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For most of its 5,000-year existence, China has been the largest, most populous, wealthiest, and mightiest nation on Earth. And for us as Westerners, it is essential to understand where China has been in order to anticipate its future. These 36 eye-opening lectures deliver a comprehensive political and historical overview of one of the most fascinating and complex countries in world history.
You’ll learn about the powerful dynasties that ruled China for centuries; the philosophical and religious foundations-particularly Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism-that have influenced every iteration of Chinese thought, and the larger-than-life personalities, from both inside and outside its borders, of those who have shaped China’s history. As you listen to these lectures, you’ll see how China’s politics, economics, and art reflect the forces of its past.
From the “Mandate of Heaven,” a theory of social contract in place by 1500 B.C.E., 3,000 years before Western philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, to the development of agriculture and writing independent of outside influence to the technologically – advanced Han Dynasty during the time of the Roman Empire, this course takes you on a journey across ground that has been largely unexplored in the history courses most of us in the West have taken.
In guiding you through the five millennia of China’s history, Professor Hammond tells a fascinating story with an immense scope, a welcome reminder that China is no stranger to that stage and, indeed, has more often than not been the most extraordinary player on it.

From Yao to Mao PDF


This blog is a collection of articles about Chinese history and culture, written by the students of “From Yao to Mao”. The course, which takes place in the summer semester at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, focuses on the last three millennia of Chinese history.

Our articles are divided into four sections:

  • “Chronicle” consists of short pieces that chronologically narrate important events in Chinese history.
  • “Special Report” concentrates on specific individuals, objects or places with a focus on their historical significance.
  • “Cultural Exchange” deals with cultural aspects of the Chinese world and their echoes in Europe.
  • “Perspectives” presents text passages from primary sources and secondary literature with additional context provided by the authors.

The blog has been conceived as a project that actively involves students in learning, writing and sharing knowledge. It also serves as a platform for discussions among students as well as between students and teachers. We hope you enjoy reading it!

China in 1900 was a country whose people had been ruled by emperors since at least 221 BCE. The last emperor, Pu Yi, was still in power when Sun Yat Sen’s nationalist revolution toppled his government in 1911. From 1912 to 1949, Sun’s successor Chiang Kai-Shek ruled China, first as President and then as General. In 1928 he took over Beijing from warlord Zhang Zuolin, who had ruled it since 1920. In 1930 Chiang launched a policy of de facto colonization in Manchuria, which he called “New Life.”

In 1937 the Republic of China was established by Mao Zedong, who had been born there in 1883 but moved to Hunan Province as a young man after graduating from a local school. Mao was initially appointed by Chiang Kai-Shek as head of his Communist Party following its formation in 1921, but later became an enemy when he began advocating for revolutionary policies such as land redistribution and worker’s rights against landlords’ interests during World War II (1939

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