Books Written by Ex Prisoners

Criminals are the world’s most unspoken of class. They are the social outcasts, the mysterious people who never seem to get any further than their own problems. For some, this is a fate worse than death. This can be seen by the ever-increasing number of criminals who commit suicide after being arrested and sentenced to a life in prison.

However, this does not have to be the case for all criminals; there are those who rise above their circumstances and make something good out of their lives. These are the ones that make it their business to help others see that they do not have to remain downtrodden and miserable, but can find happiness in life even while they’re locked behind bars with no hope of release.

One such person was Henry Lee Lucas, who lived as an outlaw for more than 30 years before being captured and convicted of multiple murders. He spent his time at Sing Sing Prison writing books about his experiences with crime, violence, drugs and women–all topics which he knew well from personal experience!

Why should you read the books written by ex-prisoners? It is very likely that you are going to be incarcerated at one point in your life. This blog post would show you our library of stories written by prisoners. They include;

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Check Out Books Written by Ex Prisoners

If you’re visiting this blog, probably you already know a lot about prison issues and what is going on inside prisons. All of us to a certain extent have read about these issues in the news, social media sites, and many other outlets. But have you ever thought about reading a book written by an ex-prisoner? If you haven’t it’s time to start to broaden your horizon and give a chance to people who have been through hardship that you may never understand. No one says that reading a book from an ex-prisoner should be easier than from other authors also. In fact, it’s not easy at all.

Many of us feel like we know what prison life is like because we watch movies and TV shows. However, nothing comes even close to the real thing. That’s why reading a book from an ex-prisoner can offer you a much better insight into prison life and give you your own opinion about it. When you start getting more knowledge about these issues, you can also make a difference and change somebody’s life.

In order to write a book, an author should have a clear understanding of their subject. A writer should understand the need for a book and a story that would compel readers to buy it. This means that before a person can decide to write a book he must have something important to say. The subject of the book has to be interesting for people to read it, no matter what you’re going to write about. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to create your own piece of art, there are books written by ex-prisoners you can read.

These are just some of the main reasons that I have decided to give a chance to an ex-prisoner, Mike Glenn. There are so many things one could think about when they are waiting for their book to come in. The acceptance letter itself was enough to make me wonder about how it would be being in prison for life. Normal things become harder when you are in prison. These are frustrations for prisoners which they can’t do anything about.

Why? Because when you’re in prison, every day is the same. It’s challenging. And once you are out, it takes time to get back to normal. That’s why I think these books should be read by people who are in the outside world and by authors also. For sure this will bring new perspectives on our system of crime and prison life both for readers and writers.

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