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Bibliomania is a condition that is often misunderstood. You might have heard it jokingly applied to anyone who loves books, but the truth is that bibliomania goes beyond simply liking books. Bibliomania is a compulsive need to acquire and collect books, and can be extremely detrimental to both personal finances and relationships.

In this article, we will explore the history of this condition, who it affects, and how to seek help for yourself or a loved one.

I suffer from a most incurable disease. It is technically known as bibliomania, which simply translated means “book madness.” I love books too much. My family is convinced that I got it from my father, Warren, who also suffered from it but to a lesser degree.
However, the malady didn’t really mutate and take over my body until I was 16 or so. That was because I happened upon a unique bookstore in West Hollywood called the Bodhi Tree. Situated on Melrose Avenue, near La Cienga, the Bodhi Tree housed a most remarkable collection of books on philosophy and eastern religions. It was also one of the only bookstores that had chairs (this was before Barnes and Noble and Borders) and the proprietors didn’t mind if customers sat for a spell and read their books. They even offered you a free cup of tea.This is my story about books and how I came to collect more than 17,000 of them, both as a kid and now as a Professor of Philosophy.

Bibliomania 101 PDF

Bibliomania 101

The first thing you need to know about bibliomania is that it’s not just a passion for reading. This is an actual addiction, and people who suffer from it can’t control their desire to read. It’s called bibliomania because it was first officially recognized in the 1800s by Dr. Isaac Ray, who noted that book-lovers exhibited some of the same symptoms as opium addicts.

People with bibliomania crave books, go to great lengths to obtain them, and when they have them they consume them at an alarming rate. They have trouble going without books even for a few hours, and if they do manage to take a break they experience intense withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, agitation, and even “hallucinations.”

These hallucinations are actually a type of mental illness known as ecphrastic psychomotor automatism (EPA). People with EPA experience vivid visions or hear voices when they don’t have access to books. The visions and voices are related to the last thing they read or heard someone else read aloud. In order to stop these hallucinations, the sufferer must read aloud until the vision or voice is gone. The average session of reading aloud takes

Bibliomania 101: How to Get Your Book Obsession Under Control

Book lovers, you know who you are. You’ve got a bookshelf in every room—including the bathroom. You’ve had to buy multiple Kindles just so you can take all your ebooks with you. And when you’re on vacation, you still check in on Goodreads every five minutes or so.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’re here to help.

If you think all book lovers are hopelessly addicted and will never be able to change their ways, then think again. Here are some tips for getting your bibliomania under control:

  1. Find a support group—a local one!
  2. Keep an eye on your library late fees (or at least make sure your partner does).
  3. Stick to new releases and discount deals; don’t order first editions from Amazon that cost more than your college textbooks did!
  4. Consider joining a gym or signing up for kickboxing lessons; try boxing up your books and using them as weights for strength training (just make sure to cover the spines with duct tape first).

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