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About Cheap Shot (West Penn Hockey Book 1) pdf download

Rule #1: Teammate’s siblings are off-limits.

Haley has had enough hockey to last her for the rest of her life. The last thing she wants when she arrives at college is to live in her brother’s shadow but that’s nearly impossible when his face is everywhere she turns. Reid’s only focus has been one thing, make it to the NHL, until he meets the one woman that has the power to distract him. The only problem, she’s his best friend’s sister.

As much as she hates to admit it, Haley can’t stop thinking about the one person on campus she should avoid. Reid doesn’t seem to care about the reasons why they shouldn’t be together, and the longer she looks into his sapphire eyes the harder it is to resist him.

Are they willing to risk the wrath of the team or lose each other?

If you like L.J. Shen and Ilsa Madden-Mills, you’ll love this new college romance from Brittney Mulliner.

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Some Reviews For Cheap Shot (West Penn Hockey Book 1) PDF

I kept getting anxious as the book went on because I was scared I wouldn’t like the ending and that it was going to break my heart, and mostly it did but in a good way, I promise.

I got this book as soon as it was released and read until I finished. I reread parts of it today so could try to write a review to do justice to this amazing book. For me this is a story of no chance, chances, second chances, surviving , love and loving someone else more than yourself.

From page one, you can tell that there’s an intensity about the book that sets it apart from the rest; a heaviness that gives this love story such WEIGHT. And it truly is a love story.

Stunning. Seriously, just a really beautiful, powerful romance. I had no idea what to expect going into this – and that’s how I’d recommend everyone go into it – so the story unraveled in such an organic, mesmerizing way.

I have just finished this absolutely wonderful novel. It is full of such raw emotion.

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