evergreen Academy. This is made quite difficult when she manages to piss off everyone in charge within seconds of being there.

We all know I love myself a reverse harem bully romance, and this one is all I wanted and more. I felt so bad for Val throughout the entire story, but she’s damn strong and doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit. I screamed, laughed, and cried right along with her. I’m telling you, I’m always way too invested in these kinds of stories. I enjoyed this one even more than I did the Breakbattle Academy books (I read those before this series), which is surprising.

Going into the story, I honestly didn’t think I’d like it. I of course already knew Val from Breakbattle Academy, and couldn’t see myself getting invested in a story about someone’s mom. But turns out; I did love it and I definitely did get invested. I wasn’t very surprised with the plottwists in this one, (view spoiler) We’ll see. I’m never really surprised by the events in Vincent her books, but I’m not really reading the books for the mystery anyway 😉

I must say that I just somehow always notice mistakes in writing, and there were quite a few in this book. Keep that in mind if that bothers you.

The characters
Val Now this girl? She’s a powerful protagonist. Damn, I love her girl power. She went through something really terrible in her past, but she’s still here and she’s so much stronger for it. I laughed so hard when she went (view spoiler) Her comebacks, and the way she keeps her head up were just so great, I love this girl so much. I got so spitting mad when (view spoiler) I do hate how forgiving the main characters in Vincent’s book always are, so please, please, please at least make them all grovel 🙁 I’m not a psychopath I swear

The boys I’m just discussing them all in one go. Damn, do I hate them at this point. I remember how mad I was in Breakbattle academy about the fact that the revenge wasn’t what I wanted – at all. So I’m hoping this series is better at the revenge part lol. That ending, seriously, damn. Vincent is just so good at cliffhangers, and I just want to keep reading! I liked Jaxson and Maverick most of all (does anyone see Derek in Maverick?) (view spoiler) I really expected Ezra to be the quiet type, but it seems like there’s something very freaky and dirty underneath his fake exterior lol, love it. I also kinda thought he was gay, because of the way he was described everything (having a manicure and all that) lol! Oops. I can’t wait to see them be nicer to her. I still do hope they will have to crawl for her, because Val would never settle for anything less. You go girl, make them pay.

Overall conclusion
Like I said, I have quite some ideas of where the story will go. She will obviously take revenge on all of them, hopefully a lot of revenge. They’re going to find out who (view spoiler) And then they will all make up and be happy. She also mentioned an allergy in this book, so I’m scared that’ll come back too. We’ll see.. I’m hoping we’ll also see her dance, because we’ve barely seen her dance, while she’s such a great dancer? Right.. Besides that, they’ll obviously go after the Spades, can’t wait to see who they are!
“…I’ve always known perfect doesn’t exist.”
Ezra’s eyes glided over my face – a slow, lazy sweep that didn’t hide what he was doing. “I wouldn’t say that.”

About Marked Book Pdf Author

Ruby Vincent is a published author with many novels under her belt but now she’s taking a fun foray into contemporary romance. She loves saucy heroines, bold alpha males, and weaving a tale where both get their happy ever after.

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