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Boomeritis: A Novel might be the most important book that you read in your lifetime. It was published in 2009 by Dorian Scott Cole who is an acclaimed author and spiritual teacher. Here at Decent Ebook Pdf, we offer this bestseller as a free pdf or as a discounted version on our site. The book hasn’t changed much since it was first released in December of 2009, however, it remains just as important today. Boomeritis was written to give people a way of looking at themselves and the world with new eyes and understanding.

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I’m sure you’ve read books about your purpose and how to get your life on track. But none of them explain what a real spiritual warrior is—-and what it means to be spiritually mature. Boomeritis offers up some unconventional ideas, such as why getting rid of “stuff” can lead to even more problems! And that boils down to a serious lack of maturity. You’ll discover that there are two types of people in this world: the grown-ups who know what’s important and the peacocks who keep adding stuff but never become spiritually mature.

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Contained within are some useful tips and insights for those who are naive about finance.

Ken Wilber’s latest book is a daring departure from his previous writings—a highly original work of fiction that combines brilliant scholarship with tongue-in-cheek storytelling to present the integral approach to human development that he expounded in more conventional terms in his recent
A Theory of Everything.


The story of a naïve young grad student in computer science and his quest for meaning in a fragmented world provides the setting in which Wilber contrasts the alienated “flatland” of scientific materialism with the integral vision, which embraces body, mind, soul, and spirit in self, culture, and nature. The book especially targets one of the most stubborn obstacles to realizing the integral vision: a disease of egocentrism and narcissism that Wilber calls “boomeritis” because it seems to plague the baby-boomer generation most of all.

Through a series of sparkling seminar-lectures skillfully interwoven with the hero’s misadventures in the realms of sex, drugs, and popular culture, all of the major tenets of extreme postmodernism are criticized—and exemplified—including the author’s having a bad case of boomeritis himself. Parody, intellectual slapstick, and a mind-twisting surprise ending unite to produce a highly entertaining summary of the work of cutting-edge theorists in human development from around the world.

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There are really no words to really describe [original-title]pdf. This book had me turning every page and I could not out the book down. Page after page is filled with the most beautiful teachings

Philosophy gives us a foundational building block to our ability to reason, understand knowledge, speculate and critically think.

Boomeritis: A Novel That Will Set You Free! pdf book has lessons and stories that the author included because they have attributed much to their success. I love the fact that the author shares relatable experiences and struggles, it makes the book homey.

I highly recommend this book to those looking forward to changing the world positively and developing new ideas that will propel advancement.

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