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This alpha omega romance books book was both sexually and suspense driven. This may sound like it would be out of the norm but that is really one of the main things that made me appreciate this hidden world academy book. I didn’t feel like these characters were falling in love at a quick rate, insta love is not something that I enjoy and these two had had time to understand who one another are and what would bring them together as more than friends, which has left me no issue with their relationship now. Just the opposite there was an issue with their relationship and the brewing passion between them.

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The writing in this knotted series book was superb. I felt like both characters voices were represented very well and there was never a time when I couldn’t clearly hear them in my head as I read their dialogue. This was a well written, sexy, and suspenseful book with a wonderfully developed plot line.

Her Dirty Rockers Pdf Download

Her Dirty Rockers is a blog dedicated to helping you find the best new music. The writers are dedicated to listening to at least one album from each band per day and writing up their thoughts. They hope that you enjoy reading about new music as much as they enjoy listening to it.

Her Dirty Rockers is a book series created by authors Leo A. and Emily C. that follows the misadventures of five rock stars, their girlfriends, their tour manager, and their crazy groupies. It’s set in the late 80s and early 90s at the height of the hair metal era. The band, Dirty to Her Bonez, has just released its first album, Be My Girlz on Valentinez Day. It’s doing well enough to get them a small tour of the North Carolina coastline.

The story follows each member of the band as they meet their future girlfriends, deal with crazed fans, sort out the backstage drama, and try to keep everyone together long enough to finish their tour without getting into too many fist fights or going broke from all the lawsuits.

To learn more about each character and get a sneak peek at what happens in Her Dirty Rockers: Tour of Love check out our Band Members page!

The Passionate Tales blog examines the history of sexuality and romance, often with a focus on the medieval period.

Anytime you put dirty and reverse harem together I am more than likely going to leap to read the book add in that Mika Lane has impressed me thus far with every book I’ve read of hers and you got yourself and sure #oneclick … aaaaaaaaand, she did not disappoint once again!

Even though these stories tend to be sexually driven, this book was both sexually and suspense driven. There’s a plot working against these rocker bad boys that mixes really well with the romance story. The story’s timeline is not very long but yet I felt like these guys were solid in their relationship to one another. It did not read at all like an insta attraction. Very well developed and deliciously sexy!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Umm yeah, this book is hot. But it’s more than that, there is actually a story there too. You have Coral who is a strong sexual woman, and then you have Stone, Ennis and Hugh who are all carrying demons of their own.

This could have been a hot mess of a story but Mika Lane gave the characters depth, gave the story some suspense and genuinely wrote something that checks all the boxes.

This was my first time reading a reverse harem story that didn’t make me roll my eyes or go ick. The steamy moments were extremely steamy but with consenting adults I say bring it on!

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoyed it.

The story has very little actual performance related content. The story centres around the PR Lady. I liked this story quite a lot. The only bad thing is they seem to spend lots of time in the build up and fly into being together in a couple chapters at the end. There is a bit of a mystery around some bad press which really kinda distracted from the Story. I liked this book it was fast flowing and easy to follow.

I, surprisingly, really enjoyed this. It wasn’t as dirty as some reverse harems I’ve read, and there were, thankfully, no gratuitous “money shot” scenes. Safe sex for the win, am I right?
Coral is fun and confident, excellent at her job and holds her head up no matter what gets thrown at her.
Hugh, Stone and Ennis are sweet guys who got famous too fast and too young.
This really sends the message that we never really know people unless they let us know them. The boys and Coral each had less than stellar high school lives but hid it well.
The culmination of the bad press came about quickly, I’d hoped for more mystery and discovery but some things wrap up fast in shorter books. 

I LOVE when authors share their wonderfulness on Kindle Unlimited! Her Dirty Rockers kicks off the Men at Work series, a reverse harem, enemies to lover romance.

In high school, all those years ago, Coral was still sporting her baby fat, and thus wasn’t what you would call a popular girl. Just like all those cheesy 90’s movies, there is always a popular group of guys that think its cool to bully, well these ones made poor Coral’s life a living hell. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, years later, the baby fat has turned into killer curves and Coral is a beautiful baddie, with her dream job. That dream job that now has their biggest client ever.

Dirty Bandit, the current number one rock band. It’s members? None of than the three horse men of her high school life.

Ennis, Stone and Hugh.

Dirty Bandit’s labeled has hired Coral’s firm to clean up the bands image, and now Coral has to face the bitterness of her past with the three people she would rather run over with her car. But what happens when she must tour with the boys? Can she keep her sharp edges or will getting to know the guys turn her in their favor?

What a fun read! So sexy and sassy. I like that for a shorter read each character had a nice little back story to lead with. Coral is a queen and I am living for it. I can’t wait to see what the next book holds.

Good gravy, this was enjoyable!

So, a friend of mine reviewed this book and she said she liked the writing, but isn’t into reverse harem. I love reverse harem, but don’t actually READ rock star romance. I needed a quick and dirty escape and this book provided it, now holding the honour of being the first rock star romance I’ve read that wasn’t my own.

It was short and sweet and I loved the character development. I’m not huge into bully romance, but enemies-to-lovers is a trope I enjoy, and I liked seeing how they had actually changed since high school.

Very enjoyable! Would recommend.

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