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About Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Pdf

Greg Heffley finds himself thrust into a new year and a new school where undersize weaklings share the corridors with kids who are taller, meaner and already shaving.

Desperate to prove his new found maturity, which only going up a grade can bring, Greg is happy to have his not-quite-so-cool sidekick, Rowley, along for the ride. But when Rowley’s star starts to rise, Greg tries to use his best friend’s popularity to his own advantage. Recorded in his diary with comic pictures and his very own words, this test of Greg and Rowley’s friendship unfolds with hilarious results.

I bought this book for my 9 year old son, who had begged me for it relentlessly for over a month. After i got it, i would hear him giggling and laughing in his room, and when i would peek in, he was always reading this book. So when he was done, i picked it up and started reading it myself…. and it really is funny! The voice of the main character is very authentic – a thing which is hard to find. I wish that people had been writing material like this when i was a preteen.
Edited to add:
I’m reading a lot of reviews that downgrade the book for the fact that Greg doesn’t learn any lessons or redeeming values… Seriously?!?! One thing that i remember HATING as a kid in school was when lit teachers used to make us analyze every thing a character did to see the symbolism the author was trying to portray. Now while i believe that a lot of books DO have symbolism, can’t there be some books that are just entertaining and not anything more? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, you know?

Middle school kids are often all the things in this book, shy, awkward, selfish, lazy, and ruthless. Its a tough time in their life, trying to fit in, adjusting to new rules and changes in themselves. Its refreshing to me that an author takes the stance of writing a character that represents these kids, warts and all. Nothing is more alienating than reading about a kid your age who always has the lesson learned and the happy ending. Some folks need to look at these not through the eyes of an adult reader, but of an awkward pre teen. 

While attending open house this year at my 10 year old sons school, he found this book for sale at the book fair. We thumbed through it, and thought it looked cute, so we purchased it, and read it together.

Its narrated by this middle-school aged kid in the form of a diary, with sketches and doodles included on every page, and basically follows his days from the begining of the school year to the end. He is a bit of a loser, and trys to create a better image for himself through attempts at being class treasurer, a cartoonist for the school paper, a saftey patrol member….

We were both cracking up most of the way through the book. But there were times we also both looked at each other and shook our heads.. as the wimpy kid in question did some very mean and backhanded things as well….

Very cute, very interesting, and well worth the read for any school age kid and his parents….

We are going to run out to buy the new sequel….

When I told my friend I was reading ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’, she said only one thing “What are you… 12”? If enjoying reading this book makes me 12, so be it. I liked this book. Its funny, a very quick read, unique and very cute. Worth a read for anyone who has a child living inside them.

I seldom give five-star ratings, but I feel the need to balance some of the negative reviews. First of all, this book is intended for slightly older readers–say, 9 and up. Second, anyone looking for profound wisdom will be disappointed. It’s just a funny book, a very funny book. I’m not sure I’d go as far as to call is a graphic novel, either. The doodly illustrations enhance the “story” (such as it is), but they don’t tell it. Jeff Kinney is an obvious disciple of Matt Groening (not Simpsons-Groening, but rather Life-In-Hell-Groening). This book doesn’t tackle any issues, nor does it try to make the reader a better person; it’s just fun. 

Haven’t actually read this, am writing the review for my grandson. He’ll be seven in a month.

He’s not here, so I’m guessing five stars. It could be a four.

He’s read this one and the next in the series. Liked them both.

As he was leaving this afternoon I showed him Asterix the Gaul, telling him it was sort of a comic book.

“Oh so that’s what a comic book is!”, he said.

I mentioned that there were some rather large words in it (just glancing) and that he might not be able to read it quite yet.

“I think if I can read two Wimpy Kid books I can probably read anything, Pop-Pop.”

That’s a positive outlook I guess.

About Diary of a Wimpy Kid Author

Jeff Kinney is an author of children’s books including Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. Jeff was born in College Park, Maryland, in 1971 where he created a comic strip called “Igdoof.”He also created the children’s website ‘Poptropica’.