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About It’s Never Too Late to Navigate pdf

This book shares wisdom from some of history’s greatest figures passed down over hundreds of years. Quotes are powerful because they work. They remind us of the strength that lies within. It’s Never too Late to Navigate; 365 Quotes to a Better You will motivate, encourage and inspire people to stay positive and face life’s challenges head on. This, in turn, increases an individual’s capacity for personal growth, development and transformation. This book and the quotes and thoughts in it will: Remind you of your strength and give you direction Encourage you to step out of your comfort zone while learning from some of the greatest minds in history Transform your mood, and help you feel better when feeling down, depressed, or defeated Increases the potential for growth, development, and transformation.

Make you feel good, thereby raise your vibration/frequency which will automatically attract more of the same good things to you As we move through life, we are going forward, falling behind or remaining still. This book will help you continually move forward, giving you the inspiration needed to take on life’s challenges and capture the opportunities presented to you. The quotes in this book help people find focus and clarity in their everyday lives. It’s never too late to navigate. 

 This book had really great quotes that spoke to me! Some of them you relate to ,and some you do not. This book also had great format! I liked how some numbers had 2 quotes to let us have more! I really liked the background & front covers of the book. I also liked how Melissa added her own little writing in this book to help us think about it. I also really liked the action/thoughts of the quotes! I wrote some, to put in my own understanding

My favorite quote; #343 Pg. 131. “Don’t just chase your dream. Stalk them. Hide in the bushes. Follow them around town. If your dreams aren’t considering a restraining order against you, get busy! -Unknown

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